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PLEASE - I need your help.

I am a victim of cyber bullying.

The main reason Is to ask you to remove my name from your website in regards to someone that is trying to google my name, patricia rockstroh.
and then that person will see my personal name on your search engine.

and this also makes me suspect that there is a report on me there on your website to read,
which there is NOT.

Your complaints board shows up as a website connected to my name--
but there are no reports.
I am a victim of cyber bullying, because there are some anonymous and unfounded and non documented lies and slander on the google search engine--
by disgruntled ex employees
that I fired for stealing. (this was around 2005 to 2008)

AND there are some huge undocumented lies also showing up on a website called "" --

also done by these employees and their friends and relatives, that are savvy on how to ruin someones reputation by placing anonymous lies and slander by these anonymous ex employees.

I have also traced down other lies and slander done by jealous competitors.
The website,, allows anyone to file an anonymous report without any paperwork to prove that their stories are true.
These people are trying to get me to give up my small business.

I realyze that you cannot help me with the, but could you please help me with your webite?

I have been in business since 1072. I never had to deal with any issues like this throughout the 38 years that I have been in business until I hired 4 employees from Janesville. I trusted them completely and was devastated to discover that they were slowly stealing from me--
medicine, shampoo, dogfood, food from the freezer, clipper blades, blow dryers, metal cages, household supplies, and numerous other items, too many to count.

I became very dependent on these dog groomers to help me more and more with the daily duties
because I was slowly becoming terminally ill and sick with liver problems and lupus and colostomy bag.
this illness slowly became so devastating that I eventually was on the Liver transplant list at Uw madison, in 2005.
This illness has forced my to sell all of my arabian horses and eventually sell all of my prize female cocker spaniel

There are no reports on the "complaints board" website, but
yet when you key in my name, "Patricia rockstroh",
it does show up on the google search engine.

Please remove my name from the complaints board search engine
for Yahoo and google.

God willing, I am hoping to correct these issues before I pass away.

I fired all of the employees by 4-22-09.
I will never have any employess anymore here at my small farm.

Thnak you in advance - hopefully you can help me out a little bit with this issue.

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Update by bluelegend2000
Aug 25, 2012 4:23 pm EDT

Anonymous -
We are still waiting for a name and phone number and address to address all of your lies, slander, harassment.
We do know that this anonymous disgruntled and unhappy person has reposted this same story over and over again on many websites.
(and we do believe that this cyber bullying started about 2008)
we also do know that extortion for money and harassment and slander is against the law in the state of wisconsin.

We do invite anyone, at anytime, to come to our home
and sit on our sofa,
and play and cuddle with our very much loved, 6 fluffy purebred & registered akc and pedigreed cocker spaniels,
that we own and they live in our home----
as part of our family.
we do have 40 YEARS OF HAPPY references, pictures, details and stories to share with all families that might be interested in
checking us out and look at both sides of this anonymous story.

All of our puppies are home born and home raised by partners all over that state of wisconsin.
These nice families purchased the mother dog from us as a new puppy,
decided that they too--- would enjoy producing a litter of puppies, ----
when their female akc cocker spaniel puppy reaches her maturity as an adult dog.

In most cases, we own the sires and help this family whelp and train the babies until they are 7 weeks old.
These puppies are groomed daily and socialyzed by this family.
Then at 7 weeks, we take the litter to our vet and
he gives every puppy a health examination and he produces the wisconsin state health certificate for the new puppy buyer.

The first puppy shot and deworming is also done at 7 weeks old.
The puppies are groomed daily and they also are started with their potty outside.

we welcome all phone calls and emails and visits to our home.

Patricia Rockstroh
W7541 Koshkonong lake rd.
Fort Atkinson, wi 53538

cell and text [protected]
fax [protected]

I have owned a cocker spaniel for 57 years and
raise pedigreed cocker spaniels because we LOVE the breed
and we do not have anything to hide...

We sure wish that this "person" would give us a name, phone number, and address
then we can finally put a name to this "story"..
and this same person
has posted and reposted this story over and over again,
without a name or phone number.

Here are a few references for anyone that would like to speak with new customers, repeat customers, and partners that have enjoyed helping us producing well bred puppies
we have many MORE references that we will provide upon request.

Shelly - [protected]
kris - [protected]
patty [protected]
dorothy [protected]
jodi [protected]
polly [protected]
dawn [protected]
clarence [protected]
robert [protected]
joe [protected]
glen [protected]
gerald [protected]
nancy [protected]
nicole [protected]
bruce [protected]
tom [protected]
sharon [protected]
judy [protected]
penelope [protected]
jim [protected]
josh [protected]
shelly [protected]

and 40 YEARS of more references.


