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They are a SCAM...

I say, Watch Out... They will get you to agree to things and then they don't honor them. They enjoy intimidating people and falsify the truth. I don't know how they can get by with it. I know they must be hard hearted to do people the way the do and still be able to sleep at night. I tried to get issues resolved but was treated like I was the criminal. Please if you are reading this and have had the same experience, do something about it. Contact the BBB of Phoenix and the Attorney General . They need to be stopped!
This is a cold hearted company...


I see you are still twisting scriputers around. You must be a very confused person. Once you see that all that paperwork you signed obligates you I think you will understand you are still a client! You think you can dispute charges that you agreed to and signed a contract for...I dont think so. We have already spoken to your credit card company and they are going to close these disputes and YOU LOOSE! Its obvious you have probably done this before with other companies. I will pray for you! Trust me I will! Diane I can tell your not a very educated person and probably a "trailer park" type person...thats ok cause in god eyes you are special! But please stop with the stupidity and understand your not going to get away with doing a chargeback on We have run into clients like you before and you will soon see that we prepare for your kind!

God Bless,

Jacob DiMartino
General Manager
[protected] Direct
[protected] Toll Free
[protected] Fax


  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 15, 2016

    OK... did you not realize that your log in name is displayed on all of these fake complaints using fake names?

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Aug 15, 2016

    by Marsha

    I agree with the original complaint in that igomogul is not what it was promised to be. I have been writing a lot of articles for them (since May 1, 2008) and have realized very little in return. I'd really like to talk to Jason who says he made 300 bucks in three weeks. I've only been paid $5 per article and that's an article of 250 to 300 words. I've been upgraded recently and allowed to accept 4 articles at a time ($20) but there's not enough people on their editing team to read 4 articles a day and they may not all get read in a week, I'm only paid for what they've read. I've also been allowed to write for their other entity "Postzilla" but again they are very slow to read and accept so the most I've made in a week is $30. I do, however, very much enjoy the website I purchased - visit me at to see what the initial purchase price of $200 got for me. No fancy heading and no staff writers - just me doing my thing. I send in support tickets weekly and call the support line for any help I need. So, NO, I'm not making any real money yet but I am glad I bought a website. I needed the writing outlet and I've added it to my resume' for potential employers to check out my writing skills as well as my personality and employability.


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  • Da
    daveb1970 Aug 15, 2016

    Hello Deborah,

    Why dont you tell everybody how crazy you are and how much medication your taking??? Then I think people would understand what kind of nut job you really are!

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  • Dr
    D.R.Shaw Aug 15, 2016

    I found this on a complaint board and wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

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  • Dr
    D.R.Shaw Aug 15, 2016

    I've had enough of these scam artist! I want to see them out of business and make their work at home scam public. Today is Sept. 9th and on Nov. 1st I want to mail a package of complaints to 3 on your side at AzFamily, so they will do a news story.
    Send me copies of e-mails and any other communications you have had with Igomogul as well as a letter explaining your experiance with them, and I will include all the information I receive when I mail the package.
    Deborah Allen
    17057 Zanita Tr
    Anderson, Ca
    Please feel free to copy and paste this on any other forums or boards that have complaints about Igomogul.
    The only way to get the legal system to pay attention is if we work together and make them listen!

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  • Th
    thesuccessisinyourhands May 24, 2012

    People are only buying the nessecary tools to be successful just because they are not motivated or intelligent enough to be successful with them means nothing except they failed and are not willing to accept that failure and are therefor trying to push the blame on someone else!!!

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  • De
    deborahleeallen Feb 20, 2012

    The Arizona Att Gen will send you letter saying that these companies have "violated no state laws" Apparently they are not interested in upholding federal laws.

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  • Re
    Real Mad in Boston Feb 20, 2012

    "So how many of you were ripped off by Jake Dimartino of Website Business

    He has opened another company selling the same scam services and many to clients of Website Business again

    He has 3 companies he keeps switching names on.. Business Referral Solution, Pro Choice Solution and the newest selling the same blog scam packages is BLOGGERS MAKING MONEY

    [protected] is the office number

    I would notify authorities if you have been ripped off by him
    He is talking thousands again under these new company names"

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  • Tr
    tranzam69 Nov 19, 2011

    i paid for a web site, , , and recieved nothing, , it was 199.99 on my credit card, , , , im in the process of taken legal action, , , if anyone can help me get my money back, , please call me [protected]

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  • Fr
    Fritz207 Oct 04, 2011

