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Popeyes Chicken Complaints & Reviews

Popeyes Chicken / Store #11504

Tony R on Nov 7, 2016
All, I visited your store in Pflugerville Texas after church on Sunday November 6th 2016. First my family order of chicken strips took over 45 minutes to complete. This was after waiting the drive thou line for over 5 minutes first, then walking into the restaurant to make my order. I...

Popeyes Chicken / Unethical behaviour

lilsgonz on Nov 2, 2016
10/30/16 so I visited a Popeye's joint in Seffner Florida, that is in the TA gas station and as I was ordering food a cook walked out to get a drink I noticed a very foul odor to me it smelled like pot. i'm not sure if that is allowed but I think its unfit and not appropriate for a family...

Popeyes Chicken / Service

33KSF on Oct 25, 2016
On several occasions I have gone to the Popeyes on Tower and Green Valley Ranch BLVD in Aurora CO and have been treated very poorly. The customer service is horrible and when you ask to speak to the manager you understand why. Customer service trickles down hill. If you have rude...

Popeyes Chicken / food and manager (chris) - who says he is also the owner

Angelag1 on Oct 2, 2016
Popeye's Restaurant, store #7336, Sale number 409101, Sunday October. 2, 2016 @6:23 PM. Order number 401. I am requesting a refund of $11. 00 I placed an order for one $5 box that was missing my side of Cajun fries, and 6 whole wings that were suppose to be spicy but were cold and mild. I...

Popeyes Chicken / Food complaint

Donna Kingsley on Sep 25, 2016
Popeye's Restaurant, store #10522, Sale number 65540788, Sunday Sept. 25, 2016 @1:10 PM. Order number 116. Today I ordered 3 Cajun fish meals, and 2 regular Red Beans and rice. The total of my bill was $23.76. This store is on E. R L Thornton Frwy. in Dallas Tex. I admit I have not visited...

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken / The chicken

Carol Kerley on Sep 22, 2016
I purchase 9 2pc chicken orders each Tuesday when it is $1.19. I love Popeyes and so does my family...I stopped today 9/21/16 to get the new big box. When I got home and started eating as well as the others I had purchased for said this chicken tastes like it was cooked yesterday. It wa...

Popeyes Chicken / Lack of service

Allaina Grey on Aug 1, 2016
Date of the incident (most recent): 8-1-2016 No client number as they kept our receipt as they were probably trying to cover their mistake. This is also not the first time that they did this. This latest incident occurred between the hours of 3:30-4:00 pm. Full Detail: This is in regards to the...

Popeyes Chicken / Condition of bathroom and food

Charlie Taylor on Jul 7, 2016
7July2016 Time: Between 8:45-9:15 I am trying to put in a complaint about your establishment on Mercer University Dr. in Macon, Ga. As I was using the gentlemen's restroom I noticed the lock on the door was not properly working. I continue to proceed, but while I was using the...

Popeyes / manager of popeyes in severn maryland store 2829

tinkerbell22 on Jun 23, 2016
I went to popeyes on Apr 8 2016 for the special $5dollar box with 2 ps chicken 2 side orders and biscuit. I had 3 orders and The owner put my order in a tray while everyone else around me wasgetting their orders in a big box like the signed said. I asked the manager why was I not getting...

Popeyes Chicken / The size of their chicken wings for $2.00 each

Kathleen D Richards on May 30, 2016
I went to Popeyes Chicken on 51st and Cicero Ave in Chicago, Illinois this after noon and purchased a 3 wings and biscuit meal. I go in there quite a bit as I live close by (Popeyes Chicken store #2438). Lately I've been noticing that the wings are getting smaller, but today it was a joke...

Popeyes Chicken / Poor Service

personwithaservicedog on May 7, 2016
My dog is recognized under the Town of Aurora as a service dog. They didn't clarify if my dog is a service animal or not and SPOKE TO ME AND WARNED me, I shouldn't bring the dog in. I reserved the rights to file a complaint to this store. By laws, service animals can go to public...

Popeye's Chicken / Food

Sharon Crews on Apr 13, 2016
My friend an I were in Chambersburg, Pa on 4/12/16, we went for lunch at Popeye's on US 30. The establishment was clean the people were friendly. We ordered the Surf and Turf, 2 chicken strips with 6 shrimp, biscuit, and 2 sides. When we got our food the chicken strips that came with my...

Popeyes Chicken / served food that was improperly marked

popeyes on Apr 1, 2016
on April 1, 2016 my husband and I drove from Winchester to Lexington to order chicken( about 25 miles). He ordered the 3 piece chicken meal with dark meat. when he opened his box it had a thigh and 2 wings! I ordered the chicken tender box and 2 of the tasty strawberry cheesecake pies they...

Popeyes Chicken / The Product (my food order was completely, wrong but charged $33.95)

roxiefree on Mar 31, 2016
30 MAR 2016 @ 19:56, Store #10520 in Victorville, CA. I ordered several items which were: 1 (11) pcs (strips) H/H meal ( I got regular chicken Legs & thighs) which includes the (2) Lg sides & (6) Biscuits which I didn’t even received for $14.95, but was charged $24.99, (A little high which...

Popeyes Chicken / refusing me a refund after receiving old chicken

tianna111808 on Mar 17, 2016
on march 17, 2016 at around 1:40pm, I went to popeyes to purchase the 11 piece mixed chicken for $13.99, I paid cash for my order, went home never looking in the box to make sure that my order was correct or fresh... 5 hours later, my daughter woke up so I finally open the box to get her...

Popeyes Chicken / Customer Service

Reviewer32490 on Mar 4, 2016
On March 3, 2016 at 9:10 pm my church group stopped by Popeyes Chicken after a church engagement. Our pastor was treating everyone to a 2 piece dinner combo. It was a total of 9 ordered at the drive thru the young lady who took our order told us to come to the window to place our order...

Popeyes Chicken / Operations Disaster/ not does time

Fair and Just on Feb 18, 2016
Popeye's is advertising a shrimp special that is delicious, at a steal, you should try it. But all Popeye's don't participate, call ahead. So I call and sure enough they have, I'm there in line, my phone rings so as not to be rude, I step aside and allow two guest to go ahead of me. I get...

Popeyes Chicken / They never have chicken on hand

PaPa63 on Feb 2, 2016
I go to this Popeyes Chicken at least once a week at different times most of the time its around 5 or 6 o'clock they seem to never have chicken ready for the customers I don't know how many times I have had to wait 30 minutes or more for chicken Also the service and the attitude of the...

Popeyes Chicken / Store

Kristin R on Jan 29, 2016
I live across the street from Popeye's and. they recently remolded their store Denver, CO. 14th Hudson St. 80220. They installed some lights that are shinning directly inside our home ;my 4 year old daughter complains every night of the "Bright light shinning in her window", it is very...

Popeyes Chicken / Food

Reviewer60758 on Dec 23, 2015
I ordered a 8 piece meal half spicy. Well what i got was old dried out and tasteless. I did not get any breast in my order of which i was supposed to get 2. I think there were 2 wings but so small and dried out they looked like deep fried skin. store is at 2005 broadway # 480-733-8160 my...

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