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South Jersey Young Guns review: Fraud

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12:33 pm EDT
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During the Spring/Summer of 2010 I was ripped off with both my boys on two different teams but same story. I was sold that the SJ Young Guns travel "baseball program" was a high level development baseball program. JOKE! First off, the program is headed by two guys who didnt even start for their own high school baseball team. How can you coach high school players (youth players for that matter) and have them respect you when your players have played at a higher level than you have and they are just in high school. I have heard they started travel baseball programs because they had sons that they thought should be playing at a higher level. You will hear these "baseball guys" talk about others that have done this same thing and they will call it "daddy ball" It is exactly what they have done except now they are making money off of it which is a JOKE. The program is filled with FRAUDS. WATCH OUT! Check resume. Dont make the same mistake I have done with my sons.

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My son has been coached by Fisher. I do not think he intends to mislead people, he feels he is doing right by the kids. If you think these guys are getting rich, you need to become familiar with the costs of running a tournament club and the travel involved (he has to cover the coaches travel expenses) .He does lack judgement in his player selection and seems to be affected by politics when choosing leadership. He has definite biases towards players. No other explanation. However, again, the cost he charges on the tournament side of his coaching is basically the same as other organizations. It merely covers the cost of the tournaments and the coaching staff along with their travel. His weakness in coaching is that he does not provide technical advice. You never see the kids running fielding drills, bunting drills nor do you seek a coach going over to a kid and adjusting their swing with specific advice. That is the difference between Young Guns/ PVI and the other teams that they seek to beat. He does coach the actual game well, which is equally important. He also has the desire to do well not because he is becoming rich, but truly enjoys the game. So to bash him totally is not reasonable. His organization just needs some definite tweeking in the way of skill development.

Jun 12, 2012 9:12 am EDT

All of these so called elite travel baseball teams are nothing more than what is called a "Slam dunk scam". If you complain about being ripped off or they run a shoddy operation they can always counter with you have sour grapes because your kid is not that good. Most of these teams make the parents sign waivers prior to signing up for a spot on a team roster stating playing time and positions are not gauranteed and decided by the manager or coach, so they do not have to refund the unhappy customers money. The parents who just want their kids to play at a more competitve level (AND THEIR KIDS HAVE TALENT) get lumped right in with the rest of the marks. Very little if anything they do are based on baseball decisions. Make no mistake these teams are pay to play buisnesses that recruit ringers to parade around like human billboards to pull in customers into their "Training facilities" so they can make their living off kids dreams. It is about time for consumer affairs in each state to start licensing and regulating these scam artists. Look for a local travel team in your area and split the costs amongst the parents. It will be alot cheaper and chances are you will be playing in the same tournaments that these other "elite" teams are playing in.

May 29, 2011 2:30 am EDT

Are you out of your mind I personally have been coaching against this program for years this program top to bottom is one of the best year in and out they are a class act and have great coaches in there system sounds like sour grapes because they like to win my advice maybe your boys were no good enough little league might help DAD no one is getting drafted from the small diamond TEAM MATTINGLEY CT

May 14, 2011 6:05 pm EDT
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Personally I believe this whole thing has become a business for many. There are too too many of these teams popping up all over and I'm sorry but there aren't THAT MANY talented baseball players. The concept was good but at this point it is so watered down that if you want to pay you can play. It's a shame.