We also do understand that there always is a possibility that
something may go wrong, ------
especially with dealing with living creatures.
and we pray that we have given each and every puppy,
a very good start in life.

this good start in life means that:

----Their genetics start with no In-breeding within their pedigree
-----they are socialized with a family, children and other pets,
------and also that we have done a good job in interviewing each family-
that may be given an opportunity to take one of our babies home with their family.

thank you for taking the time to
"hear about the other side of the story"


please call or visit us in the future

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Platteville, US
Dec 29, 2013 10:55 pm EST

Patricia can you provide references from people that have bought puppies from you AFTER 2008? Do you have all your dogs certified by OFA and CERF prior to breeding to eliminate inheritable disorders? At what age do you sell puppies? At what age will you ship puppies? Do you practice line breeding? Are all of your dogs registered with the AKC?
At what age will you breed a female? How many litters do your dogs sire each year?
How many dogs are living with you currently? Do they live indoors? Do they have free roam of the house or are the kept confined or tethered?
How many customers have purchased puppies from you and complained of health problems? How often do you have to provide a customer with a new puppy because they were unhappy with their first one due to health issues?
How many times has a customer informed you that their puppy has died very young due to health issues?

Amery alex
Watertown, US
Aug 28, 2012 12:12 pm EDT

All of the references you have are all more recent buyers most genetic issues occur between ages 2-4 years, granted both my dogs were under that time frame and lost them both with in 9 months. Yes things do come up but oddly you have had several complaints over the years and not just by me. AKC papers really mean nothing as any breeder can place any two AKC numbers say those are the parents of the dog. What good would it be for me to post my information as you would just harass me not like you will refund my money. I purchased Amery from you, His father was Joker poker. He was a stunning buff/red boy with some white. I am not the only person that has had health issues from Joker Poker. My replacement puppy was a returned puppy back to you at about 4- 5 months of age, he was a puppy from a co breeder, I will have to check the name. I had two other choices you gave me a black 1 year old that was returned to as he resource guarded and a chocolate puppy that was only 5 weeks old. There were other puppies there but you were insistent I could only pick from those three. I didn't want to have to come back so I picked the 4-5 month old named which I think you called him sparkles, I called him Alex. I paid $900 for Amery. did everything right as a dog owner, Did puppy classes, groomed regularly, vet care, when he developed PRA he was 2 weeks away from his CGC certification. Alex my "replacement" puppy came to me with behavioral issues that I was informed of after I had him home for two weeks. I loved Alex just as much as Amery and did everything I could to help him get past the issues he came with Classes, love and earn his trust. I went through three eye surgeries spending thousands on this boy and then he was faced with a fourth with Dr Collins, he passed away at 10 months. I lost Amery in March and Alex in Nov of the same year. I gave you the papers from the vet for Amery when I picked up Alex and sent you the papers with Alex from the vet, from his cremation to be only told that these are not dolls on shelves and these things just happen. Yes maybe so but two dogs with in a year.

I am not posting this to gain anything other then someone else not loosing another beloved pet, family member. Just maybe you have new lines, just maybe you are genetic testing for PRA, thyroid, knees ext that cockers tend to have in there lines. My niece is the one that watches your site, name, kennel name closely as she is saddened that she had to watch this happen and at that you still can't admit that this has happened, that you as a breeder caused harmed to our family and the animals had to suffer. Do I think people can learn from a situation, can mistakes happen yes but it takes that person to admit that they did do something wrong and to try to make it right. Your two puppies had the best home provided and I wanted them to be with me for 10 plus at least. I may have been blessed to have them for a short time as they helped me to be a better advocate for the responsible breeders, owners and as wiggle butt caregiver but It would have been better if I had them for many more years to come considering I paid so much for them and put so much love into them. I would still have Amery with me today if he would have came from a responsible breeder with healthy lines. I can only hope you have learned from this. It is just a shame that you are still in denial when the documentation was given to you twice.

Amery alex
Watertown, US
Aug 22, 2012 3:12 pm EDT

I know this women and she is very good at being a sales person as I lost two dogs from her, she has offered me another replacement puppy if I removed all of my complaints against her and a refund of my money but most the sites will not remove the information as others have the right to know what she has and continues to do.
Pat may have loved the breed at one time but as a dog trainer at the local dog club we have seen numerous puppies and dogs come to us with behavioral and health issues from her as well. She continued to breed even while she was and is ill and now with her co partners she has found another loop whole to continue to make money and destroy the breed. The refund of my money would have been great as I spent a lot on the two puppies I had gotten from her and I just couldn't go through another heartache again and take a chance an her lines again. She still won't refund my money as I can't remove the complaints. I loved my two as if they were my kids. I now have an amazing certified therapy cocker from a breeder that truly loves the breed, stand behinds her dogs and only breeds to better the cocker spaniels. It was very hard to move on from this and now I have but the fact that she continues to lie that she has done wrong is why I decided to speak up again. May god forgive her for what she has done to all the families that have gotten sick puppies from her and god bless to those that were lucky to have healthy ones from her enjoy them while you have them.

I was never an employee of hers or I would have turned her in. Sadly state of WI is years away from stopping breeders like this as they always find loop holes.