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Skrill Complaints & Reviews

Skrill / Refund from paypal never received into skrill card or account !!!

Emanuel Fernandes on 2016-05-22
I have a complaint with skrill, i have received a refund from paypal into my skrill card and until today nothing has been credited into my skrill account or card, i have opened cases with this issue and they keep closing them without give me a solution or answer, very bad costumer support,

Skrill / My account is blocked for days, no reaction to emails

Cyril.brounts on 2016-02-04
Since 5 days now my account is blocked and I don't seem to be able to unblock it, the system keeps saying I have to contact the company, but they don't respond to my messages or answer their phone. I have about 1250 Euro on this account, booked from my regular bank account to skrill...

Skrill / Blocked Skrill Account

Cvk2106 on 2016-01-30
My Skrill account is blocked since January 22nd 2015 Contacted Skrill and provided several documents so they could verify my identity. Still they did not unblock my account, there is still a balance on my account ! The way for them to solve this is to unblock my account .

Skrill / Moneybookers - Credit card charge.

Reviewer27445 on 2015-11-19
I was checking my bank account and noticed a charge from moneyBooker, London for $41.06. I have no idea what it is for. I haven't ordered anything or authorized any transactions for anything. There was no phone number next to the charge like there usually is so I looked online try to...

Skrill / Scam

Md. Abdul Shafi on 2015-02-27
My Account hacked and I complain Skrill on 11th November 2013 for block my account. More than One year there is no action. My skrill account (abdus.shafi@mail.com) hacked on 10th November 2013. The hacker hacked my email address abdus.shafi@mail.com and withdraw my money from Octafx. I...

Skrill. - England, Devon, Tiverton| / FIFI COINS .made 2 payments to the company .i have 2 payments of confirmation, don on the 14th Feb . but have still not recieved coins..

Zena morris on 2015-02-15
On the 14th February, i made 2 payments to . 1. off £8.43. confirmation payment code. FIB1502142105279C2.Gold 2. Code FIB1502150142369C55.Gold £5.56. payment made to fifaah.com. The payment was successful. but no coin received yet... Thank you ...Zena morris...

Skrill.com - Arizona, PHOENIX, ARIZONA / good

Stephanie J. Watson on 2014-10-11
I'm really surprised about all the bad comments concerning Skrill.We use it with my family since few years now (we live in 3 different country) and we NEVER had problem with them. I talk about thousands of Euros...The electronic master card always work, the balance is always correct...

Moneybookers.com / Moneybookers.com review on TradeComplaint com

HarishD on 2014-07-02
Moneybookers.com review on TradeComplaint Com Been using moneybookers for transactions for years. It is only when we start to request to withdraw fund recently, then we smell something is fishy!We have send a verified copy of our bank account to increase our withdrawal limit. Fine. We...

Skrill - Arkansas, London / Skrill fraud

Aaka Wodash on 2014-04-07
I have used skrill for a long time as well as recommend them to others. When I had 8000 on my account skrill stole my money, then faked it with break of TOS and kept the money as "compensation".They are not a bank, police can not do anything, contract is made so anyone using their service...

Moneybookers / Very Bad Customer service and thieves

Maraia on 2014-03-03
I have created 1 case 35 days ago and called them 10+ times regarding an issue . But that Issue still not solve . They are hanging my 300$ for more than 40 days. They asked me 5+ times for same docs and every time I had to send them file. When I was send them file and ask them when Thi...

Skrill.com / Withdrawal

Melai1575 on 2014-01-30
I am part of a company that does mystery shopping and my payment goes to Skrill (no choice unfortunately.) In the past, I was able to get my money transferred to my bank account without much issues. For my recent payment, I have raised multiple tickets in order to resolve whatever issue...

Skrill Or Moneybookers - England, Greater London, LONDON / skrill ripped client's money out of withdrawal amount

irwm on 2013-05-27
I was withdrawing money to my local bank account, the fee was supposed to be only 1.80euro, it 's just aint my day, , when I checked my money in the bank, I noticed my money was deducted about 15-20euro, which the fee was supposed to be only 1.80euro, then I asked skrill about it...

Moneybookers / Skrill / Locked account

TomJoyce on 2012-10-30
They locked my account after an alleged unauthorised access of which I have no details. Subsequently I was asked to change my email account and password, then provide proof of identity through a utility bill and photo ID. As if that wasn't bad enough they rejected my expired passport...

Moneybookers / money charged

mrs galley on 2012-09-24
i have been trying to contact this company to get a transaction id to forward onto another company to get a refund for £95.21 from ultimate pay and £2.60 from money bookers. thesemonies were taken from my account without my permiossion. i did purchase a game from bigfish but...

Mb*moneybookers.com - South Carolina / theft of money from my checking account

pissed off victim on 2012-08-13
I found a charge of $26.95 charged to my debit card ...after tracing back to mine craft london gb...i have no one who plays these games in my home...this was unauthorized and has been reported to bank...card closed and red flags on it ...I demand my money bank.

Moneybookers / Order never came but my account has been charged

Lizato on 2012-05-26
I ordered Nokia silicone case cover . My account was charged right away and I received one of those automatic response that my account has been charged. I never received the order. Kept emailing them but no response received at all either. This is completely scam. The Item will come from...

Moneybookers.com / A bureaucratic nightmare

onlinebreathing.com on 2012-05-01
I have been trying to open an account with them and after 6 weeks, they are still pondering the risk of doing business with me. In the meantime, it took me 5 days to open an account with 2co. This company is run like the worst public service you can think of. Slow customer service. Take...

Mb Minecraft Moneybookers / debit charge

angrymom04 on 2012-04-30
Same thing happened to me was charged like 26 bucks and an international fee...called my bank for suspicious transaction canceled my card..now I've been seeing other complaints it's getting it from Amazon...I will have to cancel that and my Paypal account.

Minecraft Moneybookers Gbr - California / Fraudulent Charge

MollyE on 2012-04-25
A charge for $26.95 just randomly showed up on my credit card statement from MineCraft MoneyBookers GBR along with a second transaction fee for $0.88. I have no idea how this company got our credit card number and made this charge. Neither my husband nor I have traveled to Great Britain in...

Moneybookers.com - England, Essex / Racist and thieves

Victor Voinea on 2012-04-09
They closed my account after I transferred more than 50K USD in 4 years, no reason provided. They only said, "Your kind of business was not accepted". I am in the software industry. lol. Well, they verified my company a few times before and all was OK. Now, I found this to be outrageou...

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