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MyHeritage / unauthorised money from account

Leah Carson on Oct 19, 2017
I want someone to contact me urgently regarding myheritage taking money from my bank account. I have never had any details with this company. I have reported this to my bank as fraud. I have tried to contact you by phone but every option asks for a membership number which I obviously have...

Dollar Rent A Car / plate pass

LDseattle on Oct 18, 2017
I was not given the opportunity to purchase what dollar calls "plate pass" for toll roads when I was in an area that had toll roads and I did expect to use them. So disappointed to get a fine of $45 on top of top toll charges. I believe I was misled. There are many ways to let costumer...

SurveyQueen.com / surveyqueen.com

Koolasme on Oct 12, 2017
Sure Queen has promised the world and deliver apostle nothing I was supposed to get 1000 Walmart gift card a 100 Victoria secret gift card and cash in the amount of 548.23 I have not received any of these or even a response from any of the sponsor or S.Q. I just wish someone would be held...

MetroPCS / took my good phone and gave me stolen phone charge me $30 to change phone

Bunty s on Oct 7, 2017
Hi I am sushil sharma bought phone online but my phone was not unlocked do i went to Authorized dealer at 5239 frankford ave phliadelphia 19124 person name ali . my phone is imei# 865994033138775 instead unlocking my device, he offer exhange device, and said this exchanged device will work...

Hyundai Motor America / lienholder on my title

Myn Park on Oct 5, 2017
Hi me and my girlfriend bought a used 2017 hyundai sonata from long island city hyundai about 1 month ago .. We had so many problem with the sales person and sales manager .. Besides that we just got the title in the mail and it came with a lienholder with hyundai not sure why when we...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / charged my bank account a payment I don't know

jennykaterine on Oct 5, 2017
I opened an account in freelancer.com but after that i never used it.Signed up for free right? My bank account now has insufficient balance. I went to the bank and asked where did my money go and confirmed that freelancer charged me a payment I don't know what it is and I don't have any...

Dream Marriage / no more email?!?

Lucas Patterson on Oct 2, 2017
Dream MarriageI don’t know why but I keep getting these emails about, like, “we have some woman for you” is there a way I can stop receiving these emails, I get them like everyday and I don’t want them or anything to do with the website. Could you please respond with a way so I can stop receiving these...

CarSponsors.com / scammed money

SatansSidekick on Sep 28, 2017
i would like to know why i was scammed out of my money and would appreciate it if someone could contact me ASAP or else things will take place such as a law suit, or worse getting shut down. call me back like you said you would or else like i said a law suit will take place so either...

Reecer Creek Ranch / employee... is mrs. vivian harris ncube an employee at fnb of s. a.???

reecer creek ranch on Sep 25, 2017
Dear Sirs., I have asked for this information a few times but haVE HAD NO RESPONCE would Mr. Nuno Da Silva from the foreign remittance department please answer this question or Khabonina Winnie Songo in foreign exchange or Kgothatso Jack Mokobane in the fraud department send me an e-mail...

Dollar Tree / not being able to buy a product due to lack of respect

beth45 on Sep 24, 2017
i went to my local dollar tree on camp bowie i have been going for the longest i love it well use too i went last night with my daughter and she plays soccer they are trying to buy things for the disaster so they can donate they have a hobby which is couponing mind this my daughter only...

Alibaba AKA Aliexpress / product defective & broken

ftbenji on Sep 20, 2017
Alibaba AKA AliexpressI purchase from aliexpress.com a part for my printer called a print head and was defective and broken 2 places. I bought the print head as an extra one to keep around as a spare part. My original print head prints fine, when I put the print head in sent from Aliexpress the print head makes my...

Shell / service

Caroline.walker on Sep 19, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam I would like to keep some important issue about the slot machine which addicts our community members. I live behind the Shell, 5515 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084. Our Community members be tempting to play on their slot machines since the day when they are paying them cash...

Gmail / gmail

danny ferguson on Sep 18, 2017
my name is danny bferguson 1250 e bell rd phx az 85004 i have 2 gmail accounts that have been stolen from me by a looser named allin hill dob 10/31/79. the gmails are motormandan@gmail.com feedthestarvingcat@gmail.com allin is using cattle control software on his computer to torture hi...

FollicleRx (Bellavei Support) / they did not refund my money and it's been more than two months

Anant Singh on Sep 4, 2017
I have cancelled the ordered of FollicleRx hair growth tablets price Rs.10321. i am been cheated past two months frauds are promising me to return my money but still no such sign. Every time they will reply says within 3-4 working days money will be credited into account. Don't know when i will...

Loyola Plans Consolidated, Inc. / slow processing of claims

shabaguio on Aug 24, 2017
Madam/ Sir: I would like to inform your office that last March 31, 2017, I processed my claim regarding the unrendered memorial service of Loyola Plans. The policy holder belongs to MRS. JOSEPHINE ESTOCAPIO, my mother with policy No. 905606-0 passed away last March 8, 2017. I have submitted...

Anne McSkimming / My yahoo mail address

Annemaree53 on Aug 19, 2017
Anne McSkimmingHello... How do I stop spam and annoying emails coming into my inbox . Everyday at least 4-6 from the same people??! I try to unsubscribe, but still this all comes through daily!!! I have tried to send you pics of it to prove, but havnt received any response from yahoo support?! Do I have...

Metem International / my order no. #htlscen-000000792 when can I received heider ta01 universal metal telescope adapter

Adson Lai on Aug 19, 2017
Metem InternationalMy Order No. #HTLSCEN-000000792 (URGENT) WHEN CAN I RECEIVED HEIDER TA01 ?????? keep sending them emails and the always saying sorry for the delay we are gonna send in 7 or 10 days.. ADSON Dear Sir, We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Due to high demand for the product, we haven’t...

Beyond The Rack / product and price

Samuel Patrick on Aug 18, 2017
Made a search on google and you will see that the articles on this site are more expensive, in addition this company has problems of debt, that is why they do not refund their customers. They want to make money during the holiday season and black friday, that is why they give you a credit and...

Yahoo! / email

hnklbn on Aug 17, 2017
I get hundreds more junk/spam emails than I do legitimate messages. I mark them as spam and hit unsubscribe on many but they just keep coming. My Spam folder will fill with hundreds of these messages everyday. I do not like having all of my storage taken by spam. It will eventually mess up...

Nash Chawda / exxonmobil employment scam off

Nash Chawda on Aug 14, 2017
I received I job offer from Hr Division Jessica Tawn from Kuala Lumpur, And was asked to sign a 2 year contract, They forwarded an Visa application form, and ISCC clearance form which will cost $3000.00 for 2 yr contract,. First Jessica the Hr called me and said that they will do every...
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