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Kroger - North Carolina, Durham / Got complained about at and after 2 days got asked to leave Kroger

Reviewer29636 on 2016-01-14
At 10:17 pm, I went to Kroger of North point drive. And thought it better explained. A few years since I caught a few butchers get complaints of ribeyes being substituted with flank meat and steak ends up uneatable after 28 counts of falsefying ribeyes and immediately let the manager know...

Kroger - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Frontend

Kroger533 on 2016-01-07
This is such a clean wonderful store love the customers. It is the management that needs to be completely taken out and new management brought in. They have to many people on the front end who wants to act like managers. Some of the people who wear the red vest can care less about what...

Kroger - West Virginia, Morgantown / My medications

Reviewer80247 on 2016-01-06
My Kroger Pharmacy keeps running out of 2 of my pain medications all the time. They told me to call ahead so they can make sure to order more if they're running low but that doesn't work either. They kep giving it out to other customers and when I go in they're out again. It...

Kroger - Ohio, Toledo / Pharmacist

Noaddict1 on 2016-01-04
Wow, I don't know where to start. I Have been a customer for a long time. A fairly new pharmacist there has given me nothing but problems and embarrassment. I am on suboxone, but I am on it for psoriatic arthritis and Lupus. For pain. It is now being widely used for many things, not...

Kroger - Washington, Renton / Rewards customer service on the phone

Very Upsett on 2015-12-31
I called the customer service, and was put on hold for 27 mins. Finally a woman identifying herself as "Vi...ki" or "Vi...ci" answered. She told me that the survey I took online would take 2-5 days to have my account credited with 50 points. I took the survey 2 days earlier, and the point...

Kroger Grocery Store - California, Pasadena / Web page on Kroger FeedBack

Reviewer52615 on 2015-12-04
On the Kroger Feedback site, he Entry Ed cursor must be moved manually for each of the SIX SEPARATE NUMBERS. On other websites the cursor moves automatically to the next entry. Online and by phone, FOR OVER ONE YEAR, I have requested that the web site improve to the automatic cursor...

Kroger - Kentucky, Elizabethtown / Fired Unjustly

Reviewer19019 on 2015-12-03
Dec. 3, 2015. Went into work today and was surprised to see a new cake decorator. Following the next 15 minutes, my deli coworker was called up to the office. I looked at the schedule and it had all my days marked out with a comment "have finals cant work." No one in the building knew I...

Kroger - Kansas, wichita / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer68053 on 2015-11-18
On Saturday the fourteenth of November, I was waiting in line at 21st and maize Dillon's at the meat and seafood counter and an African american male started to raise his voice at the younger lady who was helping me. She looked a bit embarrassed, and how i was raised no one should be...

Kroger - Ohio, Kenton / My daughter being accused of stealing when she was walking around the store with three things of makeup in her hand.

LizWahl on 2015-11-16
The store manager was approach by supposedly another customer and told him that my 11 year old daughter was stealing the lip gloss by sticking it in her purse. Which she did not she had it in her had the whole time. I was also told that another lady saw it to. The manager tried to bribe u...

Kroger Grocery Store - Indiana, Elkhart / Products not ringing up on sale, no one on the floor to help, and occasionally rotten vegetables and fruits

Reviewer15207 on 2015-11-11
I've been shopping at Kroger for almost twenty years and each year it just gets worse! I've seen giant rats running up the water drains in the store, stray cats, birds and mice. The products that are on sale each month there's always something that doesn't ring up right. There is no one...

Kroger Pharmacy - Ohio, Beavercreek / Pharmacy - transfer perscription and get $1.00 off fuel

lee3sue on 2015-11-07
I transferred a prescription and turned in coupon for $1.00 off of gallon of gas when we filled the medicine. when we did we were told we didn't qualify for offer because we were on medicare. So if I can't get savings because I am old I wont be shopping there either.

Kroger - Tennessee, Nashville / No stock on shelves

Reviewer10648 on 2015-11-04
3 days ago I went into the Kroger store located on Clarksville Highway in Nashville, TN to purchase some Cream of Wheat cereal. All they had on the shelf was the instant pack boxes not the regular box of Cream of Wheat I buy. I stopped back this afternoon after 5pm and they still did not...

Turkey Hill Stores - Pennsylvania, Middletown / Employee Terri Fink

Reviewer93789 on 2015-11-02
Look we are getting tired of Terri Fink just about every month she is taking off to go to the Beach now she took off and went on a cruise it seem like that she does not want to work she come in when she want to. We all are getting tired of her now and we have to pick up after her. She evens has a smart mouth on her. This has to stop now.

Kroger / Employment

Nothaving1 on 2015-10-25
I was recently offered employment with Kroger. I was originally excited about the opportunity but to my surprise one of the workers made the company appear unreliable. I conveyed to the first person I spoke with in regards to the pay scale and the lady from corporate advised me to wait...

Kroger - West Virginia, Beaver / Service

hardworkingbiker on 2015-10-17
Went shoping after work wanted a ham cut up first guy would not do it second guy sent me to a third mgr. Came she was nice but i waited 17 mins. Till it was done being cut up while going up front guys in front laughing got so mad i walked out went to food lion so nice to me kroger is not...

Kroger / Sales items don't check out as on sale

Reviewer82096 on 2015-10-10
Multiple times I have purchased an item listed as on sale only to have it check out as full price. When telling the cashier that I don't want it if it isn't on sale I am told to go stand in customer service line, which is long and only has one person working there. Items on...

Kroger / Most complex and confusing receipt

Reviewer46825 on 2015-10-04
Kroger has the most complex and confusing receipt as well as on the price screen when scanning items I have ever experienced. Kroger cares more about how much money they claim to save you (very bold) so I can’t even see what the costs of items are (not in bold). We believe Kroger doe...

Kroger / Failure to coordinate return recalled of items

Reviewer33457 on 2015-09-02
I went to Kroger 1001 N Beckley yesterday to return black pepper and garlic powder that Kroger had distributed a return call that I had purchased around the month of May. There was only one person in the Customer Services counter with a line of 10 people and growing to be serviced. I asked...

Kroger - Michigan, East Lansing / Smokers

cbmarie on 2015-08-04
This location has a picnic table outside the front of the store where the employee smokers go (Assumingly) on their breaks. Customers have to walk by this area entering and leaving the store. It is very off-putting and inconsiderate to say the least. Bystanders should not be forced to be...

Krogerfeedback.com - Ohio, Dayton / Ficticious Spent2 hours trying to get into this site at 3 different times in past 3 weeks my computer says unsecure site and other message bogus site

Dinah Thompson on 2015-08-01
Have tried aprox. 2 hours apiece for the last 3 weeks to use my store receipt and enter contest and survey at www.krogerfeedback.com and my computer tells me 2 different messages-- 1 unsecure web site and the 2nd message bogus site. If you are no longer offering this and the chance for...

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