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Malek Marketing, Asad Malekzadeh

Malek Marketing, Asad Malekzadeh review: This man is terrible attorney, so please avoid him 1

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9:31 am EST
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Guys, avoid Malek Marketing, Asad Malekzadeh. I found him accidently and I needed attorney’s help. This man lied to me and said that he was professional and would help me to solve my problems. However, he knew nothing about the procedures and I lost a lot. Also, this man sent me the bill for the services, which was enormous. I was so shocked and because of his illegal and stupid actions, I have no money to pay him.

, US
Feb 26, 2018 3:02 am EST

This is a dangerous guy who claims that he is an attorney but he even doesn't have the basic education. He works as a fake lawyer in his fake law office. The think is he just owns a property and rents it out to a Licensed attorney and then He gives an appointment on weekends which the real low office is closed and nobody's there so you think he is an attorney working in his law office. He totally ruined me and my brothers life and future.

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