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Popeyes Chicken Complaints & Reviews

Popeyes Chicken - Texas, Rowlett / They never have chicken on hand

PaPa63 on 2016-02-02
I go to this Popeyes Chicken at least once a week at different times most of the time its around 5 or 6 o'clock they seem to never have chicken ready for the customers I don't know how many times I have had to wait 30 minutes or more for chicken Also the service and the attitude of the...

Popeyes Chicken - Colorado, Denver / Store

Kristin R on 2016-01-29
I live across the street from Popeye's and. they recently remolded their store Denver, CO. 14th Hudson St. 80220. They installed some lights that are shinning directly inside our home ;my 4 year old daughter complains every night of the "Bright light shinning in her window", it is very...

Popeyes Chicken - Arizona, Mesa / Food

Reviewer60758 on 2015-12-23
I ordered a 8 piece meal half spicy. Well what i got was old dried out and tasteless. I did not get any breast in my order of which i was supposed to get 2. I think there were 2 wings but so small and dried out they looked like deep fried skin. store is at 2005 broadway # 480-733-8160 my...

Popeyes Chicken - Alabama, Birmingham / Store 2131 service time: 11:35 date: 11/13/15

Reviewer57791 on 2015-11-16
First of all they only had one cashier, she was in training and no one was helping her(at least I thought she was in training).. She was so slow that it did not take long for the store to get full of people waiting in line to order. When we finally got our order and we had to go back up...

Popeyes Chicken - South Carolina, Rock Hill / Service

Reviewer22939 on 2015-10-22
Iv worked in this establishment but i do not want to revele myself because i dont want to be judged at my job but iv noticed this has been going on for a few months now and iv been wanting to speck up about it but iv been scared. But iv had enough one of my team crew members (ASHA HOLLAND...

Popeye's Chicken - California, Garden Grove / Customer Service/Specials

Reviewer63890 on 2015-10-07
Went to Popeye's today and ordered the Advertised Special for $4.99. I also wanted to order some onion rings which I saw on their website. When I inquired about the onion rings the girl that was taking my order laughed at me and not in a nice way, either. I told her I saw them online and...

Popeyes - California, Garden Grove / Bad image of restaurant

Reviewer54827 on 2015-09-28
Okay, so yesterday I was at the popeyes in Garden Grove and while I was waiting in line I witnessed how the managers were mistreating the employees, and using inappropriate language. I believe that as a manager you are there to help them no trash talked them and make them feel...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken that been served!

Reviewer92202 on 2015-09-24
Good Afternoon! First of all this is about the East Cleveland, Ohio Resturant! First of all quality of food, Speed of Service, Operation Awareness, Attitude tour the customers. The customers makes the business. If they stop coming who would be out of business, you guys will. I been a...

Popeyes Chicken - Ontario, Newmarket / Customer service from restaurant manager

Reviewer58479 on 2015-09-11
I went in to the new popeyes location (Davis Dr.) in Newmarket, Ontario and bought $55 worth of food. 16 pieces of chicken and a chicken sandwich platter witch contained an extra large drink.. i politely asked the manager if i can replace the extra large cup for tqo medium cups so i can...

Popeyes Chicken - Illinois, Chicago / $5.00 Box Meal...

Bobby Cade on 2015-09-05
I entered a Popeye's Chicken Restaurant around 8:00 pm, Friday September 4, 2015, ordered a $5.00 Box Meal, a breast and a thigh, the manger tells me that I have to order "White Meat or Dark Meat", but the advertising says $5.00 Box Meal, "2pc. Mixed", Angry, I order a 2pc white and ordered a thigh which costed $2.07. I want a free meal for that.

Popeyes - Florida, North Miami Beach / Rude service

Daisy flower on 2015-07-27
i was the only person in the restaurant on July 26 2015 store number 4696. So one of the worker after i order my food told that the fries is going to take three minutes are you willing to wait and i said yes. So by the time to food was ready and i was still the only one left in the...

Popeyes / Food

Patricia E.Price on 2015-06-16
When I go to Popeyes I usually got the family meals. They have a meal for 16.99 with 2 large sides and 6 biscuits, but for some reason i have to pay 26.00 to28.00 dollars. There is a charge for biscuits or have to pay extra for the side orders. No one can tell me why . They offer the meal...

Popeye Chicken / Reselling stripped Chicken Breasts

IndMO on 2015-04-08
Bought 11 piece chicken special. Most were tiny wings and legs ( looked almost the size of cornish hens ), but the most outrageous part was 2 of 3 chicken breasts were stripped in the middle & side of meat ( 2/3 of meat removed ). I took pictures for proof. Just wondering if this is standard...

Popeyes Chicken - Indiana, indianapolis / uncooked chicken

inga mcdaniel on 2015-04-04
I purchased a meal on 03/03/2015, of a 2 piece white meal, I started eating the chicken, and start tasting something funny, when I reviewed the chicken I had purchased, it was not cooked, and I saw blood, I followed up with my local hospital e r room, and was admitted for food posiosoing...

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken - New York, East Patchogue / Dirty, Employees smoking pot in parking lot

Jenny Gotlieb on 2015-01-12
I've been to this new location twice. The first time I expected some disorder because they're a new place. However the first time I brought my children, the employees are RUDE, got the order wrong 3x &they were cursing up a storm &I had a 2&3 yr old w/me.The 2nd time wa...

Popeyes Chicken - Indiana, Indianapolis / Poor service

Phil Reagan on 2014-12-18
Stopped for first time at 86th st location. Ordered 4 chicken strips and fries dinners. One spicy. Got home no spices. No extra coleslaw as ordered. Very disappointed. Greasy and all batter. Paid over $36.00 could got steak somewhere. Won't go back. The employees acted like I wa...

Popeyes Chicken - California, Moorpark / Worker mixed the orders

D1ns on 2014-07-27
I was really disappointed in the company Popeyes Chicken Morrpark CA. I ordered chicken from them and told that I wanted not spicy, but the worker provided spicy chicken and I didn’t notice it before. I was upset that they couldn’t provide normal order and mixed simply thing...

Popeyes Chicken / Inflating Computer Charges

groovyedwin on 2014-05-16
Inflate charges by adding 2 Honeys surcharges per Red Beans and Rice side that is ordered with a meal. When asked the manager and cashier say that it is Popeyes policy to charge 20 cents extra when asking for Red Beans and Rice as a side.

Popeye's Chicken / cashier

Gary G Lewis on 2014-03-17
Monday evening at 4:30pm I Gary Lewis . as in the at 31st Popeye's. And I told a cashier, that I wanted a large mash potato and a large Ted bean and rice. And as I was waiting, I notice the cashier had her index finger in my cup. So I told that didn't want that cup, with her...

Popeyes Restaurant - Nevada, Reno / Complete an online survey to receive Validation Code for Free Food is a Scam

SROrtiz on 2014-01-08
I ate at a Popeyes today and completed your online survey in anticipation that I was going to get a validation code to receive free chicken and biscuits only to discover it to be false advertising and a scam...very frustrating because I had to call your corporate office to be transferred...

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