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Frigidaire / Electrolux Complaints & Reviews

Frigidaire / Refrigerator FGTR 2045QF1

George Kerelejza on 2016-05-06
Bought product 12/15. Knew immediately it was defective with ice cream melting & bread & ice cubes not freezing. Store refused to take it back (it was 3 days old) insisting I get Frigidaire authorized repairman. After EIGHT repair visits & several parts replaced product was still...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Dishwasher

S. Strawn on 2016-05-05
My dishwasher caught fire almost 3 months ago. Thank God we were awake still or we would have lost the whole kitchen! The unit is less than 2 years old. Clearly not defective due to age. The fire was thankfully put out by our fire extinguisher, but also resulted in a big mess. I lost a day...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Our new refrigerator broke 5 times in 6 months!!!

Milena Millard on 2016-04-05
This was just a beginning of our journey into Frigidaire hell! We purchased our brand spanking new refrigerator from Best Buy. In the first two weeks after delivery, the thermostat stopped working and the door handle fell off. After the delayed repair of the handle, the next month the...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Microwave/ Frigidaire is not passionate about there products or customers

Vue2 on 2016-03-11
Frigidaire professional stainless series microwave, stopped working in less than 3 months, over 6 weeks now, 2 service visits still not working. Frigidaire refuses to answer the question, how much do I have to deal with before it gets replaced. Soon it will be longer it has not worked v...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Dryer

Alice Vernimo Scott on 2016-02-24
On January 30th my dryer went up in flames, the fire dept. Said electrical inside dryer.thank god we were home but got alto of smoke damage. Now February 24th and still in motel. Nerves are shot, had renters INS. But still waiting to hear from them. Is there anything that can be done about...

Frigidaire / Dishwasher

Reviewer36087 on 2016-02-24
My name is William Robbins and I live in Richmond, VA. I am contacting you today to voice my concern about the course of events transpiring over the past month. On August 9th 2015 my wife and I purchased a brand new Frigidaire Dishwasher – Model Number FFBD2411NS6B. Frigidaire is a brand we...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Upright Freezer

kingtows on 2016-02-12
Please stay away from Frigidaire products they customer service are bad my freezer has been broken down for 1 month and half and 5 techs have came out to fix it and they can't fix it and Frigidaire knows its not fixable but they still want to send another tech to fix it, they are a joke just like there products stay far from there products.

Frigidaire / Electrolux - Florida, Miami / Induction stove top, microwave oven combo

Reviewer87947 on 2015-12-31
My husband and I are disgusted with the service and support that has been offered to us with our Frigidaire appliances. Mr. Keith McLaughlin, President and CEO of Frigidaire, you should be ashamed that none of your customer service reps seem to know who you are. When we called the call...

Electrolux / Icon Refrigerator

Joe5678 on 2015-12-16
It is infuriating that a company does not stand behind their product. The interior of my Electrolux refrigerator is falling apart. The plastic supports are cracked and broken, making the drawers sit askew. I have spoken to customer service twice... no help. When requesting to speak to a...

Frigidaire / VISSANI 10.cf Top Freezer Refrigerator

Tj Maloney on 2015-11-26
Purchased from Home Depot in November of 2013. Two months running and then just died. Warranty covered repair service. Ran for about a month and died again. Pattern continued throughout one year warranty period. Service technician kept replacing different parts over the course of about 4...

Frigidaire - North Carolina, Charlotte / Professional Series 30" Electric Double ove model # FPET3085KF

Reviewer35588 on 2015-11-23
The oven bottoms are made of a very poor quality material and warp. On the top oven a hole has been burned through the bottom and exposed the heating element. This is a very serve hazard and could cause personal injury/death. This unit was purchased on Jan. 13. 2013, not very old. After...

Frigidaire - Georgia, Augusta / Refrigerator

Shirley DeMan on 2015-11-18
I purchased a Frigidaire stove and refrigerator this year 2015. I have had the refrigerator serviced six times. The problem is the same, as the refrigerator freezer keeps icing up. The employees at Frigidaire have not been helpful. They have kept telling me to have the refrigerator...

Frigidaire / Dehumidifier

Randy1974 on 2015-11-05
My dehumidifier has a has a high pitch squeal. I contacted frigidaire they said check the screen filter i only had it three weeks so i checked it any whey clean. I emailed them back and asked for a different one or my money back i heard nothing from them. I'm ready to throw this one out. I bought the dehumidifier from amazon.com

Frigidaire / Refrigerator, stovetop, washer. Microwave

jonathan50 on 2015-10-29
We recently purchased our current home. It was extensively renovated by the prior owners 3 years ago. All new frigidaire appliances were installed including washer, dryer, stove top, microwave, refrigerator and dish washer. In the four months we have lived here the stove top failed and had...

Frigidaire / Microwave

Reviewer54527 on 2015-10-26
New microwave quit heating after 3 weeks. We worked through dealer and Frigidaire. We are into the 3rd month and were told it would be more weeks. We have been promised 5 shipment dates. Today the dealer was told "We had signed off and the dealer would not be given anymore information."...

Frigidaire / Upright freezer

Reviewer23021 on 2015-10-15
Floor burn in spot where FREEZER motor is...motor is to close to the floor...we had it about five or six years and from the start it was not in good working order. kept smelling something BURNING but could not find it...exterminator move the FREEZER and that's when I saw the big...

Frigidaire / Upright Freezer

Jwm58 on 2015-10-13
I purchased a Frigidare Upright Freezer. When they delivered the freezer they handed me a package with the key inside. I found the key is plastic. I contacted customer service and was basically told that's what comes with it sorry. Plastic will break and then how will I get into the...

Electrolux - North Carolina, Charlotte / Front load washer / model EIFLS60LT

Reviewer69368 on 2015-10-10
Purchased new in May 2015. Within one month starting getting very loud and vibrating during spin cycle with very small loads. Weeks later started leaking into bottom stand drawer and onto floor. Service called and revealed "spider wheel" extremely loose causing wear completely thru tub...

Frigidaire / Gas Dryer Motor Fire

Reviewer91076 on 2015-09-29
Our Frigidaire Gas Dryer caught fire. Luckily we were home. Sept, 29, 2015 It was model # XD81005223 The lint trap, vent and hose were kept clean religiously. The area in front of the motor had some lint build up, but I could tell from the smell, it was electrical. Fire department came...

Frigidaire / Connectors for your small portable dishwashers.

Dreama McGinnis on 2015-09-20
My daughter purchased one of your small portable dishwashers from Lowe's in Beckley WV. When she received the dishwasher it only came with one size connector to hook it up to the kitchen faucet. Needless to say this connector did not fit her faucet. After three trips to Lowe's and her...

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