    I too have been scamed by Jaocb Dimarinto, all the complaints I read are basicly the the same withlies and fake Christian phrases That he does not mean only divert your attention to thinking he is all honest and trustworthy. When he is only sticking his grubby hand deaper into your pocket. He seems to know what all his rights are but he doesn't remember the promises he makes. verable agreements are just as binding as signed ones are. He has made so many promises to me the last one was " callme tomarrow in the after noon and we will talk " When I did he did not answer so left a message and he never returned my call so called on the following Mon. and got a message the number was no longer in service. I called Godaddy to se if my website was put on the auction like he said it had been. the answer was NO!!! I was also told not to be surprised as they have had many complaints on that outfit. As long as this has been going on I cannot believe this is still going on or is permitted to go on and on. IIhave filed a complaint with the Attorney General and the BBB so far I hav enot heard from them either.

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  • Jo
    JohnRLBell Dec 08, 2009

    Okay, is this complaint from deborahallen1954 or Janet Spangler. I'm not confused about the message but I am about the author. When dealing with complaints, it is nice to know if the complaint is coming from the victim or some unaffected blogger.


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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 20, 2009

    This company is dishonest, if they call, hang up!
    I've finally figured out how this scam works. Igomogul gets you to contract a website design through them. Igomogul
    makes an account with godaddy listing you as the registrant, this is $10 a year. Once a person looks at the "who is" and sees they

    are the registrant they are convinced they control the domain name. If they look at the bottom they will discover that it says
    registrant can not delete, renew, transfer, or update the account. Should you call godaddy they will tell you that only the person
    or company with the log on, password, PIN or account number has control over the domain account. As such the person or company with
    that information can delete, renew, transfer, update, sell, give away, or close the account at any time without consent from the
    registrant or their knowledge. Should the website fail Igomogul simply tells the registrant is it their fault. Should the website
    prove successful Igomogul hs the legal right to sell it and keep th money. Furthermore the content placed on the website is
    copyrighted to whom ever has the account information, so that also becomes the property of Igomogul.
    Igomogul can use godaddy design and development tools to create the site, this cost less than $50 a year.
    At the end of the first 90 days Igomogul demands more money, if you do not pay then they remove the ads from the free AdSense program
    and the website now requires a membership log in fee. If you want links added to your webpage Igomogul asks for more money, again
    this is a free program that they do not pay for. The bottom line is that Igomogul takes advantage of people who do not have the
    experiance to realize everything provided by Igomogul is free or costs less than $100 a year.
    Igomogul also uses your google account information to add Analytic, AdSense and the webmaster tool. All of these programs are free so
    Igomogul pays nothing to use them. The webmaster tool is the most important one for Igomogul to have access too. Should godaddy

    agree to transfer the domain account to you then Igomogul still controls the website through the webmaster tool. Once Igomogul has
    the code to the webmaster tool you are locked out and can not verify ownership of the website or use it. At this point it is a
    standoff, you can sell the domain name however Igomogul is the only ones with access to what is added or removed from it. The
    website becomes worthless to both parties.
    Igomogul knows the odds are in their favor that they will not have to refund any money. Most people have used their credit cards
    to pay Igomogul and are accruing interest, hiring a lawyer and the added expense of traveling back and forth to Pheonix is also
    beyond their means. Arizona small claims maximum is well below what most people have paid so they will take a loss if they persue
    small claims and win. When faced with the options most people cut their losses, give up and go away.
    Should you file complaints with the Arizona BBB then Igomogul says that if you sign a different agreement they will release
    control to you. If you agree to sign then you forfeit all the money you have paid Igomogul and also agree not to persue any
    further legal action against Igomogul. Why should you sign an agreement to take control of something that Igomogul was paid to create
    for you and register ownership for you in your name?
    Igomogul claims that the Statement of Work protects them from lawsuits and being forced to give you a refund. If you read the SOW
    crefully youwill notice that it says they are working on a website for the client. Since Igomogul owns and controls the website
    they are their own client and they are using your money to develop and design a website for themselves.
    When push comes to shove and you demand verification of anything via email or mail Igomogul refuses, they insist all conversations
    take place over the phone. If you should call them and you refuse to accept what they tell you they then begin playing a phone
    shell game with you, transferring you from one person to the next until you give up. They want to play he said she said phone tag
    so that you do not have any proof as to what was said over the phone.

    Read more:

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 20, 2009

    Igomogul targets women over 50 with a low income.
    I finally received the log on, password, PIN and account # for the godaddy domain Igomogul registered in my name however it is worthless.

