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Maggie McFly review: Maggie McFly has no concept of &customer service& at all!

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I am writing to tell you how badly we felt we were treated. We(I and my wife) went to Maggie McFly restaurant, located in Middlebury, CT on a Saturday night, April 7th, 2007. As we were situated and placed an order of Filet Minon (Steak) and Soups, we noticed that we didn’t get the bread that normally comes out with drinks that we ordered(Sparkling water and normal water). After waiting about 20 minutes, I had to call other waitress, who had our waitress to bring the basket of bread because our waitress wasn’t available. After she brought the bread with a brief sentence of “That was my fault”, it took another 30 minutes or so before the steak came out by another waitress.

This is where we got angry because our soups didn’t even come out at all. Without touching the steak, we called our waitress and said, “our soup didn’t come out and because we waited so long and the food wasn’t served the way it is supposed to, our mood has gone, therefore we are leaving, for which our waitress responded, “I am sorry, the soup is my mistake too. Is there something I can do? And we replied “No, we just want to leave. Our day has been ruined.” Then she took the plate of steak and disappeared without saying where she is going (she didn’t say she is going to bring manager. She just took the plate and went away).

Once she disappears, we got up and simply walked out the restaurant. As I about to leave the parking lot, I saw two managers coming out, seemingly looking for us. Because I thought they came out to apologize, I honked at them to notify where we are because it was dark and very busy with cars coming in and going out. As I rolled the window, however, they (two male managers) were raising their voice, saying we are running away not to pay for the food. They said they would have treated the soup on house but we should have paid for the steak that were brought out already and the bottle of sparking water.

It is common sense that we don’t go to restaurant on a Saturday night to order food and run away. Nobody would do that. (If someone does, then they would have eaten first. We didn't even touch any utensil because we were so upset). I know they were saying this because they were mad at us not taking the food. They kept saying we can't change our mind once the order has been placed. yeah right, I would agree if our mood has changed due to our personal reason, like family matter, etc. Then we would love to pay for whatever we order. However it was them, their poor service that made us change our mind. We can't just stuff our stomach with food simply because it came out. It has to be in the right mood for us to eat food. If somehow that mood has been damaged by restaurant, then they can't blame customer for not taking food because they made the mistake. Their poorly trained waitress is part of their responsibility.

They don’t think about what made us so disappointed to walk away from their restaurant. They don’t consider our ruined mood. If they came out to say an apology, we would have felt better and at least get back to this restaurant next time. Instead, we are extremely upset about the way we were treated there and decided not to go again. Further, we will spread how we were treated whenever we get to speak to people around us. Restaurant is in the service business. Once people gets ticked off, it will get snow-ball through the word of mouth and will come back to restaurant.

This restaurant has no concept of "customer service" at all. So bad...

Here is the address:
Maggie McFly
6 Woodside Ave
Middlebury, CT

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Nov 02, 2015 7:25 am EST
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I have taken my elderly parents to the Brookfield Maggie Mcfly many times over the last three years (it's the closest restaurant to their Assisted Living home). It's always a crapshoot. We've had great service and terrible service. It seems like the waitstaff turnover must be huge, as we've never seen the same server twice--even two weeks later. Last Friday's lunch was ok, despite the crazy loud music (who actually wants to listen to screeching electric guitars and bombastic-voiced singers while enjoying lunch? Almost everyone in the restaurant that day was over 40 years old!). We had to wait over 20 minutes after putting in our drink orders to receive them (and that was after our soups had already arrived). To her credit, our server was just as flustered as we were and was really professional. Like I said, it's always a crapshoot when we go there. I've sent back some truly terrible, overpriced food in the past. One time I ordered a Caesar salad and received 3 of them, one right after the other. My biggest complaint is reserved for the ridiculously loud awful music that makes it hard to hear the conversation at the table (and I'm not the one with the hearing problem!--my poor Dad is left out completely). I realize the music is loud as a gimmick to get young, hip people to eat there, but maybe they can look around at the crowd any given day and adjust for it? Lately I've been taking them to eat at restaurants farther away instead of Maggie's in search of good, modestly priced food that is served on time, in a conversation-friendly atmosphere. If Maggie's can offer that, we'll be back often. It's too bad, really. I want to love the place. (Oh, and I always tip 20%, no matter what).

