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CB Transportation and Vehicles Review of Riverside Chevrolet - Rome, GA
Riverside Chevrolet - Rome, GA

Riverside Chevrolet - Rome, GA review: Poor quality of product!

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I purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt four (4) weeks ago @ Riverside Chevrolet in Rome, GA. First of all, the courtesy car wash was ridiculous! Anyway, the next week I decided to detail my new car the way it should have been done on the date of my purchase. Upon closer inspection, I found that the front bumper of the car was warped, there was trash in the paint on the front passenger-side door, there was orange spots all across the back bumper and there was an air leak in the rear driver-side door. (Should I remind you that this is a BRAND NEW CAR!) So, I contacted the dealer to discuss these issues. I was told to bring the car in and these "minor" details would be corrected. Of course, I was very upset, at this point, being as I had just purchased a new vehicle and it was already having to be carried in for service work! I took my vehicle in for repair on Saturday, August 25. I had to pay $10, upfront, to ensure the coverage of fuel in the rental car I would be driving...somehow they must have forgotten that I had to drive 50 miles to the dealership from my hometown! Back to the story, so I receive a call to come pick my vehicle up on Thursday, August 30 because the dealer had to order parts for my repairs and they would contact me when I needed to bring the vehicle back. So, my new vehicle was there for 6 days and nothing had been done... so I thought! I drive the 50 mile trip, one way, to pick my vehicle up and things became very upsetting! When I arrived I found my BRAND NEW vehicle had been so abused on the interior that it looked like a used 5 or 6 year old car! The inside of 3 of my door panels were COVERED in grease and oil! There were grease spots on my seats, the glove compartment, the roof material and the door jams! There was glue on the interior roof material, wads of masking tape all in my back seat and the remains of glue adhesive all around my rear driver-side door! Remember, they "hadn't" started to work on my vehicle yet... I WAS TOTALLY FURIOUS! The disrespect shown to me by this dealership and its affiliates makes me feel physically sick! I am pursuing whatever means I can to resolve this and all I get from the dealership is: "... we will take care of it..." So I am left driving a brand new vehicle that looks like it has been through the ringer due to the neglect of this dealership, and yet I am the one who has to foot the bill for the next 72 months! VERY DISSATISFIED!

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