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Pink and Press / Restored 316 Designs review: Theft, Harassment 3

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10:15 am EDT
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Don't you realize that your crazy rants that you post when someone reports your illegal, unethical conduct further supports their accusations. Seriously, I am a nurse practioner that specializes in psychology and just happens to dabble in graphic /web design on the side. I just noticed your unethical behavior as I follow Kay Brighton designs. For those of you who don't know, Kay Brighton designs are among the select few recommended by studio press and has 3rd party themes sold on their site. Furthermore, they are the creators of the genesis framework that is so popular among web designers today. Intelligent consumers do their research, just as I have that led me to discover your scamming. Also might I add that it is strange that the above accusation came just a few days after lovely confetti wrote a professional blog outlining how to conduct business with integrity. Now Restored 316 has been pointed out as the blog featured a picture of lovely confetti's unethical practices and this scam report is her way of retaliating. One lesson of advice Lauren Gaige, people respond to proof not hearsay, evidence not accusations and professional not psychotic. Its so sad that, if you are in fact a mother, you would stoop to these extremes as bullying breeds bullying. I hope you will soon choose another path as you are destined to fail on this one.

I am appalled to see this type of behavior when evidence speaks for itself. In the true professional world, no one refutes a claim by name calling and bullying. If I had a slandering accusation I wouldn't even entertain it with retaliation and II would not tolerate "supporters" or "friends" defending me in this manner

The more intelligent, professionals laugh at this nonsense and only use facts to dispute claims. Making fun of someone's education level is trashy and pathetic.

This poor girl, Lauren Gaige, has just had another scam report listed on scam report . Take a look at bluchic, lovely confetti, and other designers on Creative Market and Etsy. Lauren Gaige uses a combination of these designs but has just recently taken down most of what she claims to have been her themes from her old website, my restored life.

Also, whoever is copy and pasting legal claims and making threats of contacting the police, don't bother. There is no law that keeps people from stating their opinion hence the beauty of our constitution. Although I must say the futile attempts to scare people with police threats are quite humorous. So for any other customers who have been scammed by her, please don't let these retaliation claims scare you.

Also if you want to slander my grammar, misspellings, please go right ahead. The more intelligent people realize what you are doing.

What I will suggest you do is start practicing ethically and if you need to consult to learn how to code it's only a small monthly charge in exchange for the reputation you are paving.

If I continue to see you steal other's designs, I will continue to post NOT OPINIONS, but factual links that show proof just as I did on an other website and so will many others.

, US
May 11, 2017 4:46 pm EDT

Lauren Gaige Taggart and Restored 316 Designs is awful, unoriginal and a bully service. She bullies anyone that makes better themes than her. She's harassed me online for many years now because she thought I copied a theme that she copied from someone else. She's just a huge hypocrite who frankly has no talent and no other way to make money except stealing and cheating ppl.

Kay Brighton
, CA
Feb 29, 2016 9:06 am EST

Hello lovelies! I decided to take it upon myself to respond to these untrue allegations. Kudos to those who gave me a heads up about this thread as well as the copied versions at complaints board and scam report. I feel like this is a VERY relevant and a little taboo topic that impacts designers of all categories.

First and foremost, I have been creating and selling web design on the world wide web for nearly 8 years. I have created templates for a variety of different platforms, including blogger, wordpress and squarespace. Also, I've spent more than 6 years selling graphic design products.

Among my designs, are beautiful, feminine wordpress ecommerce templates based on the genesis theme. If you look up the genesis theme, you will find that it has a basic structure, the same structure used in almost all genesis child templates. You will find this structure used on my genesis child templates, as well as on those created by Restored 316 Designs, Lovely Confetti, Bluchic, and so on. It's a commonly used structure and the genesis theme itself is listed under the GNU Operating System and Free Software Movement (More on that here: Meaning that anyone can use this template structure to create their own child theme.

Based on the above, I (and all of the other shops) have not plagiarized anything. Technically, I could say other shops are stealing MY designs but it's not worth it and it's a super negative mindset to focus on in the long run, when I would much rather feel flattered and continue on with my life and creating beautiful designs for my lovely clients!

As artists and designers, we influence one another and that doesn't equal plagiarism. This has gone on since the beginning of the world wide web! If you look at the work created by any of the designers being accused of copying Restored 316 Designs, you can easily compare them with others. As well, you can very easily compare Restored 316 Designs templates to many other templates created long before hers including many of my own.

I'm grateful to have contributed to upping the bar of quality design for wordpress templates because that is why I started creating in the first place. I studied web and graphic design and was passionate about creating beautiful templates for female entrepreneurs and bloggers and I'm humbled to have been given the opportunity and to have met and worked with so many awesome ladies over the years!

I understand how frustrating it can be when competition starts creating products similar to your best sellers but I've learned to take a deep breath and keep on creating beautiful designs of my own. Trust me, I felt mortified when nearly identical to my own wordpress templates like the "Glam" popped up but c'est la vie, it's business.

Just keep on creating, innovating, and growing our businesses. Rather than try to tear down the competition, feel happy for their success. After all, we're all in this together!


, US
Jan 05, 2016 4:56 pm EST

Oh man, I HATE it when people play the Jesus card! It’s just so arrogant. "Jesus has special favor towards MY store because I’m doing it for his glory. " Wow, well…I’m pretty sure that Jesus loves me as much as he loves you, Restored 316 Designs, so let’s put the Jesus card back into your stolen wordpress templates and get real.