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CB Transportation and Vehicles Review of Loman Ford - Woodbridge, NJ
Loman Ford - Woodbridge, NJ

Loman Ford - Woodbridge, NJ review: Stuck in the contract

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Recently I purchased a vehicle from Loman Ford in Woodbridge NJ. When I test drove the car it was rush hour so I mainly sat in traffic. When I drove the car off the lot I hated it. Less then 24 hours later I called my new financing company, explained the situation and they said the dealer can do a substitution of collateral. Because there is no 3day turn around law in the state of NJ I am pretty much stuck in this contract.

I contacted the dealer (still LESS than 24 hours later) explained the situation. From day one I was getting the run around. I called my salesman he told me he wasn't in that day neither was his supervisor but the manager on shift could help me and he would call his co-worker and tell him I was coming to see him. I got there the co-worker had no idea why I was there and the shift manager said he couldn't help me I had to come in the day my salesman and his manager were there. I cancel ed most of my appointments that next Saturday to go to the dealership.

My salesman said he'd be there at 8:30 seeing what he could do to get me the car I initially said I wanted. Well I was late I got there around 10ish he wasn't even there yet! I came back at 2pm and met with my salesman's manager. He said my salesman had stepped out (now for the record I had someone with me and she was walking around looking at the cars in the showroom she saw my salesman sitting in one of the offices but at that time she didn't know who he was). Anyway finally the salesman comes over says they can buy the car I want as long as it is not in this NADA guide the banks reference to. Their car buyer had a lead on the car but dragged his feet on it and as of 8/1 (3 days later) this car is now listed in the NADA book. At this point I'd been back and forth a few times with my salesman and his manager about what was or wasn't in this book that I could have. After yet another unreturned call I went down to the dealership and spoke to my salesman's manager I found out the proper name of this reference book they use and I was than able to access this NADA guide book online (which I was told I would not be able to do).

Well I found cars that I like that are not listed in this book. I also found Enterprises online (which is where they purchase these cars from) that are selling said vehicles. I called my salesman yesterday afternoon give him all this information he said he would talk to the buyers and his manager and call me back of course he didn't. I called his manager this morning and he knew nothing about my calling yesterday! I told him a list of the cars I wanted and he said right off the bat that one of them was too expensive they usually don't purchase those. And he said for me to call him back later.

I happened to check their inventory online again today and BOTH lots are housing this current vehicle for sale. I called him back to convey this message and he wouldn't take my call.

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