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Olympia call card promised an 85-min call from US to Philippines. The actual value of the card is only 30 minutes. Called customer service and hang up five times. I called different times and same person answered the call which is very unlikely. The agent named "Mar" or "Marson" unable to provide any information nor cannot transfered the call to the supervisor, just hanging up the phone. I bought the card from I also called this company but cannot provide and information because they said they are not the manufacturer of the card. All these people are Indians but not sure if the company is located in the US or India. In any case, don't be fooled by this company. They will not answer any concerns after you bought the card. Olympia card, the name of the card again.

, AE
Oct 15, 2018 5:00 pm EDT

We have purchased one 3ltr pressure cooker, but its very small and its capacity is 1.5 ltr,

We want to replace, please change it and its not good, that you have provided wrong information.

We have physiclly pour water of 1.5 ltr bottle and it is full, on the botton of pressure cooker is written 3 ltr, and on website of AWOKE also written 3 ltr.

Laly Bacsarpa
, AE
Sep 03, 2018 9:23 pm EDT
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the item that has been deliver on me have a damage

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