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Sean Concept at Far East Plaza

Sean Concept at Far East Plaza review: Salon refuses to compensate for damaging my glasses

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I’ve a bad experience to share about Sean Concept at Far East Plaza.

I went to the salon yesterday (24th Jan) as I’ve made an appointment for a Fringe cut. Martin was the stylist tasked to trim my fringe. It was evident that the salon was packed in view of the coming CNY season, and Martin was rushing through my fringe cut. He was so rough and clumsy, he swept my glasses off the dresser while shifting the tissue box, and caused my glasses to fall onto the ground. He did not even pick up my glasses for me and I had to fetch them myself. (that is not so bad when u continue reading)

When I finally finished my fringe cut, I put on my glasses and that was when I realised my glasses had chipped at the lenses (it was a rimless pair). I confronted him abt this, and Martin’s attitude was so unbecoming and rude. He actually told me in a matter-of-factly tone “ Who asked you to put your glasses on the dresser? It’s an ACCIDENT. What do you want me to do?” All this in full view of the Sean, the salon owner who just kept mum the whole time while witnessing the whole incident. And Martin could only repeat “What do you want tme to do? It’s an accident!”

I couldn’t take it as the Boss’ silence could only be seen as condoning his errant staff’s attitude, so I asked to speak to him about this. Only then did Sean walk aside and offer to settle this. And no apology was made to me on Martin’s part. The boss apologised on his behalf and asked me to wait for him to finish serving his customers before bringing me to the optician nearby, and said he could compensate by giving vouchers. I knew there were a flow of customers waiting to get their hair done, and I didn’t want to disrupt his appointments, so I trusted him enough and told him to contact me when he was done serving his customers.

I have been trying to call the salon since this morning but I’ve been unable to speak to Sean. Either that or he could possibly be dodging my calls. In any case, if Sean were sincere about the repairing his reputation or mending the soured customer relations, he should be more proactive in contacting me about this.

UPDATE: (25th Jan) Me and my bf travelled all the way down to the salon to meet Sean and talk about this since they were obviously evading our calls the whole day.

When we went there, Sean was present at the salon (contrary to what his staff said about him being away) I do not understand how hard it was to give a call to talk about this. Instead of showing initiative, we had to travel all the way down to get this resolved? Was he thinking we would conveniently let it go after them ignoring our calls? All he could do was a feeble explanation of how the salon was busy due to CNY peak season, and he meant to call us later… what kind of service recovery is this?

When we told him we just wanted a peaceful resolution and just for my lenses to be repaired so that I could wear the specs again, he said they had their principles and basically didn’t want to budge on that matter (even though it wld cost $30-40 to repair it as quoted by an optician). He kept citing that the incident was an accident and it wasnt his company policy not to compensate for such damage. The best he could offer were hair service vouchers. I told him straight there was no point in offering me vouchers when I obviously have no intention to return to his salon after the bad experience.

In the end, the only compromise reached was he would offer us free shampoo and conditioner, which obviously was not what we were hankering for. All I wanted was to get the compensation I deserved (to get my specs repaired). I gracefully accepted it as part of compensating our time and effort spent in travelling down to get this (partly) resolved. Will put this episode behind us and not patronise the salon anymore.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.