Nov 07, 2009 6:39 pm EST

Having read some of these comments and having been at Maggies several times, I just hope I never run into the people who wrote some of the complaints on this site! I'm heading over to Maggies right now, 'cause I know from experience that I will enjoy the great food and service!

Nov 04, 2009 10:00 am EST

i have to say, as a former bartender and waitress, but also as someone who appreciates a nice meal out. Some of these complaints are a either say something at that moment to try and get your issue resolved or let it go. HOWEVER...i know what its like to work in a busy downtown resturant when its crazy and hectic etc. but that does not take away the fact that you still need to take care of the people you were all costs...yes it can be a pride swallowing job at times. PEople are paying for a service, bottom line. When i go into a resturant and im treated like an inconvenience that whole 15-20% crap goes right out the window! You will get what you deserve...i will not reward for being treated badly, end of. And on the other hand if i get great service...even if the kitchen screws up...i'll tip more than 15 or 20% no question. We need to be mindful of the atmosphere the staff is in at the time...BUT... the staff should also be mindful of the customers perception!

Feb 03, 2009 4:04 pm EST

I have been to Maggies countless times and don't recall one bad meal or poor service or a rude reception from any of the wonderful folks who work there. I have never worked as a server but can imagine they have to deal with many rude folks with quirky requests and after a long shift it's difficult to smile when someone is acting like a clown. My advice would be treat people as you would like them to treat you or better yet if you have kids imagine your child waiting at a restaurant near their college and being treated poorly and left no tip for their efforts.

Lighten up people or order in!

Nov 06, 2008 4:51 pm EST

Have any of the complainers ever worked in the service industry? I can tell that you have not and suspect that you are exactly the type of people that every server dreads because of your basic indecency and general disregard for human kindess. You don't take into any consideration that these people are working at a job to pay their bills and are doing the best they can and you are sitting here rating them and not making any mention of your dissatisfaction while you are at the table when something could actually be done about it. What do you expect the poor girl to do; spoon feed you your vegatables and cut your filet for you? Do you think that the waitress is cooking your food and she overcooked it and is taking forever to make it or something and so she doesn't deserve a tip? This is just another excuse for you to treat people like crap and exert control over people because you have no control anywhere else in your life so you take it out on a poor waitress in a restaurant. Have you ever stopped to consider that you are exactly the reason that gratuity is included in the check because of people like you and now nobody can be trusted because of your general rudeness and lack of respect for average people just happen to be waiting on you at this time. Not tipping is one of the lowest lows of society and is completely out of line. These people are only making a couple of dollars an hour after taxes and not taking that into consideration ruins both of your day. About the plate sharing charge; a restaurant is a business and although it is a place for people to go and have a nice time the owners of any place do not open it for the joy of serving the public but rather for the primary goal of making a profit. Everyone needs to make money incluidng the server and if you are sitting there all night using taking up the table not eating anything for an unlimited amount of time, the place loses money by the minute. Although you are ordering drinks, someone else would be sitting there ordering drinks and food in the same amount of time and would get up and then someone else could sit down and more money could be made. You are sitting and enjoying the entertainment and electricity of the restaurant, and this is not free. This is the basis behind the plate sharing charge from an economical standpoint which I'm sure anyone can understand. Not only that in most restaurants the servers work together to bring out the food. Also, most tables in restaurants have a piece on the bottom of the table and if you twist it the table will stop rocking. I bet you wouldn't treat somebody like this in the grocery store or at the gas station. Do these people come to your job and harass you and right ridiculous comments about you on a website. Who actually takes the time to do that?

