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CB Automotive and Vehicles Review of Aurora Dodge
Aurora Dodge

Aurora Dodge review: Dishonest business practices 2

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Last June I was in a auto accident. My van was totaled. We shopped around and made a deal on a van with Aurora Dodge in Aurora, Missouri. The new manager or owner was named Kurt. We test drove the van and told him we were waiting for a check from the insurance company. He made the deal and said he would hold my personal check until the check arrived from the insurance. I was expection it any day. When we got home the van would not start, the battery was dead. They had jumped it when we test drove it and had it running before we left with it. We had to buy another battery the same day we bought the van. A few days later I called and said I had got a phone call from the insurance company and the check was delayed due to a paper needing to be signed. They mailing the paper to me so the check would be delayed. the next day I got a letter from my bank that my personal check had been returned for insufficient funds. I had never had a returned check before, I called Kurt and was told that his office assistant had made an error and they would refund my cost of the bounced check. I told him we had to buy a battery and also he had told me the current inspection was paid. When I went to Dept. of Motor Vehicles they would not accept the inspection and we had to pay for a new one. When I called back I asked to speak with the office assistant, the man on the phone told me they did not have an office assistant and Kurt was the one who took care of banking and the like. Kurt told me he would sent out a check within the next few days. It never came and my calls and asking have not taken me anywhere. We made a big mistake by buying from Aurora Dodge. They are not a honest dealership. We should have gone back to Jimmy Mitchell Motors in Aurora. The people there were wonderful and truthful when we bought the van that was in the wreck. I would not recommend to anyone to buy from Aurora Dodge. It is no wonder they are small and have few autos to choose from. God Blesses those who are honest and Jimmy Mitchell is a large dealership that we should have given repeat business. We learned the hard way.

Thank you for the sound off. Larry and Patricia Caviness, Crane, Missouri.

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mount ver, US
Jun 14, 2012 5:40 pm EDT
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My husband and I went there yesterday, we got a flyer in the mail and decidebut frd to check it out. We found a jeep that my husband liked, we honestly wanted a truck but thought it would be out of our rice range. Little did we know that we would be be coming home with a vehicle way out of our range. We were told that should we not like it to bring it back the next day. So in the mean time we found a truck at a different dealership, went to take back the jeep, and they refused sying my husband had already signed the contract. Went through the few paper we had and "the contract" looks like no contract to me. Absolutely no details, the paymen, no time due for the payment was written, was higher than stated, and we recieved no title. As far as I am concerned someone needs to shut this place down with a large lawsuit! Who knows it may be use to do the job!

, DE
Jan 26, 2009 6:01 am EST
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Let me tell you Jimmy Mitchell and co. are allso crooks the best is to get it in writeing because all these dealers are out for a fast buck.

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