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7th Floor, Barclays Towers, West 15 Troye Street
South Africa - 5241

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 113 504 000(Johannesburg) 21 13
+27 118 956 000(Johannesburg) 8 7
+27 219 297 500(Cape Town) 11 7
+27 315 344 000(Durban) 3 7
180 Commissioner Street, Absa Towers North, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 113 504 000

15 Alice Lane, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 118 956 000

Cape Town
163 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Plattekloof, Cape Town, South Africa

Absa Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / Absa Credit Card

Angelique Le Roux on Jan 19, 2017
1/ 15/2017 I have been waiting for the hold on my card to be removed for 4 working days. Each consultant I speak to gives me a completely different answer. 3 consultants have told me since monday they will call me back - NO ONE has called me, no one has mailed me back . It shows on the...

ABSA Bank / Absa i-drect vehicle insurance

Tony Tverdon on Jan 18, 2017
Dear Sir / Madam Several conversations between myself, Absa Vehicle Finance, Absa Vehicle Insurance and Absa I-Direct has reference. My vehicle (Mitsubishi Triton, 3.5 bakkie, registration XNT916GP) was financed by ABSA Vehicle Finance. The financed amount has in the mean time been paid...

ABSA Bank / Monthly service fee on home loan

umesh vassen on Jan 17, 2017
Absa wants to increase my monthly service fee on my home loan number 80-6362-2827 from r 7-00 to r 22-00..This is an increase of more than 200%, which is totally unacceptable as inflation is around 6.5% kindly maintain my rate at r7-00 or a minimum increase. If this is not possible i will...

ABSA Bank / Cheque account closure

Hannes1168342 on Jan 15, 2017
22/01/2016 Acc nr 620 750 174 Account was supposed to have been closed by Jacques May Now everytime we get calls to say the account is in arrears We kept sending emails and even visited the bank. Until today they not yet resolved the issue. Please advise why this account has not been...

ABSA / New account

Zaheera Walker on Jan 14, 2017
On 13th December I took all necessary documents to open an account for my minor son at ABSA Braamfontein. I spent nearly 2 hours at the branch and Mr H Masala assisted me with the process. He told me the account was finalised etc. and I could go to any branch to collect it. Please note my...

ABSA Bank / Bond

Monika77h on Jan 12, 2017
I am so hopeless. I have been with my payments in arrears which has caused my divorce and financial difficulty the few months I came to bank few time tried to talk to them I was decline every time, not surprised. I tried to even pay as we agreed with the lady from call center but she or...

ABSA Bank / Insurance claim

Geroldine Paulsen on Jan 12, 2017
Good day. Ive lodge complains to absa since 12 june 2016. They don't even bother to phone or email me back. Ive sent numerous emails to them and I only receive the auto reply email. I have all the emails about my complains and me practically begging them to phone me back. A short version of...

Absa Insurance / Claim

madelein fouche on Jan 11, 2017
To who it might concern  Myself and my husband has been with absa for more than 17 years.  We have never claimed. Now that we claim in 17 years, we have to wait months. Our house got flooded on the 11-11-2016 We got ALL the quotations out of our pockets for all the cupboards that need...

Absa Insurance / Claim 3192824

Koos Botha on Jan 11, 2017
On 4/1/2017 my house was flooded after an huge rainstorm. I lodge a complain on 5/1/2017. They promised I will be contacted by an assessor. I phone everyday to follow- up on the claim. Everyday they promise the assessor will phone you, but this never happen. Every time you phone you hear the...

ABSA Bank / International banking quality of service

Isabeau on Jan 11, 2017
Hi, I have been trying to transfer money from south africa to australia. From my own bank account to my own bank account in australia. The level of incompetence, slowness and deliberate rudeness has been incredible. I requested to have access to my account and have been denied internet...

ABSA Bank / Credit card

Mariska Oosthuizen on Jan 10, 2017
I've transfered funds from my current account to credit card. I am not able to do online payments such as LinkedIn or the British Council. I also cannot see my credit card under my profile on Internet banking but I can see it under the accounts section. Previously I could manage my credit...

ABSA Bank / Student account

Tisetso on Jan 9, 2017
I opened an account at Absa as a student and realized a few months down the line that the fees were to much. I thought I should close the account with Absa and go open at Standard bank. I went into their branch to complain and close the account, and was told there is a mistake as the...

ABSA Bank / Being charged for a replacement card

Helena Friedman on Jan 5, 2017
Good day, on 30 December 2016 I went to ABSA Santyger and had to wait for 45minutes to be assisted at Customer Services. There was only one person assisting a whole line of people waiting. I was forced to be there, for I was informed via sms that my debit card is going to expire and I...

I. Randeree, Absa / Unauthorised / illegal / deceptive sale of timeshare units.

Lims on Jan 2, 2017
There is a person who claims to be imran or farhad randeree. He has an absa banking account with the account no. 9324680177. He uses the email imranranderee@gmail.Com. He falsely advertises timeshare units on the internet- eg. Gumtree and olyx. He then "sells" these units to unsuspecting...

ABSA Bank / Service

Lebotnt on Dec 30, 2016
31 december 2016. I was at absa bank at katlehong, I got there at the bank at 09:30 because I want to withdraw my stop order money inside the bank. First the security I told him what I wented to do he sent me to the wrong line, I was following 6 people after me, when they attended me, the...

ABSA BANK - South Africa / Banking service

Geoffb79 on Dec 29, 2016
Further about ABSA's, 3D being off line and Multichoice, herewith more problems and nobody bothers to reply, what sort of a banking institution are you? As you will see the thread I have complained several times about my Avios that are missing and I am still awaiting a reply. Hence you...

ABSA Bank / Intimidasie - intimidation

Tannie Frieda on Dec 28, 2016
Frieda Joubert 10 Junie 1964 Geagte Lesers Kontak na 14:00 alleen. 1) Dit is baie belangrik dat die Bestuurder van die ABSA Groep wat deel met invorderings my persoonlik telefonies kontak te Sel no.084-6614167 Die klagtes is as volg en ek verwag optredes teenoor die partye wat met my...

ABSA Bank / Car insurance premium overpayment

Ndiba on Dec 22, 2016
Claim number 00542563*001*002 My complain is that my vehicle initial cover was reduced, while the premium kept on increasing, this unfortunate situation happened without any notification. I never received any document or mail regarding this policy from the bank because my address was wrongly...

ABSA / Unknown bank fees

Absa charges me about R250 or so a month for card purchases amongst others, earlier this year I took a loan of R20, 000 and was told I was to pay R883, 98 p/m but I've been paying R960 plus earlier today I transferred the last R181, 46 from my Capitec account but to my surprise I had...

ABSA Bank / Atm cash deposit (To landlord: h. Daniels 4088505478)

Hajiera Higgins on Dec 21, 2016
Kindly be informed that rent Payment was made on 21 Dec. 2016 for my landlord, HDaniels - Acc. No: 4088505478. She has 11 Debit Orders that will be going off tonight and tomorrow. My rent monies (R2950) was suppose to cover her debit orders going off as of tonight etc. I've deposited the...

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