Oct 17, 2008 10:35 pm EDT

Oh, I forgot to mention a couple things:

-The table kept rocking back and forth the entire night, even when we tried to move it to stabilize it.
-Another waiter had to serve us a couple of times because our own waitress was nowhere in sight.

Oct 17, 2008 10:15 pm EDT

This is regarding Maggi McFly's in Middlebury. I went with my mother on a Friday night. We arrived and were at least promptly seated ... at a stuffy table with little privacy and hard as rock bench and chair. Our waitress greeted us and took our drink orders which took a little while to arrive. Then the waiting began. I kid you not, this waitress took at least 20 minutes to take our order! She was very disorganized and kept bouncing from table to table. She also came off as very unfriendly and cold. The other patrons were very rude and noisy as well.

Here's the kicker, she arrives near our table and LOOKS AT US and asks "ladies are you ready to order?" Then she turns around to the table next to us and realizes that she forgot to take the order of the ladies who were seated before us. She then attends 2-3 others tables and tells me and my mother "just a minute." Yeah, right. Make it10.

Oh, here's the best part. You think this menu has a huge variety of food? Guess where they STOLE the menu items from? I kid you not. This restaurant has completely ripped off the menu from the Cheesecake Factory. From the sections I was looking at, Maggie McFly's took the exact menu item names from the Cheesecake Factory. Just look at their menus and compare, you'll be surprised.

Anyways, the waitress finally comes by and takes our order. I ordered Buffalo Chicken Blasts for $7.99, and Lightly Fried Coconut Shrimp for $15.99. My mother ordered the Baked Stuffed Shrimp for $16.99. The Buffalo Chicken Blasts come out on time with about 4 lousy sticks of celery. Clearly they purchased the popcorn chicken at the nearby BJ's or Costco's only a couple exists away in Waterbury. This appetizer was absolutely disgusting, and if it weren't for my mother not wanting to make a scene, I would have complained about it. There was barely any taste to the chicken, it was about 99.9% bread, and the dipping sauces had no flavor. The waitress came around and asked how the appetizer was and my mother said "...alright" and the waitress gave us a funny look and left, not bothering to inquire more. I could've had a better meal of this at Popeye's or KFC or something.

Next arrive our entrees on time. The Coconut Shrimp was a good portion, six jumbo butterflied shrimp with lots of mashed potatoes and a scary look side of corn mixed with lima beans and chopped ends of baby carrots. The Baked Stuffed Shrimp had about three shrimp full of pre-made stuffing (the kind you just warm up that was frozen, probably also purchased from Costco). The "fresh vegetables" described included a whole two sticks of asparagus.

My mother said that her food was decent. My shrimp tasted good, but the pina colada dipping sauce wasn't very good. The mashed potatoes were dry and the mixed vegetables tasted very... odd. I think they were overcooked. Looks like they came from a package of frozen vegetables purchased at, you got it, Costco. I only ate the corn. The lima beans and baby carrot ends were awful.

The meal ended and the waitress asked if we wanted any coffee or dessert and we said no. She said she'd go and get the check. She never asked us how our dinner was, which is something that I have always been asked no matter where I've eaten. I get slammed with a $50 bill (you have GOT to be kidding me), pay it with a $3 tip (she deserved $0, really, but again my mother was insistent I give her something) and get the hell out of there.

$50? This is the most overpriced place I have eaten at. I wouldn't mind it if the food quality matched the price. I could have eaten TWICE at other restaurants that provide much better food, or just spend an extra $20 for some truly fine dining. Really, the bill deserved to be $30 MAX at this place. It was diner quality food, at best. And I actually feel as though I'm insulting diners by saying that.

I should have listened to our family friend and avoided this place at all costs.

Aug 03, 2008 9:06 am EDT

Strong comments, and I am sure some are quite true. I feel that an dinning experience should be a memorable one, and we forget that this business takes 15 to 18 hours of our day and runs 7 days a week. It is also a major issue finding a staff that has the same heart as the owner. Let alone some patrons that have to calculate a gratuity off a tip chart.
I would advise alittle compassion for your server and seek a manager before you get yourself to pissed off.

