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Ondia 29 KYT-4 model

Ondia 29 KYT-4 model review: No one turned up from Ondia customer care after my complaint

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My TV Onida 29" KY Thunder-4 went out of order suddenly.I purchased the same 18.7.2003 and had EWC till 27.5.07. No problem arose till 27.5.07. Problem suddenly crept in during second week of Sept.2007.I made a complaint with Nungambakkam Branch. They did not send any technician. After four days, after my persuasion, they told me to contact Valasaravakkam branch as my complaint had been passed on to them to attend. They did not come.Then again I contacted them and after a week, they sent one technician by name Mr R.Gandhi Kumar. He came on 20.9.07 and told us that one component has to be replaced that would cost me around Rs. 950/-. I paid Rs.950/- and he attended the fault. The TV worked, afterwards, only for a week. Then again, it went out of order with the same problem. After repeated phone calls to the technician, the very same Mr R.Gandhi Kumar came on 11.10.07. I encountered the same problem. But he told me that this is some other problem and that one ic has to be replaced, which should come from Mumbai and that it would take minimum a week or so. I waited patiently for a week and after that I made several calls to his mobile. He did not bother to attend my call. I lost my patience. Then somehow I got him over phone and he informed that he was not given the spare by the company and that he would definitely come with the spare part day before yesterday (22.10.07). But I waited and made several calls to his mobile. No reply from him. Not bothered to attend my calls. Then I decided to take up this with your higher ups. I contacted Nungambakkam branch and got the person incharge of Valasaravakkam and got his name and mobile. His name is Mr Anbalagan (Mobile [protected]). Today I gave him all my above predicaments and told him that I am really upset with the customer care and the technician who called on me. He assured me that he would see that some one is attending the problem today. I will wait till evening. If I do not get any call or any person today evening, then I will have to think of moving appropriate forum for my redressal. But onething I want to make it here that I have ever seen such a poor customer care service from Onida. The result is I could not see TV for the past more than 25 days.

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