DB Internet DEfraud

W Oct 30, 2018 Review updated:

DB Internet just tried to to hit my bank card for $104. Bank caught it and notified me, then it was denied. Subsequently, it has been turned over to the Federal Fraud people.

I haven't been to the DE for nearly 2 years, and only used the card at bank ATM's that were part of my bank's network. Shows that you really need to keep an eye on your statements and deal with a Bank or Credit Union that monitors this stuff.

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  • Au
    AuntyB Nov 27, 2018

    Just been notified of 4 transactions from them as well by my Credit Union. Never been overseas with this card, however did purchase something from ebay (Australia and China) this month.

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  • Na
    Nacca Sivachakrapani Sep 03, 2019

    I am also effected by merchant name "DB Internet" from India withdraw IND 1984 rupees from my credit card. Is this any hackers doing this ?

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  • Ma
    Mary Bell Jr. Oct 21, 2019

    I too received a call from my credit card company with 1 transaction from DB Internet for $79.59. It was declined from them because I don't use this credit card...only for emergencies. People, please monitor your credit cards and credit on a monthly basis. I'm so glad that my credit card company is on top of thing!

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  • Wi
    Willy Dee Oct 27, 2019

    I was charged only $24.xx USD by DB Internet, today! My bank alerted me. Hopefully they will stop the charge. I am not a rich person.

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  • An
    Anna Petecinska Dec 14, 2019

    I was charged around 400 € in 4 transactions by DB internet 2 days ago! Informed my bank about it but it looks like they dont give a shit ! Poland

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  • Be
    Bernard Tauhady Dec 20, 2019

    GBP 11.99 has been reserved from Acc: XX4171 for purchase via POS NETFLIX.COM on 20/12/19 03:49:56. I haven't busy anything or make any transaction like this so please help get my Money back

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  • Jo
    Jone Colmenero Jan 24, 2020

    Me acaban de quitar 90 €de la cuenta sin haber hecho yo ninguna compra!!!

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  • Dr
    Dr. Kamlesh Yadav Feb 07, 2020

    An unauthorized transaction of Rs. 1875.07 to the name of DB INTERNET has been done on 29th January 2020 on my HDFC Credit Card, India. I registered a complaint to the HDFC bank official. But, I am doubtful, whether I will get the money back or not. NEVER USE CREDIT CARDS.

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  • Ka
    Kamal Parmar Feb 22, 2020

    today, i face issue of fraud, An unauthorized transaction of 230 £ to the name of DB INTERNET has been done on 22th Feb 2020 on my IndusInd Bank Credit Card, India.

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  • Today my visa card got locked, due to suspicious transacions. Muliple transactions from and DB internet was made. But luckily for me, I dont have any money, lol. Was really scary, and I guess its India

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