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Zynga Complaints & Reviews

Zynga Game Network Inc. / Mafai Wars

Reviewer28698 on 2015-10-26
Zynga continually makes changes to this game in a discriminatory way to increase their monetary intake. The game is designed intentionally to allow lower players to be targets by placing them on a custom attack list. This is noted by the low level player being one of a few per page among...

Zynga / Urgent response

Chay holland on 2015-08-26
I was once banned from playing, I filed a response but I had no response to why I was banned. I was then deducted all my playing chips. I stopped playing for a while and then have started again. This month I have credited my account with almost £200 english pounds and I feel there is a...

Zynga Poker / got ripped off

Dianna61 on 2015-07-20
I had made a purchase yesterday for chips I bought 15, 600'00 for ten dollars. it registed on the board and I played a few games and left. I won some lost some but score stayed pretty much the same. when I came back my points were gone and I had nothing. I don't know what...

Zynga - British Columbia, Abbotsford / blocked plug in

Betty.cowden@yahoo.com on 2015-05-28
i have had numerous ads from adobe to upgrade my site for 9.95 a month and i have a older mac that won't accept a newer one. however after this comes up and i explained my problem the sit seems to be blocked i am 84 yrs old and enjoy playing the free bubble safari i would really...

Zynga Poker / chips hacked

Raheel123 on 2015-02-24
thrice it happens with me. I win chips by playing poker all the time as its a great fun, but every time i got ma account suspended. i want to know why is that so?? why my account did not get banned when i have less amount of chips?? i had never ever violated the terms and conditions of the...

Zynga - Farmville 2 - Alabama, Mobile / No delivery, no support, no recourse

Webwriter on 2015-01-22
Farmville 2 The thread in their peer to peer support forum is closed. My issue is resolved according to Zynga. http://www.zyngaplayerforums.com/sho...h-not-received Except it isn't. I purchased an expansion pack on December 18th. When it hadn't shown up by the 21st, I looked...

Google *zynga Inc Google.com/chcaus / Unauthorized Credit Card Purchases

Aunt Dee on 2015-01-13
I have unauthorized credit card charges from this place (GOOGLE *Zynga Inc GOOGLE.COM/CHCAUS ), I didnt make them and they keep showing up. What am I to do. So far I've been hit 7 times.

Zynga Poker / Rigged

Tomikat on 2015-01-02
Zynga poker is the most rigged site in the history of online poker. How can a company who has massive funding not create a legitimate poker app that doesnt cheat players on the last card every other hand. Its absurd!!! No matter how good a player you may be or how patient you are zynga...

Zynga Poker / Zynga poker is rigged

Mitch Andrew on 2014-12-25
Zynga poker is 100 percent rigged for the last 2 years i have been unable to have any decent wins. Ive been over $50m but now it's impossible for me to even win a $100k tournament which in turn has made me miss out on winning potentially hundreds of millions or even billions. I refuse...

Zynga Poker / Zynga Poker is Crooked!

mowiolson49 on 2014-12-24
Zynga is the most crooked company in existence. I built up over 97 million chips and never used foul language or took any chance of violating their TOS. I had pocket aces and another player with pocket kings went "all-in". After I won the hand he accused me of cheating. Yeah Right. Then he...

Zynga Poker / use of cheats in the game actively encouraged by zynga

jules2014 on 2014-11-18
myself and friends of mine who do at times buy poker chips on this site as we all use it as a fun way of getting together are now feeling like winning on this site is like fighting a losing battle. We feel that Zynga have now managed to spoil a decent game. We now feel that the use of bot...

Zynga / Bugs or missing chips

rosellahmar on 2014-08-04
i accidentally remove my Zynga poker application on facebook while i'm trying to remove my unwanted apps when i tried to play again my chips and my level are new just like when i first start playing i already had 1.5B and level 52 and i also earn Gold club i used to buy chips and Gold...

Zynga / Glitches in games

Kurrara on 2014-07-15
Playing FarmVille 2 on my iPad and the game keeps shutting down, I looked on the zyngas support site for advice, apparently they are aware of the problem and are "working on it" I followed their advice to try and fix the problem by myself but I still have the problem. I was reading some of...

Zynga.com / Missing poker chips 217 millions

ritesh.patwari on 2014-04-29
dear zynga please enquire my chips stolen aqnd hacked by some one i dont know what has happened where my all 217 millions chips vanished please enquire all my chips gone i dont when and how my account is now 0 please help me zynga i felt like i m robbed ... i have never been to...

Zynga Poker / Banned my account when i had 350 millions

shekhar karol on 2014-04-12
whenever i win big amount on zynga poker, they will ban my account on an account of violation of terms of services. when it happened for the first time i thought it might be a mistake but didn't took it too seriously. that time i was ripped off for over 100 million chips. and then i...

Zynga Poker / Bad pay outs

About zynga poker help me understand for example if their are two aces on the table and u and someone else wins with a three of a kind u have a ace and a king and the other person has a ace and a 5 its a split pot at times and other times the higher card win dosent matter who put the most...

Zynga Fv2 - Florida, Starke / game play/refund of money

done with zynga on 2014-03-17
I purchased $44 dollars worth of game credits and the game is constantly broken. Every time they say they fix something, another thing breaks. I asked for my money back or to have my funds transferred to another one of their games, but they have refused. I have given up trying to settle...

Zynga Poker - New South Wales, Newcastle / Ridiculous

Tuumai on 2013-11-19
Just got kicked out of three lobbies now when I click sit and choose my amount it doesn't do anything, the other day I won a 200 000 hand and got kicked and received nothing and as I was all in I had nothing, tried to write to you's three times but kept saying unavailable, but...

Zynga Poker / unfair play

garygarydan on 2013-10-09
I have bought chips from zynga poker on many occassions but wnd up loosing all the chips. Initialy I thought I was playing bad bt over a period of time I have made few observations & have come to realize that zynga poker is cheating people of real money by making them buy chips & making...

Zynga - Pennsylvania / Bubble safari

Deborah Kerper on 2013-10-07
Your game bubble safari I have on my iPhone is horrible meaning I love the game but it always freezes and its not just my phone other friends said the same thing and deleted it. I have had 4 times I passed a level and just when I beat the level it froze and I was still on the same level...

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