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Shaked Ventures / Eyal shaked is a small-time scam artist

AviSpo on Nov 14, 2016
Shaked VenturesEyal Shaked likes to use the glory of his father and late uncle's business 888, in actuality he has nothing to do with 888, which basically cheats people online. Eyal Shaked has no money, lives in a rented apartment in Israel paid for by his mother as his own father refuses to support him any...

Tara Medium / Future luck, love life & money, requesting payment by credit card.

Jbower on Nov 14, 2016
I've been getting emails from Diana & Tara from Hong Kong quite regularly, I've asked them many times how they got my DOB, email address & my name without my consent, no answer what so ever just bullcrap about readings from thier tarot cards etc about my future, love...

Target / Very disappointing experience

WKuen on Oct 28, 2016
Hi, First, I really like to shop at Target for many reasons, like your company has the everyday low price for stationery/arts & crafts for kids. I also love your cartwheel offers that gives me lots of savings on my purchases. I take this opportunity to say Thank You!! I work at a school...

Dr V B Rao Dasai / Unethical behavior

Silpha Patel on Oct 27, 2016
Hi! All I am Shilpa Patel from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. I selected Dr. V B Rao Dasari as my life partner from Shaadi.com He was married some one. He has not contacted me from long back. I inquired his son Rutwik and got a lot of news for him. He has killed his wife and went away to the USA. Hi...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Lump sum 2,000,000.00

Emily Kennedy on Oct 24, 2016
Award Notification Commission [ANC]I received a letter in the mail for won a lump sum for 2 million dollars. At first I thought maybe it could be real and then something told me to just look it up on the internet about this company and then I saw all of these people complaining about the same issue I was having maybe thi...

Fishfast Shipping Company / Scam, change in the weights and dimensions of the package shipment

Hossian Alhadab on Sep 21, 2016
Fishfast Shipping CompanyHello my dearVery briefly.. I have the shipment with fish fast company, I asked for internal charging that the carrier is the us postal (Usps) but every time (2 times) when conducting a processing and packaging shipment changing the carrier to fedex, multiplied to communicate with them for week...

NVARS appointment / Services

himaron on Aug 30, 2016
NVARS appointmentthis company of people provide visa services and appointment to people and tell people that they do the best for them .. i did apply for visa for my family to US, there application tel that every additional kids is so and so money you add the family total and they charge your card the...

Bls*myheritage_ltd / Money from a/c

Brent Lewis on Aug 29, 2016
I have had £152.64 taken on the 24-Aug from my credit card but don't know why I also have the same thing of £26.34 taken on the 21-Aug bye BLS*RMG18888443886 and I don't know if its the same firm I just don't know what to do, I am in my 70 so not so up to date as others mite be. Hope you can Help. Brent Lewis

Assurant Renters Insurance / American bankers insurance company of florida

I initially heard about this company through Geico auto insurance at the time it seemed okay as I never experienced issues with Geico and the fact they recommended the company I went with Assurant for renters insurance. I filed a claim on 8/`12/2016 I received some damages due to the...

Maytag / Maytag refrigerator and washer

Sue Stromme-Biondo on Aug 17, 2016
I bought my refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer all at the same time. So you know I spent a lot of money on all four items. I have owned them for five years now. About my refrigerator. ..the drawers, plastic pieces continue to break off and some of the drawers don't open! The...

Lotus Digitech Company Limited / Black money transferred from India

Anbhu on Jul 22, 2016
Lotus Digitech Company Limited M.D., Dr. V. B. Rao Dasari is very cunning, crooked and smart guy. He transferred 500 Crores Indian Black money wisely with his intelligence. He is using M. Venkaiah Naidu power also to transfer the money to his company account in Hong Kong. He is trying to...

PIC / Friends Provident Premium Policy

valy on Jun 25, 2016
PIC DEVERE ( Fraud Company) I lost $16000/- with this company when I closed the policy as I lost my trust in this company. Initially, when I was sold the product, I wasn't given the policy and the brochure till after 15 months. Then, I had to go to Friend's Provident, Dubai office...

12323 Hwh Anvt Express Running Late By 7 Hr / Indian Railway

Mahadeb Kesh on Jun 24, 2016
Hi sir, PNR 6553257301. D.O.J is 21 Jun 2016. Train no 12323. Name:- Mahadeb kesh. Class:- SL. This train reached Anand vihar station Late By 7 Hr ..Which type of service provide by Indian railway... When the train reached at ANVT station its Now 12 .10A.M. Actual time Is 17 Pm, , Running late By 7 Hr..Totally Bad services

Tru Belleza / pris des frais non authoriser a mon compte

melanie knox on May 22, 2016
jai fait l essai de votre instalift sur facebook les frais de 5$canadiens on ete pris a mon compte et par la suite vous avez fait un retrait de 152$ a mon compte et ce retrait n etais pas authoriser. alors j ai fait une plainte pour fraude . pouvons nous regler ceci a l amiable cela...

Otel.com / Bad experience

000Tre on May 20, 2016
I booked a hotel on otel.com in the Madison Wisconsin, area and had a list of Madison Wisconsin location I booked a hotel and when I got to the hotel my reservation was in Madison Huntsville Alabama. After contacting otel.com they did nothing but laugh at me because they had my money...

General Motors Corporation / Recall

Reerandy on Apr 24, 2016
I took my 2001 Monte Carlo limited edition pace car into Stark GM in Stoughton WI for a recall. These people took my beauty cover off and didn't give it back to me when I asked for it back. This is like stealing from me. I expect something on my car to be returned to me if I paid for it! I...

Summer Bay Resort / If its a scam

Jenny Smalley on Apr 18, 2016
on 16th of feb 2016 got a message to look into was a promotion deal for this resort just had to ring with in so many seconds. then they answered was saying it was just a promotion to promote the resort. (florida sunshine holiday) Itinerary is orlando florida hotel with resort amenities 6...

Bluegreen Vacations / Restaurant.com / Bluegreen Vacations

Sliderm31 on Mar 25, 2016
I was promised 200.00 in Visa cards to listen to a blue green vacation rentals sales pitch for 3hrs of my time and 200.00 in a visa gift cards. (for my time) After the sales pitch I did not receive my visa gift card. As promised... I Recieved a 200.00 value in restaurant.com which offers no...

Nanan City Jingri Plastic Products Co., Ltd. / SCAM Dream-lover sell more expensive while their prices are the cheapest

oussamababa on Mar 20, 2016
Nanan City Jingri Plastic Products Co., Ltd.So, I was looking for lingery on Alibaba, and came across this company. the prices were so interesting. I contacted the company asking to buy some lingery. then they answered back sending me there website: www.dream-lover.com . they asked me to buy from there website and that the minimum...

First National Bank Of Ohmaha / Fraudulent withdrawals

Reviewer28702 on Feb 26, 2016
this bank has an account holder who has hacked into my wells fargo account using small deposits of .50 to then attempt to make a huge withdrawal of 2000 . The bank did nothing to stop it even though I gave them the account number that the money was transferred to . They allow thieves to use thier bank .
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