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Ragmeister Ragdoll review: Blue Mitted Ragdoll

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Purchased Blue Mitted Male Ragdoll Cat on November 12, 2014. This kitten has been a huge problem. He bites, tried to return to breeder, Gary Strobel, who adamantly refused to take his kitten back for poor Behavioural problems. I have been communicating with Gary Stobel since January 2015, regarding this kitten's Behavioural problems. His advice is to say no to kitten when he humps himself and charges at me. Then says he had nothing to do with his upbringing. He had him from birth, September through November, prime time in upbringing newborns. What a nightmare this has been. He is now thirteen month old with no change in his horrible behaviour. I am now realizing why he wanted to get rid of this kitten in such a hurry, he has a problem biting humans that was n ever disclosed to me, as buyer. The latest, I was charged $600 for his not acknowledging that I mailed documents that kitten was Neutered. Documents were mailed to him, sorry, not certified, nonetheless, was sent to his address. The biggest scam and rip-off with poor customer service on an animal that he knew was a problem to begin with and, was In ahurry to rid off. My Veterinarian will once again send him documents that kitten was Neutered and, I expect to have this charge reversed on my credit card. The breeder, Gary Strobel did not even have the common courtesy to contact me indicating that he had not received the documents via Certified mail. USPS delivered via regular mail. The worst experience I am still living with this kitten. I have had many animals throughout my life, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, et al. I would not give the kitten to anyone else to experience this misery of being constantly bitten. This Cattery needs to be investigated.