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Hello Dr Durante,

May 19th 2023 I ordered my lens and brought in my own Gucci frames (purchased from Cohens est. [protected]). The Cohen rep who took the order I informed him I wanted the same features on the current lens, inclusive of the purple/blue hue anti-glare coating located on the front-side lens surface. When he informed me of the cost of everything I asked him if it was included, he said yes so I paid the invoice and he informed me it would be ready in 2 weeks.

Two weeks went by with no phone call, a month later still no phone call about my glasses. So approximately 2 weeks ago I called to inquire about my glasses and I was informed someone would call me back, a week later no one did. I called on Friday 23rd 2023 and asked to speak with the manager about the status of my glasses. I was able to speak with the manager but she informed me she would need to inquire and call me back. I said that's what i was told the last time and no one called me back, she promised she would and she did call me back in 10 mins. She indicated that the glasses were ready and I said okay thanks.

Saturday 24th 2023 I was running errands with my husband and I decided to stop by Cohen's and pick up my glasses. I informed the front desk the reason for my visit and was informed that I needed to add my name to the sign-in sheet and I did. There was another customer after me that was waiting to sign-in. and she did after my name. But, I realized that the Cohen rep ( manager unknown to me at the time) knew the lady so I started paying full attention to both of them. I was standing and waiting and the customer after me was sitting and waiting, The sign-in sheet had all the names lined through so I thought I would be next in line but an older couple's name was called and was seated with the manager to receive their glasses. I knew I would be next in order of the sign in sheet. But, when the manager went behind the counter to retrieve the glasses for one of the couples, she quietly called the customer who signed in after me and checked her out for her prescription. Manager's words, "I don't want you to wait." I went over to the front desk and asked to speak with the manager to address my concerns and I was informed the manager was busy with a customer. I asked the girl at the front desk if that lady was the manager who checked the lady out before her time. I was visibly upset and loudly voiced my concern and demanded that I get my glasses now as the manager indicated that is not what happened.

A male rep dressed unprofessional, destroyed jeans, bloodshot eyes, and dirty looking (who seems like and smelled like he was high on drugs) came from behind the desk and started yelling at me and indicated he can get louder than me.He starts screaming and yelling at me to get out of the store I said give me my glasses. He said, "it is not your turn" I said, "it was not the other lady turn either, but the manager was able to assist her, even though it was not her turn and because I am voicing my concerns loudly you want to kick me out the store without my glasses" He became more belligerent and repeatedly demanded, "get out, get the hell out" he was a little too close to me I felt threatened I dialed 911 (he wanted to know who I was calling). At this point I am not paying him any mind as I was talking to the 911 operator to send an officer to assist me in the store because this guy is in my face trying to kick me out without giving me my $403 prescription glasses (my property).

The 911 operator needed the address of the so I walked over to the front desk to obtain a business card and while on the phone with the 911 operator he walks over to me again and was demanding that I leave the store and his words, "take this [censored] show with you" the operator can hear him and she informed me to walk outside the officer is approaching now. The co-manager had a lot to say while I was walking away still on the phone with the 911 operator. The police officer arrived and I informed her of the situation and she said give me your driver's license I will retrieve your glasses for you. But, the manager wrote on the receipt that I did not wait for my turn (which is a lie) and wanted me to sign off on that. I signed and I received the glasses but I lined through the lie that the manager wrote on the receipt.

To my dismay the lenses were incorrect and I had to call the other location today June 26th in Jensen Beach for them to address the issue. The manager Lindsey is assisting me with this issue.But, I must say that co-manager and manager should be the ones to de-escalate a situation not make a situation worse and treat a paying customer like a criminal instead of trying to address my concerns and apologize for what they did.

Cohen's Optical (Terrible & Unprofessional Manager & Co-Manager)

954 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL 34986.

(Police were called to this location because I felt threatened and I was being kicked out without being given my glasses). The community has quite a few complaints and indicated the staff is rude and unprofessional.

Cohen' Optical

3468 NW Federal Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957. (Rectifying the incorrect lenses).