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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

US Bank - Wisconsin, Oshkosh / Refund of Over Payment

Reviewer91379 on 2016-01-26
1/26/15 - My husband and I paid off our vehicle account in December 2015 after US Bank repeatedly told us they didn't receive our electronic payments that were sent prior to the date due. Our last payment made to US Bank resulted in an over payment that required them to refund the money...

US Bank - Arkansas, Cabot / 1-4-16,- $124,000 check from Scottrade on US Bank, Jacksonville Ar. unable to Cash

Reviewer74626 on 2016-01-19
At bank 3 different times. told need authorization to cash (order money in to cash check). Said they were unable to get any response or answer from Mgr. the first 2 weeks. After calling several times in third week, told I would have to deposit in my bank account at my bank. Just wanted...

US Bank - Wisconsin, Oshkosh / "Lost " checks cashed by US Bank and not appplied to account

Lynn Outlaw on 2016-01-08
I opened an auto account with US Bank in May 2015. My payments were paid by third party payer 'SmartNote' through auto draft. In November 2015 US Bank lost my payment after cashing the check and then said I didn't pay it. I sent them a copy of the cancelled check and they said they would...

US Bank - California, San Diego / Teller/Manager

Reviewer60358 on 2015-12-26
On 12/26/2015 I walked into US Bank 5555 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92111 at around noon . I asked to deposit a $869.00 check into my savings account, my savings account had enough money in there to cover the check by the way. The check was from Chase and it had my name and my boyfriend...

US Bank / Fake Ethics Reporting, Employees Stalking Customers

Reviewer15847 on 2015-12-25
6 months ago, an individual who by title provided by US Bank is a Samantha J Menard, who US Bank claims however by name is "not her", falsified an entry in my business checking account, which is a serious crime. The white flight hate district Salem Witch Burning that was set up further, a...

US Bank / Cyber and privacy criminal breech, Debt Collections Fraud

Reviewer70446 on 2015-12-18
I had a free checking about with US Bank that earlier in 2015, was turned into a stalking war involving an employee who made a falsified entry in the bank account, disabled the overdraft protection, and disabled and blocked any further check deposits permanently. I had no information or...

US Bank / Fraud, Deception, then Entrapment in worse with Ethics Complaint Collection

Reviewer54640 on 2015-11-22
I have a dispute with US Bank due to gross criminal conduct on the part of one of their employees I have never met, which continues to involve targeting my income as a small business owner from US Bank. I reported the problem and the person to their "Ethics Complaint" feature, and have...

US Bank / Fraudelent Harassment of Customers per "Use the Colored Water Fountains"

Reviewer97859 on 2015-11-09
I had a business bank account with US Bank until some person US Bank keeps "anonymous" started issuing highly repetitive inflammatory attention getting falsifications to third persons the bank made able to go the mat issuing false statements to the BBB and CFPB and using the bank and your...

US Bank - Wisconsin, Oshkosh / Leased Car

Reviewer61097 on 2015-10-19
As so many others have already stated: US Bank Lease services is deserving of a class action suit. I recently turned in a 2013 Volvo S60 T5. Prior to that date I was visited by a Nazi from the AutoVin department; clearly an ex-serviceman, he was rude and condescending with no idea what...

US Bank - California, Elk Grove / David Carnes

Reviewer99667 on 2015-10-17
On October 23, 2015 I went into the branch located on 9230 Elk Grove Florin Rd #120 Elk Grove, CA 95624. I was politely greeted by the manager, and from there I proceed to apply for the product HELOC. However I did not meet there guidelines, and was referred to David Carnes/mortgage...

Us Bank Home Mortgage - Kentucky, Owensboro / Extra Principal Credited to Future Interest Paid in Advance

Reviewer12331 on 2015-10-17
If You Paid Extra Principal With Your Mortgage Please Read This: My goal is to pay off my mortgage as quickly as possible because I get no benefit as I take the 1040 standard deduction. To accomplish this, I send as much as I can every month as extra principal with my mortgage payment in...

US Bank - Minnesota, Minneapolis / DepositPoint Screwup; Brutal harassment up to 3x a day for 2 months+

Reviewer52277 on 2015-10-08
Us Bank is continuing to contact me and other agencies with completely different false claims. The action at issue is the manual adjustment to my business checking account for $330.50 from a check that cleared my customer's bank in the normal Clearinghouse cycle weeks prior, on 8/26/15...

US Bank - Ohio, cincinnati / Fraud claim denied

Reviewer58723 on 2015-10-07
Have been a US Bank customer for over 25 years. Have a mortgage with US Bank. A mysterious electronic check started showing up in checking account for $16.94. It had a generic company name Omnigate LLC. There was no signature on the electronic check and instead said authorized by...

US Bank - Colorado, Glenwood Springs / Mortgage Address

Reviewer26072 on 2015-10-01
Several months ago we got a letter from US Bank stating our home address was incorrect. We have lived in our house for 8 yrs. The address has always been 365. That is what is on the mortgage documents. However US Bank says that our address is 356 and that we have to prove otherwise. At...

US Bank / False Debt created by Employee Bank Fraud demanding Cash Only to Same Employee

Reviewer51830 on 2015-09-26
A female bank employee of US Bank manually adjusted money out of my checking account about a month ago. The original written documents claimed she did so to remove a "duplicate deposit". Except she also blocked deposits to the account and the overdraft protection on the account. When that...

US Bank / Unethical behaviour

Reviewer40388 on 2015-09-10
I recently turned in my 2012 Chrysler 200 lease and was informed the car had excessive wear and tear that I would be liable to pay for. The wheel mark turned out to be road tar that was easily released with bug and tar remover and the scratches on the front bumper were minor and less than...

Us Bank Reliacard / Rude, lack of knowledge,

Pleaseandthankgoeswell on 2015-07-29
Online issue/password was reset when account was never created caused my account to be locked. Spoke to Rep Friday for asst. this is the rep who locked it. Called Saturday I was told when Fridays rep reset it he locked it now had to be escalated to IT which takes (72) business 3 days right...

Us Bank Reliacard Oregon Child Support / lost all my funds

Karen Sipes on 2015-04-22
I'd been saving my son's child support for college fund for him and had over 3, 000 in the US Bank Reliacard account, into which my child support is deposited biweekly. After a system update and change of vendor, they show a balance of zero. They insist they have no way to verify...

Relia Card W/ Us Bank Logo / missing money/bad customer service

Frolynn on 2015-03-19
Long story short I have been receiving child support for 2 years. The first 4 months were right on with the amounts and the amount was consistent. 2 deposits in a month of $350.00. Since the beginning of this year (2015) c.s. have taken $1000 I have only received $350.00.. I go to use my...

Us Bank, Minneapolis, Mn / Deposit Account Handling

Brent177 on 2015-02-12
Several months ago we opened deposit accounts with US Bank after a blizzard of paper work and disclosures. Subsequently, we made two large deposits. Three months later we had a phone call from the local branch telling us they had been instructed by some undefined back office to ask a...

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