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Ancestry Complaints & Reviews

Ancestry.com / Ancestry.com access

beamer76 on 2016-01-08
I have paid over $3000 for nothing. Every time I tried to access the ancestry website it told me I had to pay, I already had an account that I have been paying monthly for $19.99. Apparently, Ancestry entered in the wrong user ID for me which caused me not to have access to the website. I...

Ancestry - Utah, Provo / I paid $3000 and got absolutely nothing!

Lora on 2016-01-05
I have some information about my family and wanted to complete my family tree. So I joined this website looking up for more information. I decided to use their professional genealogy services and paid over $3000! I sent them my family tree that had been handwritten by my grandfather, my...

Ancestry.com / Site Upgrade

Reviewer39923 on 2015-12-15
They forcefully rolled out their new site today. Don't get me wrong, I love change - really I do. These changes, however, were not for the better - not even close. What were they thinking? What a disaster. It's UGLY, jumbled with useless crap I don't need to see constantly. It's MUCH...

Ancestry.com - Utah, Provo / DNA Test Results

Reviewer99945 on 2015-11-18
Purchased 9/23/2015. Paid in full with credit card, via Amazon.com. Cannot file complaint with either company, due to computer hacker. Ancestry will not release the results or send email notification of findings. Require hard copy of the results, or full refund, including shipping cost. Packing slip not provided by either merchant.

Ancestry.com - Utah, Provo / False/Misleading Free 14-day membership trial

Reviewer37918 on 2015-10-23
I signed up for what I thought was a 14-day free trial on Ancestry.com. The company then deducted several hundred dollars on my credit card account, and claimed I signed up for a full annual account. There is no way I did this since I only intended to use the website for a couple day...

Ancestry.com / Ancestry website

Olwyn on 2015-08-28
This company is a total rip off. I took out what I thought to be a one month subscription in March 2015. It has came to light that they have continued to take money from my credit card every month for the past five months. I had been unaware of this and was shocked to see they had been...

Ancestry.com / poor product service received

Keith Douthett on 2015-07-30
Hi everyone. I have been writing a family history of our family, going back to England in the 1700s, but got stuck at that point.I purchsed the then latest version of Family Tree Maker, (At the time FTM 2012 Deluxe). The program recommended the use of Ancestry.com for research, so I joined...

Ancestry.com / Will not send an invoice or receipt

Smoseley on 2015-05-06
I have had a membership for a long time and have used it regularly for my work. I used to be able to email customer support if I had any problems and they would get back to me in a day or two with the answer. I need a copy of my monthly invoice so that I can turn it in to the company I...

Ancestry.com / Charging credit card after cancellation

Cat gray on 2014-12-07
Found they have been charging my credit card for a year after cancellation. My fault as the card that was used originally is one that I don't use regularly. When I caught their error I of course called them but was on hold, like other complainants for an hour. Got a snippy...

Ancestry.com - Utah, Provo / Unapproved charge

Philinny on 2014-06-04
Over two years ago, I used ancestry.com to put together a family tree for my mother's side. I used the free trial, then paid for an additional month. I then cancelled, and never saw another charge. Out of the blue today, I had a $106 charge in my account! I called the company, and sat...

Ancestry.com - Utah, Provo / Cyber-harassment by another user

shaba123 on 2014-03-11
I have an ongoing problem with Ancestry.com. I am a member of Ancestry.com, and I pay my subscription fees for their genealogy service on a monthly basis. There is an unfortunate situation that has arisen concerning another individual who also belongs to this online community. It i...

Archives.com / Ancestry.com - Utah, Provo / Unable to Cancel Free Trial

Jimmy Owen on 2013-09-01
The help page of this company states that one must click on a link to go to the "Subscription Options" page to cancel their membership, including being able to cancel the 7-day free trial. After clicking on that, there is nothing on that page AT ALL that allows the consumer to cancel...

Ancestry.com / Everything they offer you can find elsewhere, for free or much cheaper

Kuriere on 2013-01-28
Total rip-off. Everything they offer you can find elsewhere, for free or much cheaper. Customer service? Don't even bother. Doesn't exist. Don't waste your money.

Ancestry.com / Ya, its great for the free storage, but beyond that the site is very useless

Spitten on 2013-01-10
Ya, its great for the free storage, but beyond that the site is very useless. My mom tried to gift me a membership, and we sure learned quick this site is TERRIBLE. Customer service was either 15-30 min of holding, or they told you to call back the next day, and they did not fix the...

Ancestry.com / Scam on renewal

Family Guy 44 on 2012-09-13
I received a renewal notice today by email. I looked for 20 minutes on the website under my account what I would be charged on renewal. There was no information found on what the renewal would be. So I call and customer service said they explained to me that they don't show the...

Ancestry.com - Ohio / multiple charges

skaiser on 2012-08-01
ancestry.com charged me $29.95 / month for more than a year and I didn't even use the service. I signed up for a trial membership for 30 days...this is a disgrace. How are they allowed to operate by law? This website is a total scam. I will report them on every site I can find!!

Ancestry.com / expensive trail

Linniex on 2012-04-24
I didnt read the fine print. Please, read the fine print. I just got charged $80 for a $12.95/mo trial deal - they charge you all at once. You can't get a refund because they say you need to cancel within 7 days - which is one week into the 2 week 'free' trial. Yeah, they...

Ancestry Dot Com / Did not cancel subscription

Keith BURGE on 2011-08-27
I am disappointed with ancestry.com because I wanted to cancel and when I went through the process on my account I ticked all the boxes and checked and submitted the cancellation. But it was not canceled. When I phoned today and explained the issue I was told I must have missed checking a...

Ancestry.com Membership / subscription

caaalex on 2011-08-09
I was suprised to find that I had been charged for a Delux membership. I had investigated the site to find cost etc but never once thought that I had subscribed. For me personally, it is an enormous amount to pay for something as unimportant to me. Have I no recourse, what does the consumer act say about such cases?

Ancestry.com / Scam

Lucy Bridges on 2011-06-28
Ancestry.com has set out to scam the consumer. They offer you two weeks free. But, you must first give them your credit card and buy one month before you can try them out. When you find that they offer you nothing for your money. they will not refund you you the first month that you have...

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