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Publix Super Markets Complaints & Reviews

Publix Super Markets - Tennessee, Old Hickory / Manager

Big K.W. on 2015-12-07
I have never been so embarrassed in my life, The Assistant Manager at the Publix in Hermitage, Tn. on 3 separate occasions has screamed at employees in front of the whole store, it was so bad the last time it embarrassed me to the point that I WILL NEVER shop at a Publix Supermarket again...

Publix Super Markets, Inc. / Absurd Flintstonian internet access policy

Reviewer78296 on 2015-11-08
Access to www.publix.com is being restricted to ips that are ONLY in the USA. I live out of the country and wanted to check product availability in Coral Springs Florida as I and my family will be vacationing there for 4-6 weeks!! I have run numerous tests (pings) from proxy sites in and...

Publix - Florida, Winter Haven / Produce, watermelon

mikkiG on 2015-10-02
The watermelons at Publix, North Gate, Winter Haven, Fl are terrible. They must be old, I bought three seedless ones lately, and all three were a very pale pink, and mealy. I am very annoyed that I have to cart home a watermelon, cut it up, and have this mealy slush . I am disappointed in...

Publix Super Markets, Inc. - Florida, Windermere / Manager cussing out an employee

Reviewer66273 on 2015-09-22
My son has worked for Publix for several years. A manager called him into the office and cussed him out. Is this considered professional behavior in the work place? I have an issue with this. There is NEVER a time in the work place to use this type of behavior!!!

Publix Super Markets, Inc. / Unethical behaviour

Publix Is Uncaring on 2015-09-12
My complaint is with an employee from Publix @ Pinecrest FL. 33156. A woman there named Christine Gutierrez who's a Customer Service Team Leader is a backstabbing 2 faced individual. She's only nice n polite when she wants to be & to whoever she wants to be. I feel that she lack...

Publix Super Markets, Inc. / Noise

Audrey Neal on 2015-08-31
To Whom this may concern: These signs where put up behind your store loading docks a month or so ago, by your property manager Miss Roxanne Hargis rh@exceltrust.com. I doubt she has made plans to have someone monitoring these signs. Because they have not been, unless the drivers do not read...

Publix - South Carolina, North Myrtle beach / People

Annoyed833 on 2015-07-03
I have worked at this new publix for about two months. I am a very cheerful person and I am always getting complements for how friendly I am by customers. I was complemented to a passing by store manager and he didn't even say anything about my speedy check out lane. I had a costomer...

Publix - Georgia, Brunswick / treatment of customers

SandyJones on 2015-06-08
This has to do with the manager of Publix in Brunswick, Georgia. I always thought that if you want customers, you need to be nice to them. Well the manger in Brunswick is NOT!!!. I believe her name is Keisha or something like that. She is basically rude. I was in there shopping a few day...


publixsucks on 2015-01-29
Publix is the absolute worst place to work for. The managers are all super anal about everything... yet they don't help with anything. My assistant grocery manager literally spends half his days on instagram posting selfies in his work clothes. They have a million customer service...

Publix / poor working conditions

sngelee59 on 2015-01-12
I was working there for several months in the Deli.The store us a nicer Publix from stores.The Deli was much nicer than other stores but the moral of the staff was the most discusting I have ever seen.They behaved as if they were teenagers from the streets who are troubled. They fought and...

Publix / Who really owns publix??

GETOUTFAST on 2014-11-10
Campaign finance $7, 158, 747 given, i see why publix associates don't make any money, looks like publix love's giving money in return for favors to the republican party. . Http: / / influenceexplorer.com / organization / publix - super - markets ...

Publix / Denial of 1st Amendment Rights and Racism

uga81 on 2014-10-03
As an employee of Publix I have to deal with many people all day long. Publix has denied me my right to free speech and in doing so has demonstrated racism. Yesterday, I was in the backroom discussing how the ISIS terrorist were cutting peoples heads off. A Morrocan woman of Muslim faith...

Publix / Don't get sold out to the bull c***.

GETOUTFAST on 2014-08-08
Publix has all you workers sold out to some bullshit...And they make you believe publix is the best place to work no other place is better... Brainwashing cash cows who love to look good in public eye... With so much wrong that goes on in them stores, all the higher up (managers etc..) at...

Publix - Florida, Orlando / Terrible Customer Service

SUZETTE83 on 2014-07-14
I have been a loyal Publix customer since I was a little girl, 17 plus years. It has always been my families grocery store due to the excellent customer service . It truly makes us feel so comfortable and we trust the Publix brand. Until this past Friday July 11, 2014 . I am never one to...

Publix - Florida, Sarasota / Return of the fly

GETOUTFAST on 2014-07-13
Subject today is THE FLY yes THE FLY, But not the movie... Why is it Publix with all there food safety crap, , Publix cant control THE FLY??? Fry's are everwhere in Publix stores, The deli you see them land on top of customers food, I was at the deli to get two pounds of publix turkey...

Publix / Bullied and harassment

GETOUTFAST on 2014-06-03
I know what all you publix people mean on this board. . I moved to new area and started at new store,. I was so hurt, bullied, belittled, by my dept manager for a year, i had 12 years in with publix, family of 6, 4 children, publix was my business, i would dress up nice, loved it. . But...

Publix / Worst Place To Work Ever

Unhappy Worker08 on 2014-03-25
Publix is the worst place ever to work for I've been employed since I was 14 yrs of age & I've never been treated so unfairly at a workplace & Im praying God hears my prayers & bless me with something better sooner rather than later Lord knows I don't deserve this but I have to take care of my babies :-(...

Publix / No Where else to shop

GETOUTFAST on 2014-02-25
Where to shop in Florida for Goods?? I'm seeing more stores, thinking how Publix is just one food chain here in Florida.They have a strong hold.. After having witnessing bad inhuman things happen at Publix, Re dating of pre made packages of product, Dry old chicken, managers rude with...

Publix - Florida, South Florida / Bad Service, Bad Acts Toward Workers

GETOUTFAST on 2014-02-14
After having stopped into a Publix location to pick up subs, been waiting in line for 25 minutes. My wife and I were pretty upset about this. Also having seen crazy things happen as customers..We phoned Customer service in Lakeland about this deli and explained what had happen, seeing one...

Publix - Florida, South Florida / Publix Slave Drivers

GETOUTFAST on 2014-02-13
Driving down South Florida, we stopped into a Publix off 41, Since there was a Walmart down the road we passed, we wanted some Publix subs.. So as I walked up to the sub counter with my list (4) subs, I was 6th in line.. From the looks it was busy, so I waited.Just one person making sub...

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