    Igomogul still controls the hosting files and without those I can not do anything with the website. While the good news is Igomogul can no longer do anything with the domain name, the bad news I can not do anything with the website.

    This company has so many scamming tricks you know they have had much practice.

    Further resarch has shown that Igomogul target women over the age of 50 with an income below $30, 000 a year, with a limited education and no children.

    Here is the link to verify this.

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  • St
    Stan_G Oct 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I feel absolutely foolish for getting involved with IgoMogul. I will be the first to say that I am not internet savvy at all. They paint a pretty picture but thats all it is, a picture, a facade. In a nutshell, I got involved with them last year, in July 2008. At that time, I too, only wanted to do the Writezilla portion of their program for a little extra cash. but I was sold the same bill of good as many of the others on here are complaining about. I was sold the website, the adsense, googlesense, click, etc. for my website, ... (which I have since found out are all virtually free services and that IgoMogul charges exorbitant fees for there use). Then in January of 2009, I was once again contacted, this time by Jason, who claimed to be my new advisor, and was told that I really "NEEDED" to update my site to a Blog site. He explained that this was the best way to get my websites out there, I guess I'm gullible and let them talk me into that, I also let them talk me into another website..., again due to the "support" from Jason. At all times, I was constantly told how much money would be coming in, how successful these sites would become, that I would be linked to 100's if not several 100's of other sites. they kept saying that the money would be flowing in. I spent a ton of money, foolishly and blindly, as I did not do my research on this company.<br />
    <br />
    I wish I had found this complaint website prior to getting involved. Its not all their fault though, I was in a bad place mentally, I had recently lost my wife to Breast Cancer, I was terribly dissappointed in my job, and I suffer from PTSD from my time in military service. I have seen and done things that would make most of you people puke your guts out. Needless to say, the people I spoke with during my intitial contacts were extremely friendly and understanding, Jake Dimartino was one of them, we spoke about my personal life, they say they knew what I had just been through and were very sympathetic. Now, in hindsight, I know that I was taken advantage of. They used that information and played me like a fine Violin. But, I let them and that was my Stupidity. So when you add all these things up you can probably see that my mind was not where it should have been when it came time to make a rational decision, and they used that against me. <br />
    <br />
    Needless to say, for those of you that got out with only losing $199-5000.00 I say count your lucky stars. They got me for, are you sitting down, $44000. that is not a misprint, I said FORTY FOUR THOUSAND $$$$ DOLLARS, and you know how much I have made with them so far? Zero, Zilch, Nothing, Nada. I just checked on and it does say that my name is the registrant for both websites, but I am not listed as the owner, which is what I was told would be. I was told several times, that these websites are mine, that I could do with them as I pleased, THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. Yes, I am the registrant, but I don't OWN anything, Exodus Web/ Igomogul does, although to get you involved they sure do stress how owning these websites will make you rich. <br />
    <br />
    In fact, from the beginning, IgoMogul claims to be a VirtualRealEstate company, they show you a video that explains how this is supposed to work, that if you develope these sites and if they are successful, they are worth money, and that the object of all this is to develope and grow your site to the point it is worth money to someone who may be willing to buy it for a ridiculous amount. But, How? if I really don't own them. I can't change anything, I can't sell the sites, so what good are they to me. Igomogul uses my money and sets up these websites for themselves, if they fail then its my fault, if they are successful then Igomogul owns them to sell or use for their own gain. NOT MINE. <br />
    <br />
    Frustrated is the least of my problems with this company. I feel betrayed, used, abused and robbed of my hard earned cash. I allowed them to play me on my emotions and their sympathies, I needed a friend and they posed as one, I gave them my trust when I really should have been going to the VA for someone to talk to, not some flim-flam man on the phone. I charged the fees on my credit cards, now i'm paying those bills and still haven't seen one red cent from either site. and since I am retired and on a fixed income I'm now broke. I can barely cover the minimum payments on the cards, so I will die with a huge balance, since at minimum payments it will take over 30 years to pay off with thousands of dollars in interest added to the balance. I won't live long enough to pay this all back. My suggestion to all of you that may be thinking about doing this... DON'T. Run away as fast as u can. <br />
    <br />
    I don't appreciate being taken and scammed, but that is what has happened. Its also obvious, I'm not the only one. There are quite a few complaints on here, where there is smoke there is fire. <br />
    <br />
    And if Jake and the rest of his cronies are reading these complaints. Just be happy I live in Virginia and not Arizona. Trust me, If I ever do get a chance to get out to Phoenix, I plan to make a visit to your "offices" and thats probably not a visit your gonna enjoy. <br />
    <br />
    Stan G

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  • Da
    daveb1970 Sep 12, 2009

    I bet "diane" made this up and posted it herself...hahahahahah

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  • Da
    daveb1970 Sep 12, 2009

    this post is intended for " forthepeople1977" and "IAMNOMOGUL "...

