CB Phishing Review of Sps Review Forum PROOF "Hope" IS A SCAMMER.
Sps Review Forum PROOF "Hope" IS A SCAMMER.

Sps Review Forum PROOF "Hope" IS A SCAMMER. review: Scam, Phishing, Defamation - Review Site.

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No one could have this extreme feelings of doubt, mistrust and paranoia and be able function, much less post on the internet. It just seems to me that would lead to forced hospitalization. To see her put someone so gifted as scam showed her real intent. Ir's plain to see she started the site with shilling in mind. It's just too strange how it went from sharing good and bad, to everyone was bad but her preferred workers.

Typical scammer, but she used a clever disguise.
*Avoid the site as your IPS will be used to defame you.

Please help the people wronged obtain legal justice.
Report the spsreviewforumdotcome and Hope @ The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Internet Crimes Division (IC3).

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