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Anne Tiang Pte. Ltd. review: Dishonest and no integrity as a doctor. 3

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I just arrived from Hong Kong this February and I was introduced to Anne Tiang Pte. Ltd by my husband’s colleague. He mentioned that the clinic charges are from $80-$120 for acupuncture and they are good because they treat Mr. Lee Kuan Yew too.

Initially I wanted to make an appointment to book Dr. Joseph Yap, which was the Professor I was introduced to consult. However, the clinic receptionist mentioned that he went away to continue with his studies and will only be back in October. Then mentioned that Dr. Sharon Xia is good too. I do not want to wait till October to see a doctor, and so I booked to see her. (Finding out later that Dr.Joseph Yap’s license was actually suspended for 4 months by the TCM Board in Singapore)

On my 1st visit, Dr. Sharon seemed like a very nice lady. She put on smiles on her face. She told me that I would need to pay $209 for acupuncture. Then I asked her why is it so expensive. She replied that the needles they use and the method of acupuncture is different from the classic acupuncturist. Therefore, price is more premium. She added that I needed 12 treatments for my lower back condition. Then she rushed me to go to a room with a Tui Na therapist (Mr. Tommy) without explaining further.

Inside the room, Mr. Tommy did Tui Na and cupping. After that, Dr. Sharon came in and did acupuncture for me. After the treatment was completed, I was directed to the cashier to make payment.

At the cashier, I was told to pay $401. I was shocked! I said that I thought it was $209 + Medicine fees?

I said that the only charge that was mentioned by Dr. Sharon was the acupuncture fee of $209 per visit, which I thought it included Tui Na (Chinese TCM massage) and consultation. I only knew that Chinese medicine was the only fee excluded. An extra fee of $150 for Tui Na and cupping was unreasonable cause I was not made aware of the total costs before. Then the cashier lady said that they only collect money and according to their printed price list, it is correct for what I had done today. I had nothing to say.

Then she said if I bought package, then it will be much cheaper. I was very confused and called my husband and discussed. My husband told me that health is important and told me to try a few times. Then I bought the least available package.

The next day, I regretted buying the package when I felt that my body felt worse after the therapy. I could not sleep on the night after that therapy and went back to get a refund together with my husband. Then Dr.Sharon said that it's normal that some patients experience this and ask me to wait around 3 more days and I will feel much better. When we asked her why is her acupuncture fee so expensive, she answered that she uses special needles that is equivalent to 60 times the strength of normal acupuncture needles. She added that she will welcome the refund of the unused package if treatment was not suitable. Then we trusted her and went back home.

After 3 days, I still did not feel better than when I 1st visited the clinic. Then I went back to request for a refund again. I was in directed to her office and she pulled my arm and felt my pulse and told me to try a few more times cause my case is more serious and needed more time to feel the outcome. Ok and I trusted her again because she seems nice.

On my 3rd treatment, I did only Tui Na and cupping (cause it was already too painful). On that day, she asked her Assistant Ms. Adeline to sell me their medical cushion and Chinese vitamin. I was trapped again and bought it. I took the vitamin on that very night. After taking the vitamin, I was so active and couldn't sleep well at night. Felt very heaty and became sick. So, this time round I was persistent on getting the refund.

I went there again with my husband to request a refund. Then her assistant Adeline mentioned that if I refund, I will have to pay the original prices for the therapy and also administrative charges, bank charges, and $80 for don't know what charge to them for breaching the package contract. Then I said that I didn't even know there's such piece of paper with such charges! Then Adeline mentioned that she was on leave that day during my visit and there's no one else available to give me information on the charges.

Then I said that if that's the case, they should not charge me those extra charges cause I was not made aware of it and I did not sign or agree to any of this when I sign up!

We were directed to Dr. Sharon's room twice and she insisted that we needed to pay the fines and also the original price per treatment for the refund. Then when we said that we want to bring this case to CASE, then she turned devilish! Very angry face and scolded us and said that we should have told her that we got no money in the first place and shouldn't have come. And also added that we have to pay what we have received! She became a totally a different person! The way she scolded us was so scary. And she shoo us away saying that she has 35 other patients waiting for her and that she is very busy. We should have made a recording of this shocking situation.

Her assistant Adeline also tried to assist us by persuading Dr. Sharon but it was in vain...

To sum up, Dr. Sharon Xia Rong Rong is a dishonest and unethical lady acupuncturist whom originally came from Mainland China. She did not perform her duty as an ethical doctor. Not only I felt that the clinic charges is unclear and expensive, the consultation I got each time from her was also not in synch. It's like she's replying everything based on what I said. For example, I said that I am feeling better. Then she will say...”yes of course”. When I said that I am not feeling any better, she will say… “your condition is more serious that’s why”.

I am very stressed and my lower back is still not well. I hope that CASE could help resolve and made them at least do a refund for my unused treatments without paying the fines or paying the used treatments in the original full price.

Lastly, I hope that the TCM board could investigate this clinic for their integrity and methods of business issues.

Singapore, SG
Jul 01, 2021 3:21 am EDT
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I had the same experience with Sharon. I had gone for a tui na massage but at the end of the session she came in and said that she will do the acupuncture which lasted only 5 mins! With a few needles. When it was time to pay i got a shocked that i was charge an additional $185! In top of the $138! They quickly assumed that it was all agreed and just did the treatment without asking if i had wanted to do it and that there was additional charges if done. They can only cheat me this once because i will not ever go back to them again. I hope that others will not be conned by them just because the internet reviews gave them such “good” reviews?!

PT Tan
Singapore, SG
Jun 16, 2021 11:18 am EDT
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I had signed a package last year May under Dr Joseph. But as you mentioned he was suspended. Thus last month I twisted my ankle and was consulted by Dr. Sharon instead. She spent less than 5 mins with me and did some acupuncture and then said to do tui na. Last year I did a tui na by a China male and he was really good n worth every cent. This time they gave me a 69yo lady who was slow n definitely not a qualified masseur. She literally pressed with no strength thus no feel. I literally felt nothing. I didn’t complain because I felt out for her. When I was asked how was the massage I kept quiet cos masseur was there listening for it was her 2nd day at work. I asked is it that’s all for $180 consult n $160 tui na n $25 ankle guard. I was not happy n kept saying it’s too expensive for just a few needles. Then dr Sharon came and said she was busy just now and decided to do some cupping for my foot. I kept saying it’s too expensive! She gave me a box of herbs for soaking my feet. Box written $20 free. Wanted me to eat some pills which is $180 a bottle which I rejected. My bill was $373! Can you imagine how cheated I felt. Please advise as I have 2 more consults of )180 ea left from my package. Thanks

, US
Feb 21, 2021 12:33 pm EST

Hi, so what happened next? Did you manage to get refunded? I'm in the same shoe now can you advise what can I do next?

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