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Meijer / One touch meter

Diana Murry on Dec 3, 2016
My doctor put a order in for a one touch meter, strips and lancets on the 21st. of November. I got an text that they didn't have it all. Then finally got 2 text messages saying it was ready so I went on Wednesday the 30th of December @ 9am. Still It was not ready so she called Algonquin...

Meijer / Service

Lynne Poynter Kurtz on Nov 14, 2016
I don't understand why a store that is open 24 hours a day cant not stock the shelves over night.. Doing it on a Monday morning is absolutely uncalled for.. you cant even get down the aisles. Many elderly people shop during this time, there are carts, plus the handicap scooters on top of...

Meijer / Employee

Haley Johnston on Nov 13, 2016
So I am shopping on saturday a normal shopping trip until I encountered a employee talking crap about another shopper. I find this offensive and belitteling. You need to teach your employees so manners, the closer I got I read her name tag and it said sheena, she smelled and very rude. I...

Meijer Lapeer MI / Checkout/ongoing issue

Christina Powell Fader on Oct 25, 2016
I shop at Meijer very frequently. It is close to where I work and is one of the few grocery stores that are open at the time I get out of work. I put up with the incessant barricading of the isles for cleaning because of the before mentioned reasons. I get it. It has to be done, though it...

Meijer #208 / Manager

Twwright on Oct 19, 2016
Terminated by manager Scott Green after confronting him MULTIPLE times that I have higher senority than another team member on the morning shift and I would like to bump him for that shift. A month passes and Manager Scott Green STILL refuses to do a thing for me. I informed him to once...

Meijer Pharmacy / Service

Tish S on Oct 17, 2016
I went into Meijer today in marion In to fill my five year old sons prescription. He was with me fever and all. Ended up spending over a hour there because an idiot "pharmacy tech" or, whatever his job title is decided to give my sons prescription to someone else!!! Unbelievable yes I know...

Meijer / Pharmacy and customer service desk

Dawn Conners on Oct 10, 2016
Once again, today October 10, 2017, I received the same two employees, Tammy and Linda, that are truly always having a bad day. Attempting, once again, to refill a script that was called in by our doctor was not recorded. Tammy informed me rudely it was never received and if it was it...

Meijer store / Poor judgment

JP Duke on Aug 27, 2016
My wife and i visited the meijer store in kokomo, in, (howard county), the next day after a devistating tornado. Arriving in one of the two entrances we noticed skids of bottled water (1gal. & 24 pk) for sale for & $.89 & $ 3.98. Not only did we notice water at one entrance but both. A lot...

Meijer / Employee

User11111111 on Jul 5, 2016
I was just at Meijer and I witnessed an employee wearing a blue shirt (manager) yelling and pointing at an employee in a red shirt (regular) in front of another employee and a few customers along the way. The red shirt had just gotten don't helping someone and was going to wipe her hand...

Meijer / Deli manager steven miller

kathryn16 on Apr 21, 2016
I have been a meijer customer for years and have always went to the deli . But recently since managers changed hands the deli is out dated and not stacked the way it should be. Its not fresh. And when asked why I was told that the new manager didn't order what was needed. My family...

Meijer / Alcohol

Reviewer43031 on Feb 6, 2016
I went to the Meijer in Okemos Michigan to purchase alcohol, tortilla chips, and salsa. I proceeded to go to the checkout where I was asked for my ID, reasonably so I could pass for under 21. I produced my ID and since I am originally from Indiana and just moved up they told me they would...

Meijer / Meijer Brand Shrimp from Thailand

Reviewer46369 on Dec 21, 2015
The Guardian has printed articles about the shrimp industry in Thailand using forced/slave labor to peel and de-vein shrimp: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/series/modern-day-slavery-in-focus+world/thailand. I checked in the Michigan City store yesterday, 12/20/2015, and...

Meijer / Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Reviewer66850 on Dec 17, 2015
So disappointed in your brand of ice cream. I do almost all of my shopping at Meijer. I decided to try your Meijer brand Butter Pecan ice cream; what a disappointment! You should dismiss your Quality Control Department. 1st the ice cream doesn't have any color, nor does it have any flavor...

Meijer / Customer Service

Reviewer15082 on Oct 21, 2015
The credit card stripe wouldn't swipe. I said, punch in the numbers. He said we can't, "Store Policy, " it's for your protection. I said "It's my card and I'm buying one bag of groceries." I was asked to leave the store without my groceries. I was told, I could come back when I had money...

Meijer,Rochester Hill,Mich / Purchasing Liquor

Bloodnut on Sep 5, 2015
I'm 66 years old and last night tried to purchase a bottle of coconut liquor at my local Meijer.At the cash register the cashier asked me for id.I asked if she was joking and got a surly "no" in response.I then asked if she thought I was under 21 to which she replied that it had nothing to...

Meijer / returns

Reviewer93785 on Aug 31, 2015
Briefly, I just want to say i've lost over 300 worth of food scince i started shopping there, , and waited for many mos not telling meijer store, when i did finally get enough, they where nasty, would not listen, aurgued the man was mean who was the manager, I did not get all my money...

Meijers / not honoring sale

gocatsgocards on Apr 26, 2015
Miejers has their own online sales and coupons that you have to "clip" from their website I clipped buy one get two free Massini tshirt tops. no where on the clipped coupon, inlcuding on the exclusions and terms does it state you cannot use for the Massini clearance t shirts I tried to buy...

Meijer's Meat Dept. / Pork Chops

Walter Seward on Jan 14, 2015
My Wife bought some Pork Chops Monday and fixed them Wednesday evening and after frying them there was about 1/4" of water, not grease, but water in the skillet. Is your Meat market adding water to their meat products to raise the weight of the product ? We also bought a bag of Michigan...

meijer pumpkin pie mix / gritty or sand like texture in mix

BeckyP60 on Dec 26, 2014
I bought Meijer pumpkin pie mix made my pies and the pies tastes like it had sand in it had to waste 2 pies and throw them away I had that brand a lot of times before but decided I will from now on stick to the libbys brand we had no dessert for Christmas day

Meijers In Bloomington Normal Il / Dressing rooms

stayc on Nov 30, 2014
I like shopping at Meijers And I love going late night. But I am done with this store. I was there about 1Am and I wanted to try on Jeans and I was told no. The dressing rooms close at 10pm. Due to other people steeling. The people who your going to make money off of has to treated like...

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