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Cloud 9 Parties review: Fakes and frauds

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8:43 am EDT
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I was recently taken for $1000! Held a party, show was great consultant never delvered products and home office gives me the run around!

Well I have done MUCH research and found out Cloud 9 Parties aka Brown Bag Parties! Peter closed BBP and has reopened Could 9 Parties with his previous TOP EXEC now his business partner Crysti Sheldon..

I've been told the same consultants from BBP are back in action! This is scary these people steal from hard working people and get away with it !


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 08, 2020 4:03 pm EST

My ex girlfriend had a friend that was caught up in this pyramid scheme. She ended up giving her a crap ton of money so she could get started. And then once she was in she started buying vibrators and sex toys and all kinds of things we dont use just to help her friend out. I got one of the colognes that supposedly made girls horny, that smell was so rotten lol. Alas she still made no money and ended up moving into our basement and bringing boxes of sextoys with her.

Sep 02, 2017 10:38 am EDT

I've ordered from this company and didn't receive what I was supposed to. I keep getting the run around. Out of the 5 people being at the party 4 people's order was messed up missing things.

Apr 17, 2014 10:20 am EDT

Peter is not Crysti's business partner in any capacity. He shut BBP down overnight with no explanation to anyone. It was unfortunate. Crysti founded and has grown Cloud 9 - it is HER company. No involvement with Peter at all. They did not change the name - he shut BBP down. Crysti founded Cloud 9 on her own without help from anyone or other company.

Cloud 9 is NOT BBP rebranded. Crysti is super helpful and will kindly speak to anyone with questions. Good luck getting in touch with Peter.

Also note, that reps are independent - not employees (true of ANY party company in existence). The company is not responsible for their irresponsible behavior. The best action is to contact the leader in the up-line and try to work it out that way. Nobody wants a ticked off customer. Then report specific rep to home office for possible revocation from company. As an extreme example, I worked at a company where one of the reps disappeared in a similar incident - a year later we learned that both her sons had been murdered in a shooting - which, as you can imagine, destroyed her life for a long time. Never judge until the entire, complete story is available.

Mar 12, 2014 8:44 am EDT

I have to disagree with your complaint. First off, companies change names all of the time and changing names does not make them a bad company. Here nor there, I'd like to clarify a few inconsistencies in your complaint. First off, consultants DO NOT DELIVER ANYTHING! The party is shipped completely as a whole to the hostess and each order is individually packaged so you can deliver it to your guests. The only exception is if anyone prefers their items shipped to them, they can do so for an additional shipping fee. All packages are shipped via Fed Ex so if your shipment didn't arrive, you should have checked or tracked it because a tracking number is provided for each shipment. As far as the home office, not even I get the run around, so I don't know who you spoke with but perhaps Patti is who you should have spoken to. She resolves all issues, distributes all communications, sets up all deliveries, etc, etc.
If your consultant was so great she should have followed up with you like I do with all of my hostesses and even guests and I personally take care of all issues so no one has to call home office. However, IF you do not fill in your order form correctly, you will receive what you wrote, so I always caution all guests to ensure the product item number is accurate and I also review those numbers when they order to ensure its the correct color, size or fragrance.
Sorry you had an issue, but this sounds more like someone who is a customer or fan of another party company and you're making nonsense up to make Cloud 9 Look bad. take accountability for your failures as a hostess and put the responsibilities on the consultant rather bash the company. It seems more as though you didn't follow protocol and are misinformed on the delivery of your products. I hope you have better luck with another company since you had such bad luck with a company who truly bends over backwards for their customers because they are important to Cloud 9. Sorry for your experience, but no one stole anything nor ripped you off.

Dec 08, 2020 8:57 am EST

You must be a consultant. Number 1, I was a consultant for cloud 9. And yea, you have to deliver the worthless junk to the customer.