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Planet Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Planet Fitness / Safety at Health Club (Planet Fitness)

UTGal76 on Sep 2, 2016
I just saw a "no guns allowed" sign that was recently posted on the Planet Fitness location where I am a member in Hermitage, TN. I am a handgun carry permit holder (I have passed a background check, had state certified training and my fingerprints taken by authorities). I am a woman who...

Planet Fitness / Membership cancelled

Juleen Jones on Jul 19, 2016
I just learned that my membership was cancelled by a manager due to a misunderstanding. I was stretching in the stretch room... I started to have an allergen dust might attack... I went to get some water. When I returned I noticed the floor was very dirty dusty and had dust ball...

Planet Fitness / Facility Membership

Chris Crocco on Jun 2, 2016
My complaint about Planet Fitness, Johnstown PA, is 2 fold. Check the fine print on their gym membership. By the way, this is the first complaint I have ever filled out on line for anything in my 47 years. When my wife first signed us up, they mad us give bank account access. She gave it...

Planet Fitness / Rip off

Val Johnson on Jun 1, 2016
I called May 13th to see how to cancel my membership. I was told I needed to come in person and sign paperwork. They had just taken my payment for that month so I was stuck with another month. I was told just to come in before the 13th of next month and there would be no more charges. I went...

Planet Fitness / Refused membership unless i granted access to my bank account

Randy Spencer on Mar 23, 2016
Went to new Traverse City Location and inquired about membership. Didn't get far when I was informed they are on probation, and I will have to provide direct access to my bank account to get a membership ! I asked if I could pay a year in advance either on charge card or cash. NOPE, We...

Planet Fitness / Breach of Contract/Consumer Practice Act

Demetrias Jones on Feb 11, 2016
Employee Miguel Vasquez and George has impaired acts of Consumer Sales Practice act misrepresentation that they took advantage of consumer reasonably to protect his interest that transaction was readily obtainable. Employees claimed item was left on table that consumer had left in concern...

Planet Fitness / Unauthorized Charges

Reviewer63652 on Feb 9, 2016
After canceling my membership I was charged 3 times, 3 seperated amounts in the matter of 7 days. The charged the monthly fee which was already cancelled and other fees with no explanation. When you go to the facility the employees are ignorant and have no knowledge of the terms they...

Planet Fitness / Gym Membership Cancellation

Reviewer80850 on Jan 26, 2016
I cancelled my membership with Planet Fitness after I was knocked down by a car able to go to Gym. Now I get a text message saying that my account has been handed over because I owe the gym R700, how does that happen when I sent a doctors letter after I got out of icu. I lodged a complaint...

Planet Fitness / Service

CaptainDanny on Jan 26, 2016
Just before midnight on 1-25-16, I entered the newly opened Planet Fitness in Hammond, La after ending my shift work at a nearby Emergency Room. Already a customer from the Gonzales, La location I was excited to visit this new one located near my place of work. I was greeted by two...

Planet Fitness / Gross Negligence Resulting in Loss of Personal Property

Elizabeth Vallejos on Jan 22, 2016
At 12:30 am on 1/21/16, Christian Evans entered the Planet Fitness gym at 4801 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, depositing his wallet and keys into his locker in the male locker room; he secured the lock and began his normal workout. At approximately 1:30 am, two unidentified...

Planet Fitness / BEWARE WHEN RENEWING MEMBERSHIP - $99 Annual Members

Mikecrad29 on Jan 9, 2016
In addition to a monthly membership fee, Planet Fitness (gym) has offered a deal for the past several years where you pay $99 for the entire year, and no membership renewal fee. I first took advantage of this offer on 12/30/13, and the expiration date on my membership for the following...

Planet Fitness / Staff and Cleanliness

Reviewer49666 on Dec 13, 2015
The staff at night, often are busy laughing and talking to each other, barely say hi to you, often their back are to you and you sign in yourself. They do not make even a fake effort to care about you and hardly look up when you leave. I always try to say have a nice night but they are...

Planet Fitness / Service

Thando_X on Nov 29, 2015
I joined planetfitness just gym in BellviIle.I cancelled my contract beginning of september because I was told that I can't transfer to Cape Town, and I was told that by the end of the month it will be cancelled. I asked the just gym manager if money was deducted for august and september...

Planet Fitness / Gym Membership

Bradley Earl Johnson on Nov 16, 2015
Jessica: I did not deserve to be treated the way I was this morning by you! I am not an unemployed beggar trying to get out of a gym membership fee but a recently retired executive enjoying traveling. To dress me down and humiliate me publicly over a $30 charge that I have tried in good...

Planet Fitness / Failure to provide adequate security

Reviewer58418 on Oct 15, 2015
I was robbed this morning in the gym, after a 2 hour work out came to get my gym bag with my car keys, money and id, but surprise to me someone broke up to the locker, the lack nor the gym bag were there, reported to the general manager and she said there was nothing they could do as there...

Planet Fitness / Gym membership cancellation

Cikiciki on Oct 12, 2015
I was a member of planet fitness for the period of Jan 2010 up to Dec 2012. I've been circling with the issue of a cancelled contract now for over a period of two years and its really sicking that planet fitness is not willing to assist to a point I'm told I have accumulated arrear...

Planet Fitness / Hidden cancellation fee, beware

Yoshi3329 on Sep 8, 2015
I will never recommend these people! I came here to cancel after it no longer became convenient for me to travel back and forth by bus with my new apartment location. These people had the nerve to not only to charge me a few of $58 because I have the black card member (which I ironically...

Planet Fitness / Bad management

Rfraziez on Jun 18, 2015
I have never been treated be little by a place of business that I ever had to deal with like planet fitness in new orleans east. I have been a member since February. I go in a regular basic never had a problem until yesterday. I was told that I have not paid since February. I told...

Planet Fitness / Harassment

Raging Bull on May 21, 2015
Many women are sexually harassed at the Planet Fitness location in downtown Salt Lake City Utah. It is harassing in nature for men to choose a machine next to a woman when there are plenty empty ones to choose from. Then to constantly stare at the woman, watching her breasts and private...

Planet Fitness / Rude/Customer Service

LaKesha Vittitow on Mar 24, 2015
3/24/2015 I experienced a rude person on the phone, her name is Norma. I did not appreciate the way she talked to me nor her customer service. I had a few questions, which I felt I was interupting her and she did not have time to answer my questions. I just joined the gym and my second...

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