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Kroger Complaints & Reviews

Kroger - Georgia, Macon / Molded fruit

Jennifer Leclair on Aug 17, 2016
I went into my local Kroger here in Macon, GA last week and purchased a bag of ocean spray tangerines. I gave one to my 3 year old to eat and he said it didn't taste like the "normal ones" so upon looking into the bag almost all of them were soft, spoiled and had black mold looking spot...

Kroger - Ohio, Monroe / 4 tins of milk

Stephen Gyambrah on Aug 10, 2016
I bought 4 carnation fat free tins of milk and prepared my raisin cereal eat. When i opened the milk and poured it in my cereal i saw that the color was didn't look right so tasted it and it seem funny. I decided to look at the date and found out all four ha expired. Some dated last year. I...

Kroger - Tennessee, Memphis / Western union

mishaw22 on Aug 10, 2016
On sunday july 10th i sent a money transfer with western union going to jacksonville fl. On Monday july11 when my uncle went to pick it up the money was gone. I called western union customer service line and they stated that the destination was changed to memphis tn and the money had been...

Kroger Foods / Being lied to and told I want be helped by union #520

Wooooo on Jul 29, 2016
I have been at #520 Kroger for Almost 3 yr I have had some things I needed to talk to at my store but don't really think there is anyone there who will listen to me I k ow I won't talk to !y store manager Kurt gladly because when I did he sat me down and Everytime I said something he would...

Kroger - Virginia, Salem / Sugarhouse maple streusel breakfast bread

Virginia Ponder on Jul 9, 2016
Took a couple pieces out to cook. Found a cockroach baked in the bread slides. That's very gross and nasty. I buy this bread allot, well I did! I have a picture of where it came out of a air pocket, thinking it was a raisin. Then remembered this loaf don't have them..

Kroger - Alabama, Athens / Terminated Without Notice

MorrisO87 on Jul 7, 2016
I have been working for Kroger (store 255) for about two months. Everything from my stand point was going well because I hadn't received any negative feedback or write ups. I was asked if I could work another shift for a different department in which I haven't had any training in, however...

Kroger / Kroger brand Tortilla Cupz

Laurea Gnall on Jul 2, 2016
Today July 2, 2016 we purchased two bags of Tortilla Cupz at the 4900 Port Royal Road, Spring Hill, TN 1-1931-560-2141. After eating a few, the next one pulled out of the bag was stuck together inside one another. When I pulled them apart a white chicken feather covered with black speck...

Kroger / Minute Maid mango passion fruit light 15 calorie drink

Steve Bennett on Jun 19, 2016
I have requested this product several times . I have filled in request forms at the following locations : Hubbards lane (twice), Prospect, Shelbyville Road Middletown. This product was in a weekly ad dated May 29th. I checked several stores with no success . I requested this again from a...

Kroger - Michigan, Roseville / Meat and Deli

Connie Regenauer on Jun 8, 2016
Having shopped at Kroger, 26130 Gratiot, Roseville, MI store my entire adult life, It has become a downward spiral! Employees in the Meat Department must be Clueless as to how to trim/cut meat! Odd shaped Steaks and Roasts with LOTS of FAT left on! Ups the cost i'm sure, But what ever...

Kroger / Krafts caramels

Bev Garner on Jun 3, 2016
This item is carried in Krogers stores but is Never on the shelves! I purchas this item weekly for my diabetic son for insulin control so it isn't just a sugar craving! The store at 7300 Yankee Rd, Liberty Twp, Oh 45044 is where I shop and no one I have spoken to has an answer as to the...

Kroger - Ohio, cincinnati, ohio / Mt. Airy location - service

Debi Cobb on Apr 22, 2016
I have no idea what your plan is for this location but it is terrible. Ever since you got rid of all the seasoned employees and brought in the new ones has made this place a disaster. I spend 45 minutes navigating through the isles, trying to find everything on my list, which I didn't, to...

Kroger - Virginia, Chester / Management

UNHAPPY524 on Mar 27, 2016
I was hired with Kroger in the Click List department.I was told if I worked hard I would get hours. I get 10-20 a week. I noticed a few gals with 30 hours a week. I heard they are friendly with the manager. I notice they get hours and sit around and do nothing while I am sent home. They...

Kroger - Kentucky, Corbin / Employee stealing personal information

Teresaprofitt on Mar 25, 2016
I filled out a kroger card where my boy friends ex girl friend workds.She got the address off of our card to have a epo served on him for stalking as well as other falsified complaintsfor comming int her work.I do hav e emails of her asking him to pick up his belongings at front desk .Thi...

Kroger - Kentucky, Owensboro / Debit cards

glwhitt on Mar 12, 2016
Went to Kroger on 03/12/16 and tried to use my debit card as credit. I was told that I had to use a pin number with a chip card. The cashier told me that all stores were going to this practice and the manger said the debit card needed a pin number or it would not work. I do not believe...

Kroger - Indiana, Kokomo / Interviewing Process

Noree on Mar 8, 2016
I had an interview for Kroger's in Kokomo IN on Dixon street on 03/04/16, the Co-Manager(Travis) that interviewed me sized me up before I could have a seat for the initial interview. As the interview process begin he asked me a couple of questions about myself in which he was given...

Kroger - North Carolina, Durham / Got complained about at and after 2 days got asked to leave Kroger

Reviewer29636 on Jan 14, 2016
At 10:17 pm, I went to Kroger of North point drive. And thought it better explained. A few years since I caught a few butchers get complaints of ribeyes being substituted with flank meat and steak ends up uneatable after 28 counts of falsefying ribeyes and immediately let the manager know...

Kroger - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Frontend

Kroger533 on Jan 7, 2016
This is such a clean wonderful store love the customers. It is the management that needs to be completely taken out and new management brought in. They have to many people on the front end who wants to act like managers. Some of the people who wear the red vest can care less about what...

Kroger - West Virginia, Morgantown / My medications

Reviewer80247 on Jan 6, 2016
My Kroger Pharmacy keeps running out of 2 of my pain medications all the time. They told me to call ahead so they can make sure to order more if they're running low but that doesn't work either. They kep giving it out to other customers and when I go in they're out again. It...

Kroger - Ohio, Toledo / Pharmacist

Noaddict1 on Jan 4, 2016
Wow, I don't know where to start. I Have been a customer for a long time. A fairly new pharmacist there has given me nothing but problems and embarrassment. I am on suboxone, but I am on it for psoriatic arthritis and Lupus. For pain. It is now being widely used for many things, not...

Kroger - Washington, Renton / Rewards customer service on the phone

Very Upsett on Dec 31, 2015
I called the customer service, and was put on hold for 27 mins. Finally a woman identifying herself as "Vi...ki" or "Vi...ci" answered. She told me that the survey I took online would take 2-5 days to have my account credited with 50 points. I took the survey 2 days earlier, and the point...

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