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mood beverage president owner and his wife. brion and emma ware...
about 4 years ago i purchased a distrbution right for energy drinks under the label of "MOOD BEVERAGE" I have paid mr ware and his wife over $35, 000 dollars and have been trying to work with him for better than 4 years and received nothing but lies and more lies.
he has now changed his phone so that you cant call him. he has changed his contact number 5 times in the last 4 years.
he has changed his business name for mood beverage to mood brands and now said he was working under a company called "advance beverage". i dont know if he really is or not but i have sent several emails to the company and received no responce.
what ever you do, research him and his company before you do anything.
he blaims his inability to deliver product on a person who paid him money and never got product either and he filed complaint just as i am doing now.
i have now filed complaints with the FTC, FBI, and BBB.
to date i now know of 7 people he has defrauded...

Brad Harris
Apr 21, 2019 3:45 pm EDT

After calling himself William Ware for a while, now he is Liam Ware if anyone is still looking for him.