    I have read your complaints about Mr. DiMartino. I think you should watch what you say. How do you know this individual even sent that email?????? Your trusting some person posting on this forum??? Come on. I wouldnt belive anything posted on here. I think its a lack of judement on both of you to assume that this individual sent this to this person. For all you know it could have been a ex-employee ... I think you should give the man a fair shot.

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  • Fo
    forthepeople1977 Aug 15, 2009

    I like how Jacob Dimartino wrote your 2x when it should have been you're and then called poor Dianne uneducated. This is a general manager talking to a client like some two bit hood? The funniest thing of all is that he documented his ignorance and arrogance in that email. I think you should take that email to channel 3 news in Phoenix which has a show called 3 on your side and then also tell them how you got scammed and they will send news trucks out to their office if they even have one.

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  • Dr
    D.R.Shaw Aug 06, 2009

    Scam, scam, scam!!! Igomogul says they pay you to write reviews then talk you into paying for them to make a website, but its all a scam. The only thing they give you in writing is a stupid contract to make the website they don't give you a contract or anything in writing about being paid to write reviews. If you ask for them to send information on what they pay you for and how much they ignore you. All their promises about earning money is a lie.
    If they call you ask for them to send you a written contract to read first. If they make promises that all you have to do is sign their work order first, don't do it. The work order justs talks about making a website it doesn't say anything about earning money.
    Ask if they have a monthly charge, because they don't tell you anything about that when they call.
    Don't give them your credit card information fo the $199 start up fees when they call.
    The founder of this company, Reza Akhavan, lives in England, and he is Iranian so its an international mess trying to get law enforcement to investigate these con artist.

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  • Ia
    IAMNOMOGUL Jul 08, 2009

    Dear Mr Hotshot Dimartino, It is obvious that when you have complaints against your swilly company you lash out at the
    person as most do when you they have no defense and when complaints are made against your struggling miserable company. It is scary to think of how much you charged Diane

    You are also not a berry ebucated pioson when you spell
    YOU LOSE as YOU LOOSE...GEEZ. please use a capital when
    writing God, not god. geez. where are you from, Detroit?

    Of course you have run against clients before...this is done all
    of the time...oh, you can stick that 198.00 you charged me
    up into that horrid area where the sun does not shine...and as
    it was said on SHANE..."you are nothing but a bunch of dirty
    rotten" polecats... oh yeah, God Bless...that is a great line.
    say hi to that winner Josh and the kind Ms CassieO. They must hate to come to work. You must be raking it in for now...
    I venture to say you are about 31 years of age and have some
    type of second hand on line degree... S/ INOMOGUL

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  • Ia
    IAMNOMOGUL Jul 08, 2009

    diana, do check my recent complaint about IGOMOGUL...
    YOU ARE CORRECT, IT IS A SCAM AND WE should file against
    their tactics. I dropped the whole thing knowing if I continued
    with the bare bones home page, they would try to suck me into
    upgrading...I told Josh in so many words to shove it.

    Here we are now, simply trying, with good intentions to generate a few bucks and this is our reward...a bunch of kids,
    sucking the bucks out of us. I warned them I would complain
    but it fell on deaf ears. Onward, do not fold up and let it go
    I will not stop until I feel good that I have done something to
    keep others from being sucked into this. My 30 day agreement
    promise with my "manager" before I signed was a joke.
    Later, INOMOGUL (I like my new name)-it will remind me that moguls are like czars, they only exist in the Obambi

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  • De
    deborahleeallen Jun 29, 2009

    File a complaint against igomogul with the following state and federal agencies.
    Arizona Better Business Bureau
    4428 North 12th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85014
    [protected] (ph)
    [protected] (toll-free)
    Federal Trade commission
    Arizona State Attorney
    Consumer Information and Complaints
    1275 W. Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona [protected]
    Telephone: [protected]
    outside of the Phoenix Metro Area
    Cyber Street Smart
    Internet Crime Complaint Center

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