I have my own feelings on the design and menu items were well rounded with a great choices, but when I ordered, I went with the things that I was sure to enjoy while looking at all the wonderfull meals that were passing me bye.
I feel that the menu is a creative one that is priced good considering the food cost that changes every day.

Warm Regards,
Dave Pacifico
Cleberty Chef Law & Order C.I. & SVU

Jul 28, 2008 6:51 am EDT

On Saturday night, July 26, 2008, my wife, me and 3 other friends went to the one located at 6 Woodside Ave Middlebury CT. We have visited many restaurants in our lives (since it's our favorite way of recreation) from real fancy ones to regular ones. And for the first time, we learned about the most stupid and absurd policy we have ever heard. The couple that came with us weren't that hungry so they wanted to share a plate. Well, for Friday, Saturday & Sunday there's a $5.99 charge for those who want to share a plate. So my friends decided they were not going to have dinner at all but will stay in the table until we were done. The waitress told them that their policy also states that if you're not having dinner even if you're in a table with friends, you will have to leave the premises. That's when my friend got real mad so she apologize and say she will talk to the manager about it. Came back and told us she was going to make an exception and let them stay, but if we share anything with them, they were going to get charge the $5.99. Now what the heck is this? A concentration camp or something? In other words, they would rather lose a business of over $75 with drinks and dessert over a stupid $5.99 share fee "you can't stay" policy. Yes, it was stated on the menu in small print. But WHO actually reads that? Needless to say, we all walk out and left to TGI Friday's were we had a great time. Whoever came out with this senseless policy, specially with this bad economy, is a real genius. Will never go again.

Apr 11, 2008 11:44 am EDT

Can we say melodrama?

Jan 31, 2008 10:56 am EST

this complaint site was started by the jealous competitor rosy tommorow restaurant. if you want to complain about food go there in danbury. be sure to check out what they call bathrooms. they have fruit flies, they have roaches all the food is sent through the microwave at some time or another. so because they come up with some fake reviews dont believe it. go to any of the maggie's restaurants, the food is good the pricing is good the service is up to par and the bathrooms are spottless and new. pay no attention to the fears of the compitition maybe they should put some of their idol time to bring their own restaurant up to par. ha never happen

Jan 09, 2008 9:31 am EST

I took my wife and three kids to Maggie Mcflys in Brookfield on Sunday 1-6-08.I have eaten at the middlebury and southbury locations on many occasions always having a good experience. What happened to us on sunday copletely destroyed my perception of this resturaunt chain.We arrived at 1:15
and were seated promptly which is always great with kids[ages 2-5]in tow. A seemingly pleasant waitress came and took our drink order. This is when the nightmare started.At 1:40 I recieved my large sprite but no lemonade for the kids or my wifes ginger ale. At 2:00 the other drinks arrived but no utensils or napkins. She didn't even take our lunch order. At 2:15 she came back and took our lunch order. At 2:45 my french onion soup arrived.No drink refills no kids food just my soup. At 3:15 the other food arrived. Still no drink refills or utensils.Got another waitress to get us utensils and drink refills.

My wifes buffalo chicken salad had what appeared to be chicken nuggets on lettuce. No buffalo sauce or flavoring. My Kobe beef burger ordered medium rare had one side burned to a crisp. The kids ordered kids personal pizzas. They didnt taste bad but were the size of hubcaps and would of fed an army. I ate the pizza because the burger was unbearable. I didn't dare send the burger back because we couldn't spend another hour waiting for food. The 1st waitress walked by us 6 times while we were waiting for food. She didn't stop and say anything. She could have apolligized or said they were backed up and I would have understood. It was only after the other waitress that we stopped brought our drink refills that she said IS EVERYTHING OK. You've got to be ### me. My wife ignored her comment and drank her soda. I told her the other waitress was taking care of us. What does she do after she sees our full drinks. This dingbat brings us 5 more drinks.I asked her why. She said we asked for them. I shook my head and asked for the bill. It came promptly. I paid the bill by credit card and she brought it back promptly. I signed the reciept leaving no tip.I just wrote in the tip spot this is the worst customer service I have ever had. IS EVERYTHING OK?

