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S Jan 07, 2019
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05-12-2018 to 11-12-2018 (case number [protected]). My husband was admitted to sunward park due to inernal bleeding, severe pain and vomiting. He was given blood, had x-rays, a scope and a scan.
On 11-12-2018 he was discharged even though he was still bleeding. When I queried this I was told the bleeding would heal itself. The doctor also said that they had seen a mass on his right side but that it wasn't anything to worry about and that my husband should consult our local doctor in 2 to 3 months time.

14-12-2018 to 21-12-2018 (case number [protected]) my husband was re-admitted to sunward park. He was still bleeding, in pain and unable to keep any food down. He was placed in high care where he had more x-rays, scopes and another scan. We informed the doctor and staff that he was in severe pain and that he could not keep any food down. He was getting weaker by the day as he was not able to eat. The staff informed us that he was not eating because he did not like hospital food. He was kept in bed all the time, his back was painful, his mouth was very sore and his feet were very swollen. When we pointed this out to the staff they did not seem to be too concerned. On 21-12-2018 doctor fourie discharged my husband. He told us that there was a mass blocking his colon, that actually showed up on the first scan and should have been investigated. Doctor said that he had contacted the surgeon (dr. Singh) who would do a small operation on monday 24-12-2018 and that my husband would most probably be allowed to go home the same day. After spending 8 days in high care my husband was in worse condition than when he was admitted on 14-12-2018. He was very weak, could not keep food down, had swollen feet and his mouth was so sore he could hardly swallow water.
24-12-2018 - 24-12-2018 (case number [protected]) my husband was readmitted for the small operation to be performed by dr. Singh. After waiting in the ward for several hours I asked the sister to contact dr singh. She said she was not allowed to. I then went to reception and asked them to contact dr. Singh. Doctor singh arrived and informed us that he had not been briefed by dr. Fourie. He was not even on duty. He did not examine my husband, he merely read the patient information documents and said that he was not prepared to operate on my husband as he was too weak. He then referred us to the wits donald gordon medical centre. We have been charged for this day in hospital but I cannot see how you can justify charging us for this day.
I find it absolutely disgraceful that after 16 days in sunward park hospital my husband was so weak, dehydrated and malnourished that he had to be referred to a specialist surgeon at wits donald gordon medical centre. How do you justify our having to pay high care rates when the treatment he received was anything but high care.
My husband and our family have been traumatised by the bad service received from sunward park hospital. Had they investigated the mass when it was spotted on the first scan all this could have been prevented.

Patient name: EB Borchardt

Jeanette Borchardt

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