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PNC Financial Services Group / Auto loan

Mollyman on Jan 16, 2017
The Loan was paid off in December of 2016, and I received a letter stating that. However, in January of 2017, they continued to withdraw the automatic payment from my checking account. When I called them, they said it was my fault...(What)? I followed their procedure on paying them, and...

PNC / No more walk up service

Barbara Taylor on Jan 13, 2017
I have a complaint about the new banking process at the 1919 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Branch. I don't know why you all decide not to have at least 1 Teller at the window for quick service like simple a withdrawl and/or deposit. Most folks here at the George Washington University uses thi...

PNC / Misrepresenting bank policies

Charles Conn on Jan 9, 2017
At PNC LaPorte main office a Larry (patroski) unsure of the actual spelling of his name. For the past 3 weeks Larry has been giving me false information. My mother has had an account there for several years, My brother Tim Conn had POA of my mothers accounts Mary Ann Conn, I am also her...

PNC banking / Product service rep or manage issues

fpla on Jan 4, 2017
transitioning from military life high profile life to civilian they are terrible rude and not loyal. Not the tellers. This started in ft bragg, nc with virual wallet then they messed that up. IN part the corp fixed it then kept it simple. I honestly don't like the staff in west carollton, ohio...

PNC / Allotment funds old account

James O Wiley on Dec 28, 2016
In 2003 I transition from the united states army and for got about my allotment in the amount of 268$ going to my account I followed the instructions that were given to me by customer service and the end I was told that I was charged 10 thousand dollars for something that I have not gotten...

Pnc Bank Lehighton Branch Office / Opening new account

Jackie Roth on Dec 20, 2016
I currently have an account with pnc, so when we decided to open another joint account, we went back to pnc. He has Wells fargo, I closed my well fargo last year. Been with PNC about 5 years - never a problem. HOWEVER, we walked into the Lehighton BrAnCh on or about December 6th to open a...

PNC bank / Branch safety

Loan on Dec 17, 2016
On 09/17/2016 I went to the branch in Aquia Towne Center. The branch was set to open at 9:00am. I got there close to 10:00am. The lights were on. I walked up and the door was locked but I slipped and fell on my way back to my car due to the ice on their sidewalk. No where was it salted...

PNC / Mortgage loan number 8000260818

Douglas Murawski on Nov 29, 2016
I have been trying to work with PNC Mortgage since early October of this year to have my October Mtg Payment be deferred to the end of the loan. I am totally unsatisfied with my results of spending hours on the phone with no satisfaction. I was transferred to numerous people and a few...

PNC / Customer service for personal account

customer 1234 on Nov 28, 2016
11/22/2016 11:30 AM New Zealand Time I was in a foreign country and I needed cash. My CC company needed to route to my banking account to transfer money. I called PNC to get my personal account details. As such, the "Lovely lady" whom I had the "Pleasure" of working with 1) Could not keep...

PNC / Class action lawsuit - yes! Mortgage loan process slow and maybe unlawful

DSM9110 on Nov 19, 2016
Nov 2016 - I wish I had looked first at the online reviews. Maybe I would have suspected that after we’d passed the first "30-45 day” close mark, and two other dates, that the process would be the nightmare described by others. The documentation re-requested by their underwriter was uncalled...

PNC Merchant Services / Clover Go

Daria07 on May 27, 2016
William S. Demchak PNC Merchant Services Two PNC Plaza 620 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-2719 Dear Mr. Demchak, I am writing a letter addressed to you because I have not had successful conversations with Wendy Hampton and her boss Elaine. A week ago today I asked Elaine...

PNC / refusal to listen

Cara Montford on Apr 29, 2016
On 4/30 I was calling to report an incident of fraud. Last month I was contacted through an online service I register with to provide childcare. The woman made a whole long story up. She didn't come when she said stating her mother died. She said she would be here in 2 weeks in the...

PNC / Account

Reviewer63776 on Jan 26, 2016
On 1/26/2016 i went to a PNC bank on 2414 Wycliff Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.To make an deposit into my mother account.I did not have the account number however and had ssn/card number.I then ask the teller would she be able to look up my mother information with ssn/card nu, ber.She stated they...

PNC / Home Equity Line

Reviewer56931 on Jan 18, 2016
I closed this account by stopping by my local branch. I was given a statement I went to my other bank got a cashiers check and brought it back within an hour. Pnc kept the account open after I provided to the branch manager a letter that I was closing the account. They continue to charge...

PNC / Mortgage process taking way to long

Reviewer92370 on Nov 30, 2015
I started a mortgage process over 4 months ago, I was given a pre approval letter. At which point we found a house and started the mortgage process now going on 9 weeks. I keep getting the run around and still do not know if and when we are going to close or not. First they said the law...

PNC bank / Home Equity Line of Credit

Reviewer15035 on Nov 20, 2015
Home Equity Line of Credit - Account number:4489618320224661 bank records show that we have overpaid from March of 2012 till Nov 2013, a total of $3, 606.67. we requested several times from bank customer service to clarify how these extra payments have been refunded and if not refunded...

PNC bank / Mortgage calls saying they are collecting a debt before placing a lein.

granna11 on Nov 5, 2015
For the past several months PNC Bank has been calling telling us we are late on our payments. Yes, due the 1st but not late until after the 16th. They start calling around the 4th of the month. Today the 5th, they placed three calls. I answered the last one and told them this was just...

PNC bank / Business banking

Reviewer20250 on Oct 30, 2015
October 2015. I was so excited my small business account was about to be paid off. I received a coupon in the mail stating that my last payment would be electronically deducted from my account. It really was a payment a and a half of the last one. Here is what transpired: The coupon wa...

PNC bank / To provide a document showing I am the only person on my Home Equity line of credit

Reviewer58311 on Oct 12, 2015
Thursday October 8th. I called the phone number 877-526-3603. I ended up with a consultant who seemed very happy to help. After I explained to this person that I needed a document to show I was the only person on my Home Equity Line of credit. I was then forwarded to another person...

PNC / modification

laurznkids on Jun 27, 2015
I too tried over 12 times to get a modification. One desk would tell me I was fine And the next would foreclosure on me. I was sandbagged over 12 times.. Ginall PNc gCe me a payment log. I made 3 rd payment and because my husband who stole all the equity mist of the equity out a home...

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