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CB Furniture Stores Review of Furniture & Bedding Center
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Furniture & Bedding Center review: Fake Sterns & Foster mattress and box spring

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I purchased what I thought was a Sterns and Foster Queen size bed set for $675. What was delivered was not a Sterns and Foster Box spring but a cheap no name brand box spring. The mattress had one fake Sterns & Foster label, and stitching. There were only two sets of handles instead of on all four sides and no official Stern & Foster tag on end of mattress. The salesman admitted the box spring was not Sterns and Foster upon questioning. I own an official Stern & Foster King set purchased on 2000, so I know what the mattress and box spring should look like. Upon removing the plastic from the mattress, I noticed dirty hand print on the base of the mattress, and the fact the mattress base is not the same as the top, consequently can't be rotated.

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