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7th Floor, Barclays Towers, West 15 Troye Street
South Africa - 5241

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 113 504 000(Johannesburg) 6 4
+27 118 956 000(Johannesburg) 1 3
+27 219 297 500(Cape Town) 2 3
+27 315 344 000(Durban) 1 3
180 Commissioner Street, Absa Towers North, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 113 504 000

15 Alice Lane, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 118 956 000

Cape Town
163 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Plattekloof, Cape Town, South Africa

Absa Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / Homeowners insurance claim number is 3162679

Shawn Paul on Dec 7, 2016
Trust that you are well; I am very upset with the poor service we receive from your staff. We have registered a home loan claim 4 weeks ago after the terrible storms and we did not receive any feedback from the bank. (The claim number is 3162679) The assessor came out to view the damage...

ABSA Bank / Platinum account

Shalen Ramasur on Dec 3, 2016
Good. I am very upset with the ABSA Newcastle KZn branch. I had taken out a Platinum account option a few years ago with absa. One of the perks with this account was preferential service which meant not having to stand in ques for hours. The newcastle branch then underwent a revamp and now...

ABSA Bank / Communication and keeping me from my money

Janneman on Dec 2, 2016
How can you put a fica hold on my account but i was at the bank Branch in Musina, Limpopo 0900. a month ago where a asked all info on my accout is it correct. And i was told yes now you keep my money while i queried is all fine not once received notice that you need fica document that i...

Absa iDirect / Unethical behaviour

Cassandra Gabriel on Dec 2, 2016
Complaint re absa idirect’s unethical behaviour 9 november 2016 flood damage claims: Mercedes benz 00747067*001*002 Yamaha dragstar 650: 00747067*001*001 I am an absa private bank client and for the past 16 years i have had comprehensive insurance with absa bank for 3 motor vehicles, 1...

ABSA Bank / Security provident fund claims

Frikkie Visagie on Dec 2, 2016
Good day I have submitted my claim for provident fund from the security sector for over six months now, there is no one that can assist you with information about your claim nor a contact number where you can log a complaint nor someone to speak to in order to get clarity on your claim or...

ABSA Bank / Home loan extension

CarlaC82 on Dec 1, 2016
It has taken me 3 applications to extend my home loan for renovations required on my home - 27 Victoria St, JHB North. I finally received approval on my application (Number: 44041630141) but I phone everyday and I receive no feedback. I am waiting on the quote to be emailed to me so I can...

Absa / Absa provident fund

Helge Rommetvedt on Dec 1, 2016
Hi good day I worked at Fedility, did admitted my provident fund since June 2016 from ABSA, still no pay outs yet, every time I fin them ( 086 117 7775 )they say it wail take 10 weeks for pay out . It is no more than 6 months and still no pay out. Please can you help me get my provident...

ABSA Bank / Fica / bad customer service from branch manager

liezelwil on Nov 30, 2016
Dear ABSA Bank, On the 26th of August 2016, I went to your Rosebank Branch to get my account updated to my new surname as I got married. Off course I had to get my account FICA’d which was done. A few weeks after that when I went onto my Internet banking, a message appeared to FICA my...

ABSA Bank / Unauthorized account transactions

Shafiek on Nov 30, 2016
Good Day on 24 October 2016 I have lodged a concern via the channels that I have access to. Your staff member gave information regarding my personal accounts to a member of the public and this resulted in me losing out financially on a business deal that was to be settled. Your staff member gave...

ABSA Bank / Loan review repayment not satisfactory

Sanelephal on Nov 27, 2016
I am a very disappointed client with the way ABSA has let me down on my request to have my loan repayment reviewed. I am currently on maternity leave and earning half a salary I was earning, I recently applied to your loans department for a reduced payment on my loan for the 4 months that...

Absa / Service

Kanyi on Nov 26, 2016
Good Day I am a client with ABSA, I am not happy with the service I received at South Gate Mall ABSA Branch on the 26 -11-2016 first the Customer service personnel whom was working at no 10 was drunk and line the was so slow it took an hour for me to be attended to. Now I want to login to...

Absa Insurance / Paid twice

Cedric Harris on Nov 24, 2016
I plan to go (with my wife) on a cruise in the Far East in a few months time. The first large cruise liner operator cancelled the cruise (twice) but I found an alternative option with another cruise line. I had taken travel insurance for the first cruise., and needed to change the date...

ABSA Bank / Bad customer service

Annalie lewis on Nov 24, 2016
I was in Absa Bank Montana Park on 22 November 2016, to collect my Business Chequebook. I stand in the line for more then 30 minutes. There was only 2 people, helping clients. Behind me was at least 6 other people, 3 of them was elderly clients. I asked for the Branch Manager, they gave me a...

ABSA Bank / No contact from them

WestleyP on Nov 24, 2016
On the absa system they have me down as under debt review... I have a letter from the ncr stating my name is cleared... Now I have tried to get assistance from them, but nothing... I habe sent a number of mails and try and contact them but still nothing, this is the worst ever... I want...

Absa / Money has not been returned to me

Nthabiseng Prudence Phofu on Nov 23, 2016
I'm really up to my neck trying to get my money back.on the 28/10/16 went to pay my phone at an absa atm machine in warden the machine went off while busy but the money never came out, went inside told the teller what happened she told me she has already took out the deposit for the day...

Absa / Absa branch at midrand old pta road

Nkhi on Nov 22, 2016
Please tell people not to withdraw loads amount of cash on the tellers as there are people that are watching at them... Then tip of their fellow partners outside then they follow you to your destination to mug of the cash... I'm talking this cos ialmost fallen a victim but i managed...

Absa / Small business banker & brakpan branch

rushads007 on Nov 21, 2016
I have a business account at Absa - and I have been shunt from pillar to post regarding a name change that I need to have done on my business account - Firstly Brakpan Absa telephone line doesn't even ring I have been trying to get hold of them since 14 November 2016 - no luck!! Then I tried...

Absa / Claim no. : 3160424

Barend1 on Nov 17, 2016
Good day, I lodged a claim for my gate, which derailed on the 9th of November 2016 with ABSA. My physical address is: 249 Aries Street, Waterkloof Ridge. My cellno.: 0825653645. There are 2 Contractors involved (one to fix the gate and the other one to replace the electric motor). I have...

Absa / Debit order deduction student loan that I never signed for!!!

Ilse Smidt on Nov 15, 2016
I am so frustrated. I have a student loan and it expired in October 2016. I am registered again but can only show subjects in January 2017. Now the lady handling the situation was Ronel. she emailed me and gave me the options where I could choose. in the email I replied that I will pay via...

Absa / Car registration documents

rerig on Nov 15, 2016
On the 29th September I received the documents for my car that is paid off as requested by myself, (ref number 80148203), by receiving the documents from the courier i notice that there is only two documents, the car registration paper and a letter of proof for paid of, I phoned the number...

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