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Laura McClure | Seeking Arrangement Alert review: Pathological Liar and Scammer!

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5:31 pm EST
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What is being told about Laura McClure is the absolute truth! I picked her up at her apartment and went for coffee to discuss an arrangement. She started telling me that when she was jogging in LA she was mugged and as a result had severe brain damage. After doing some smart investigating I found out this girl never had severe brain damage! But something is definitely wrong with her brain. I think she is living on another planet because normal people don’t act this way. I totally believe the stories here and she didn’t even tell me what is transpiring in her life over the last month. I can honestly see how she sucks men up like a vacuum cleaner and spit them out after they run out of money or patience. Glad I was smart enough to do some research online and reach out to people that told me the truth.


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Dec 06, 2014 2:46 pm EST
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Read your posting with much laughter. What else would you expect from meeting someone on a website that pushed prostitution! This woman Laura McClure of Roswell, Georgia and every other woman on Seeking Arrangement are just not prostitutes they are also gold diggers. You do know that you are soliciting prostitution and these websites wouldn't be in business if men like you had morals instead of praying on young women. So what do you call woman who meet strangers online, and discuss companionship in exchange for money? You guess it right, a prostitute and gold digger!

Dec 03, 2014 8:15 pm EST
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Can someone tell me why LAURA MCCLURE is getting away with abusing a system that SHOULD NEVER BE ABUSED?

When my girlfriend told me this story today it made me furious that someone is abusing a program put in place for REAL battered woman; NOT FAKES LIKE LAURA MCCLURE. I was a battered woman for over 10 years and when I got away from my partner the last thing on my mind was meeting up with men and being a prositute! But it appears that was the first thing on LAURA MCCLURE has on her mind! Because she wasn’t being abused. She abused the system!

Every year 2 million injuries and 1, 300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic violence. Over 4 million women are beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers. That is why TPO’s and Stalking TPO’s are in place. Not for LAURA MCCLURE to lie to judges, hurt innocent people, steal everything someone has worked hard for in their life, play the victim, abuse sponsorship of battered woman’s programs, and in the same week meet-up with men on seeking arrangement and be a prostitute. I am an advocate for battered woman and woman like LAURA MCCLURE or ELLIE MCCLURE makes me want to puke. She has no morals, ethics, and class!

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