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Zaxby's Complaints & Reviews

Zaxby's - Louisiana, Zachary / Food poisoning from boneless wings

Reviewer30961 on 2016-02-09
On Sunday, January 24th, my mother and I stopped by for some lunch after church. It is personally not my favorite place to eat but it was okay. Since my youngest daughter was at home, I ordered her some boneless wings to take to her at the house. Later that evening, she became violently ill...

Zaxbys - Florida, Ocala / On Line ordering

summerglen on 2016-02-04
On 02/04/2016 at 7 PM I attempted to place a on line order. After making my selections I entered my credit card number. Placed my order and received a reply, " there is a problem please call 352-347-5775. This Zabys is located on County Road 484, Ocala, Florida 34473. I called the store...

Zaxby's - North Carolina, Concord / Management

Reviewer29490 on 2016-01-09
When I walk in at 5pm, I see a new manager. She was yelling at her employees, and pushing/bossing them to do other things. Ironically, this was only happening to me, not anyone else. My new general manager (GM as we call them) does the same thing. The date is 1/8/16. At my store, we like...

Zaxby's - Tennessee, Chattanooga / Customer service

Reviewer54258 on 2015-12-28
first of all, I love Zaxbys, well I did. I usually go to Zaxbys to eat before work and one day I was in the drive thru as usual and order the #6. Well when I got to the window, this girl is like "oh it'll be like 5 minutes" in like a rude ghetto voice. And she's like "you're going to have...

Zaxby's - South Carolina, Spartanburg / No hours for three weeks and then was taken off of schedule without notification

Theodor Wagner on 2015-11-22
My name is Theo. I was hired in July and worked about 28 hours a week. I worked 28 hours a week in the summer, but my hours reduced when I went back to school. I worked about 10-14 hours a week but one day when I called in I was told that I did not have any hours. I was told that I was not...

Zaxby's - Utah, Clearfield / Service

Reviewer75458 on 2015-11-06
Who designed their drive-up window at the Clinton, UT location? I like to have a menu in front of me when I order. The speaker where they take orders is no where near the menu. You have to drive around the building to get to the drive-up window or drive through several parking lots to get...

Zaxby's / Service and rude employees

Reviewer19682 on 2015-10-29
Went thru the drive thru, when I paid at window I ask employee to make sure my order was correct. Employee never checked just handed me my food and slammed window shut. When I got home I found that I had no ranch dressing for my salad but also paid for extra. Drove back to speak with...

Zaxby's - North Carolina, Raleigh / Bonless chicken wings and fried cheese

Reviewer45664 on 2015-10-14
10/14/15 This is the second time I have been to this location: 8812 Harvest Oaks Drive, Raleigh NC Both times the wait was terrible and there was nobody in front of me at the drive through. 7 min is bad. I should have left. The first time the food was good, I got a salad. The second time...

Zaxby's / Portion complaint

tevans78 on 2015-10-05
I have eaten at Zaxby's since the earlier to mid 90's in Statesboro, GA and have sinced moved to North, GA. I still enjoy their chicken fingers and crinkle fries but am appalled and how small the chicken fingers have gotten. Not to mention the price has gone up as well. I know meat price...

Zaxbys / Management

Reviewer45665 on 2015-09-13
This Zaxby's needs to stop using foul language in the kitchen area. I heard this from the front counter. They were screaming at the young kids working back there. I hope they get the management straight. Horrible how these kids were being treated.

Zaxby's - Tennessee, Ooltewah / horrible treatment of new employee

sorrytreatment on 2015-07-09
As a brand new employee - my first job, I was excited that this company hired me. I was really looking forward to working here. First day ended and dreaded coming in for my next shift. After 4 days of daily degrading treatment by the assistant managers and some of the cashiers, I quit...

Zaxbys - Alabama, Decatur / Rude manager and employees

Anonymous73 on 2015-07-06
The manager Eddy (Eddie) Bradshaw is very rude and disrespectful. He feels as if he can talk to his employees any type of way. I was told he makes the employees cook food that falls on the floor. He has his favorites who he let do anything, which they never work. Another huge problem i...

Zaxby's - Alabama, Clanton / Terrible food, unconcerned management

DyrenAarona on 2015-04-04
I ordered a chicken plate from inside a few hours ago and I have to say it was a terrible experience, not just for me, but for everyone else in the dining area, too. While waiting for my good (45 minutes for some chicken and fries, by the way) I counted 6 consecutive orders that were wrong...

Zaxbys - Alabama, Greenville / Sick employee

stantondean on 2015-04-04
I just left this location, I was in restroom with employee vomiting, running fever. He was talking to his mom telling her they would not let him leave. He also told her a manager named Megan had pink eye working around the good. Are you serious two contagious employees and they won't...

Zaxbys - Georgia, Cornelia / Old cold food

ivco home on 2015-03-20
I have been to this store many times and for the last 6 months I have avoided going there because of old cold fries. I have complained to the manager and of course he said he would talk to his cooks but my wife talked me into going again this week saying give them one more chance. Thi...

Zaxbys / Dog

Jeff Tate on 2015-02-25
One of the managers there has a dog that she brings up there to the job and a former employee told me that the dog was in the kitchen and my neice she has a picture for evidence

Zaxbys Chicken - Georgia, Bainbridge / Not putting the real grilled chicken on the house salad, not letting customers know, an it make the salad taste different!!!

angry customer on 2015-02-22
On the grilled house chicken salad, they think people don't know the difference the real grilled chicken, this has happened to me on more than one time. I had my husband to take it back the first time an they gave me the real on., but why keep doing it as if people wouldn't know?...

Zaxby's / Rude Managment

SamanthaRevis on 2015-02-02
Very rude manager. His Name is Dan Higgins. I asked a employee if she wanted to take her break and she said no so i asked Dan if i could take one because i was starving and he told me no, that she has to take a break. Then i told him that she didn't want to take it because she leave...

Zaxby's Caesar Salad - South Carolina, Aiken / Foreign Object in Salad

Ms. Martinez on 2015-01-23
I visited our local Zaxby's and ordered a salad to go. When I arrived home, I found this piece of metal at the bottom of my salad. It measured 1in by 1in with a very sharp edge. I called and spoke to the manager. She assured me that it did not come from their equipment. I was back in...

Zaxbys - Georgia, Albany / Rude manager

Angry Customer11 on 2015-01-05
There's a manager there by the name of Tony or Antonio Lane who is very RUDE. There hasn't been one day that I've been there on his shift and he hasn't had a bad attitude. He's ALWAYS angry as if he don't like his job. I feel the service and atmosphere would...

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