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Quest Diagnostics Complaints & Reviews

Quest Diagnostics - Texas, Dallas / Billing charge that I have no record of from Quest Diagnostics Lab

andonnell on 2016-03-21
Received a collection notice dated 03/1/1/16 addressed to someone other than me who doesn't live at my address. Called and spoke with Jacob an he refused to speak w/me because letter wasn't addressed to me, but my name is listed on the bottom of the bill. Requested to speak with manager...

Quest Diagnostics - Alaska, Anchorage / Unable to Contact Real Person

Reviewer42781 on 2016-02-16
My husband had a drug test done for a new job. After returning home (an hour away) he was unable to find his driver's license. I have called every published number for the office and have been completely unable to talk to a person. I am directed through endless automated menus and never...

Quest Diagnostics - New Jersey, South Plainfield / Wellness screening

bingo123 on 2016-01-29
My wife had her wellness screening done on Dec 23rd 2015. Quest diagnostics never sent the results in to my insurance company. I'm getting the run around and as a result my medical premiums will be higher. To whom do I complain about this ? Searching the internet didn't yield anything.

Quest Diagnostics / Billing

Reviewer84324 on 2015-11-06
I don't normally vent online, but I cannot comprehend how 3 lab tests that my Doctor ordered, billed to a code, my insurance company would not accept, will cost us over $1, 000 from Quest Diagnostics. But had they been billed to a code accepted by our insurance company would have only cost...

Quest Diagnostics - Oregon, Portland / No notification of $13.74 bill, sent to collections.

sarah14746 on 2015-10-23
This is going to sound petty, but I had a visit to my local urgent care in the Spring of 2014 for minor health concerns. I paid around $30 up front for services not covered by my insurance. Unbeknownst to me, I apparently still owed $13.74 that my insurance did not cover and just found...

Quest Diagnostics - Pennsylvania, Levittown / Customer Service

highwaywoman on 2015-10-20
My appointment was at 10:00 AM on October 20 in the Woodbourne Rd location in Levittown, Pa, and I was 5 minutes late because the address did not include the building number, so it took me a while to find the correct building. I was taken back to the draw room at 10:20, and I had order...

Quest Diagnostics - Florida, Lake Worth / Employees lake worth road. Lake worth fl

Home health RN on 2015-10-20
Quest laboratory on Lake Worth Rd. in Lake Worth is the worst lab quest owns in Palm Beach County Florida. This laboratory is substandard and the employees are passive aggressive very slow very ignorant and extremely incompetent. As a nurse, I have to sign in for laboratory blood work to...

Quest Diagnostics / Lost sample

kelliedawn on 2015-09-08
I went to the Quest Diagnostics Charleston, WV office on Aug 17, 2015 to have blood drawn my lung doctor ordered. I never got the results because the office lost the sample. I have called several times and everyone that I talk to is rude or hangs up. My husband lost a days wages to bring...

Quest Diagnostics - California, Modesto / Being rough with my son

Samanthaseiff on 2015-06-16
Today I took my son in to get his blood drawn and the nurses that were working on him were so rough. They were yanking him around, grabbing him really hard. He is only 14 months so he is still really little and helpless but he was fighting them off really bad. They tried both arms and didn't get any blood out if him, I will never return!!

Quest Diagnostics / No receptionist and Procedure is a mess

Ribbery on 2015-05-07
There is no receptionist to take the dropped sample. If you just drop your samples, you make you come back and do the passport work again. Also, their procedures are lacking. They once lost my insurance information associated with my blood work and asked me to pay again. If my doctor did...

Quest Diagnostics / over charged

Misleading Conduct on 2015-04-23
Before I agreed to have tests performed by Quest I asked the receptionist for the price of the procedure. I had the tests performed on 01/08/15. I received my invoice April 23.2015. The invoice was three times the amount the receptionist quoted. Even though Quest documented my insurance...

Quest Diagnostics / Sexually-explicit tv show in waiting rooom

Former Quest customer on 2015-02-11
I visited Quest Diagnostics, located at 3230 I-30E, Mesquite, TX, for a routine blood draw. While I waited, the televisions in the waiting room were tuned to a talk show. The topics of discussion included "safety words" to be used during rough sex and how a massage lotion could also serve...

Quest Diagnostics / Overbilling, failure to file insurance

PatientX on 2015-01-31
Complaintsboard.com Just wanted to note that Quest Diagnostics is a very money-hungry company that does lab work, but its billing practices are as corrupt as any in the medical industry. First of all, I think it is an indictment on the American health care system as much as anything else, but...

Quest Diagnostics / Medical/lab work billing

PatientX on 2015-01-30
Just wanted to note that Quest Diagnostics is a very money-hungry company that does lab work, but its billing practices are as corrupt as any in the medical industry. First of all, I think it is an indictment on the American health care system as much as anything else, but this company i...

Quest Diagnotic - Ohio, Cincinnati / billing problem

13chuck13 on 2014-12-11
I had a blood test they told me they took United Healthcare as there website says only to tell me I owe them $424.48 for blood test because my insurance did not pay the bill. The insurance says all I owed quest was $14.00 I paid them $20.00 as quest said was my copay. I have received three...

Quest Diagnostice - Pennsylvania, Newtown Square / Can not make appointment

TheHarr on 2014-11-17
Can not make future appointment. For the past two years I was using the Quest appointment web site to make appointments 6 months in the future. This website not malfunctions preventing me from making my appointment. There is no way to get through to quest to make an appointment. The...

Quest Diagnostice - Pennsylvania, Newtown Square / Can not schedule future appointment

TheHarr on 2014-11-17
For the past two years I was able to schedule appointments six months out. Quest Diagnostic website now malfunctions which prevents making an appointment. I called the location I always used (610) 325-2043 which informed me they can not schedule and to call the appointment phone number...

Quest Diagnostics - California, Chico / Billing Incompetence

Sbyllek on 2014-11-12
"Quest Diagnostics sent me a bill in late April for lab work I had done in March. I paid the bill the same week I received it and Quest cashed my check in late May. Since then I have received 5 more bills and a collections threat from Quest. I have called after every statement. I have...

Quest Diagnostics - Alaska, Fairbanks / Rudeness from technician, results take too long

jrprusak on 2014-10-20
NEVER AGAIN, rudeness and lack of interest on the part of the technician, poor blood draw, would not let me know past lab results, even though they were in the computer. Contacting office nobody answers the phones in Fairbanks or Anchorage.. Will not post lab results going on 12 days now...

Quest Diagnostics / secondary insurance billing

cindiak on 2014-10-13
Quest does the blood work for my doctor's office. The phlebotomists are always great. However, they really need to reassess their billing process. First, my doctor's office gives them mine and my husband's primary and secondary insurance. Every year we get a bill after only...

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