Dec 20, 2007 1:45 pm EST

Me and my Girlfriend have been to Maggies in Middlebury many times...and I have to say it is one of the very FEW places that actually takes into account HOW we want our meat cooked in steaks and burgers..Service was always good also, except once when they were apparently training a new waitress, but even still there was nothing to walk out about. We have always been very happy with Maggies infact will be going there again tonight at their new Brookfield location...(seems more like New Milford to me but whatever) To not expect food, especially filet minion to take a long time to cook, or for one bad waitress to get flustered and make some mistakes when its busy is absurd, maybe before walking out you should have told someone else who worked there then the one person whom is obviously causing the entire problem with your experience at this restaurant.

Dec 19, 2007 7:17 pm EST

We just went to the new Maggie McFly's in Brookfield, CT on the opening week and the service and food was great. I've been to their other location in Middlebury, CT also and was very happy their also. I like this place and have no complaints.

Oct 12, 2007 6:23 pm EDT

Actually, this place would've gotten a full 5 stars for being a such a cool looking place. Nice bar, nice drinks, good young crowd, great food, from what I've heard good events (some good bands play there).

At least at this Maggy Mcfly's in Middlebury, I'm taking 4 stars away, which means I'm giving this restaurant a rating of POOR.

My reason. I came to Maggy Mcfly's about 2 weeks ago, during OctoberFest, on September 28th of 2007. All the employees were dressed in the traditional German garb, for OctoberFest. The atmosphere in this place did look deceptively good. To be fair, the salmon hamburger was outstanding, as I sat watching my Yankees lose to the Baltimore orioles in an extra inning game 10-9 on the big wide screen TV above the bar. I even liked the little toy choo choo train circling above the bar.

But the customer service better get it's act together, and quickly.

What bothered me though, was the bartenders on that night. Both bartenders that night seemed cocky and a little bit biased toward people who don't enter a bar without their friends. I felt a little out of place, because that night I didn't bring any of my friends (most of whom don't live near the Waterbury area anyways).

I had two beers before walked out of the place. One bartender, "Mr. Blond Pony Tail", is acting all cocky and high and mighty. He made a few smart aleck remarks toward me, made me wait an extra long time for a beer (like 10 minutes, and there weren't even that many people that night at the bar) and I didn't care for that. The other bartender, he pushed the beer glass right at me. Beer spilled right all over my hand. I don't know maybe he was in a hurry, but that's no excuse. Actually, they didn't carry themselves in any likable way. I've been to my share of bars, and bartenders never acted like this.

I'm sitting at the TV watching the Yankees, and these two girls my age are sitting one bar stool away from me, to my right (one of them, with dark short hair, was an employee). Maybe I would've flirted, had some social banter with one of the ladies. These bartenders seemed to catch on to where I was sitting. They made some veiled insults and remarks (directed at me ---- after I just asked for my second and last beer, and made a few upbeat comments about this and that) just to make themselves feel special in front of the two ladies.

Another employee, maybe he was a bartender too, stares me down, he even rudely pushed me out of the way, then sits right between me and the two girls and acts like he thinks he's Mr. Cool. He starts talking to these girls, talking all this flash and superficial jive, like he thought he had to make a move before I did. All I wanted to do was drink my beer and watch my game. But...if the girls showed interest in talking to me... that would have been nice too. They were cute, they seemed cool. But since when does it have to be a contest to socialize with one of the girls, obviously this employee felt that way. And shouldn't he be working (serving food, bartending, etc), not goofing off. He is still on the clock, after all. More fool him.

As I've said, this place seemed a bit biased. The bartenders were rude and acted like punks. The crowd looks nice, but the service stinks, as I've described.