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Went there yesterday Nov. 1. Asked if i'd avail the Diamond Peel service, how long should i wait... the attendant just gave me a piece of paper to write my name and other details then she gave it to the one who's handling the, i think the line ups... told me to wait to be called. Good thing i have a friend so i can chat with while waiting. Then in less then 10mins, i was called. So i told my friend to go so he would not wait for my session to be finished... Anticipating, excited with my Diamond Peel, i followed the lady attendant, chinita longhaired somewhat chubby, looks she's been with the salon for a long time so i assumed she knows what she's doing. She told me to wash my face, give me a some sort of a bib for the drip, and a tissue for wiping... then she called me and had me lie in between 2 other customers in session... while wiping my face, and waiting for her to do what i'm expecting her to do, w/c is the facial, she just looked at me for a minute or so... then told me "mam, isang oras papo ang diamond peel ha"... so i said, ok, diba facial muna?... to my surprise, she told me, "ay hindi po, diamond peel muna bago facial"... so in my wondering voice, ok, so what are we going to do?... she asked me, "pwede po ba kayo maghintay ng 1 oras?"... then i asked her, "here?" i was waiting outside already then you called me... so i thought you'll be starting my session... what happened?... she just told me "may ginagawa papo kasi yung maggagawa, pwede po kayo maghintay sa labas o pwede ba kayo maghintay ng nakahiga?"... what a question!... i was willing to wait outside, chatting with a friend when you called me... for what? just to tell me to wait for an hour, sa labas o nakahiga?! ano makikitulog lang pala ako? hotel ba kayo? won't i just look stupid to do that?!... my God! she could have atleast checked first before asking me to wash my face and had me lay down...expecting my session would start. Why? Why did you call me in the first place?! then i talked to the small chubby with pink lipsticked supervisor in the counter, told her what happened and asked her the same thing, "why" why was i called then just tell me to just wait for an hour... "mam, kasi dun palang po malalaman kung pwede diamond peel"... what?!... i asked per relentlessly... then i heard her said, "ang pagkakamali lang po kasi nia, pinaghilamos na niya kayo"... there you go. well, no one apologized, esp that attendant, she just turned around without saying anything... WOW. if you're too lazy and inconsiderate, how much more while you are doing the work (handling people's face)?... i wonder...

, US
Jan 07, 2020 11:32 am EST

Receptionists who didn't know how to properly handle a situation. Pissed off more customers to please one customer who was sitting down, while delaying customers who were first in line, standing...Told 1 hour wait at 5:30 PM, but to checkin in every 30 minutes. Checked in at 6:00 PM was told 4-5th in line. At 6:30 PM was next in line. Receptionists inability to use proper judgment skills caused customers waiting since 5pm to be serviced at 8pm... Do they just hire anyone there, no education? While we were standing, the receptionists at Let's Face It SM North Edsa bumped a complaining customer who was SITTING DOWN. So far EXTREMELY poor customer service. Never before have I seen this poor service, being in a mall, ...I never expected such ghetto service. Skipped the first 3 customers without asking any of us if it was okay. Definitely will share my [censored]ty experience at Let's Face It SM North Edsa with everyone I know, friends and family.

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