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Kaiser Permanente Complaints & Reviews

Kaiser Permanente - Oregon, Portland / Doctors Lack of care and Denials has left me an Invalid

Kerrilf on 2016-03-15
Other Reason Denied all care Kaiser made me an Invalid. From lack of care and denials of treatment *Details of the Complaint: Went to Kaiser in Oct 2014 due to Insurance change Gave them my past records of Back injury and what tests and what worked with diagnosis, Been trying to get treatment for...

Kaiser Permanente - California, Panorama City / Bad treatment in ER at Panorama City

JM from Los Angeles on 2016-03-07
I have been a Kaiser member for many years. Why I continiue to stay with them is beyond me. I have been to the ER there is Panorama City many times. Had a couple of good visits but many bad ones. I went there again yesterday ( Tuesday 03-02-2016) and spent 9 hours there. I was there from...

Kaiser Permanente - Colorado, Denver / Incompetence...cannot even find my records..

Reviewer51900 on 2016-02-19
For about three months now I have paid my premiums. The phone calls get me nothing since they say they have no record of me even though I have the bill in my hand. They somehow had me in for two policies by mistake and cancelled one of them. The only thing they are good at is sending more...

Kaiser Permanente - California, Los Angeles / Unprofessional staff

Reviewer65548 on 2016-02-13
Does this hospital not have a policy re:english being spoken in the patient care areas ?? Went with my neighbor to his hemodialysis treatment (outpatient). For the entire 4-5 hours he was there 10% was only in english. He goes 3x/week. when i brought him in and picked him up i witnessed...

Kaiser Permanente / Hipaa Violation Breaches Cover Up OCR HHS DMHC KAISER BACKFIRED letter

Clamiity on 2016-01-09
I found out on January 16, 2015 why I did not get to see the doctor on January 19, 2012 after sitting for 55 minutes. The letter I'm attaching is my answer to Kaiser's Regional Compliance & Privacy Office NCAL letter & the letter from her. This letter will show you exactly what Kaiser doe...

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Diego / Cut and paste answers to Kaisers "internal grievance process".

Reviewer14430 on 2015-10-09
I have pernicious anemia. I have to take B12 shots in order to not get very ill. I have not been able to get both the B12 vials and the syringes for the past two years without problems. I submitted a complaint and got a determination that my issue was "not medically indicated". How absurd...

Kaiser Permanente / Abrupt halt to meds and biased doctor

Babymine15 on 2015-10-01
Sometimes with the use of ADHD medications, it can cause slow growth in a child. My daughter hasn’t lost any weight and has been an average of 44-45 pounds and is nine years old. Her height has continued to grow over the years, however, and she is a healthy child. I told the doctor at Kaiser...

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco / Incompetent Doctors

WindDancer 13 on 2015-08-12
Had a severe leg infection following surgery none of 5 doctors could identify. First four just circled the progression of the infection and told me to come back if the infection spread. It did, overnight. Was almost to my crotch when I forced the issue with the doctor who had performed the...

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco / Fradulent diagnoses

WindDancer 13 on 2015-08-12
Made appointment with new doctor for stomach pain and urine leakage. Four times was asked same question about depression, drinking, exercise, in writing and verbally. Wasn't there for depression, told doctor that. That is all she wanted to discuss. Before I'd left the office...

Kaiser Permanente / Customer service

TheresaU on 2015-02-18
After being on Kaiser from the age of six months to now at 58 and never having a problem, all that has changed. In the last few years the rates have gone up and up and service has gotten worse. It's all about the money. I have a chronic, painful condition- arthritis in my neck...

Kaiserpermanente. Org / The rep wanted to steal from me

Davius on 2014-10-04
I registered on the website www.kaiserpermanente.org. After that I chatted with the rep of this website and he promised to help me with the health insurance. I was relieved that the professional would help me, but this jerk understood that I have no idea about this insurance and other...

Kaiser Permanente / Very poor healthcare

coloradocolleen on 2014-07-16
I think Kaiser sucks but it is the only medical insurance I can afford as I am self-employed. This year has been a real circus with Kaiser. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment to see the doctor on the day you need to see them, you either have to wait two weeks or go to the ER. When you...

Kaiser Permanente No. Cal - California, Vallejo / Negligence

1Power Tripp on 2014-05-13
You may want to grab a cup of tea because this one is a doozy. In 2011 while I was hospitalized my blood thinner medication (warafin) was stopped. I'm on blood thinners because I had a heart valve replacement in Apr of 2010. The hospital doc ordered for the warafin to be started again...

Kaiser Permanente / Ineligible for Rehire

mariposa1985 on 2014-04-13
I worked for this company on and off for almost two years total in several different regions (California, Hawaii and Colorado). I was an Army spouse at the time and moved quite a bit during those two years. Always had great reviews from my managers stating what an excellent employee I wa...

Kaiser Permanente / Account Termination

Samson Wong on 2014-03-15
I have just received a letter from the Customer Service Center telling me that my plan has been terminated as of a result of me not paying for the last two months. However, the issue is that the department is still not aware that I am now on Medi-Cal and has been on Medi-Cal since the...

Kaiser - California / Misdiagnosis of asthma

AJ04 on 2013-04-24
How do I go about getting a misdiagnosis expunged from my children’s medical records? They were diagnosed with asthma by their pediatrician. They went in with colds and congestion, sometimes wheezing, sometimes not, and based on those symptoms were diagnosed with asthma and...

Kaiser / misdiagnosis

AJ04 on 2013-04-23
How do I go about getting a misdiagnosis expunged from my children's medical records? They were diagnosed with asthma by their pediatrician. They went in with colds and congestion, sometimes wheezing, sometimes not, and based on those symptoms were diagnosed with asthma and prescribed...

Kaiser Permanente - California, Union City / Constant Billing Error

Hilda WY on 2013-04-04
I have been a Kaiser member for a year. They said they provide free annual physical check up and blood work with the PCP, and also a free mammogram annually. Last year I had to pay over $200 as patient responsibilty for the blood work since my doctor ordered many tests. For the free...

Kaiser Permanente - Washington, Vancouver / Improper Followup

iwikaw on 2013-03-18
Husband was admitted to local hospital with acute Heart Attack. Treated there by Doctor who also worked for Kaiser. Husband was released with the Doctor not sure whether he still required medication for water on the lungs so Doctor decided No. Lo and behold Pneumonia ensued. Called Kaiser...

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco / Miadiagnosis/denial of lower premium

Anthony Pino on 2012-12-09
I have been paying $800/ month on a conversion plan. I approached Kp for a lower package. Filled out all the on line application and denial package sent almost back instantly. The denied me based on four pre existing conditions. In truth all four items were issues that were all...

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