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Dollar General / Rude behavior

Lgprice99 on Aug 18, 2016
Monday August 5, 2016 went in to dollar general and picked up 2 sunday state papers to purchase, stood in line for 10 minutes, finally got to cashier, manager then comes up and rudely takes the papers out my hands, snaps at me that I shouldn't have come behind the counter to get them...

Dollar General Corporation / Stores dirty and shelves empty!!!!

Mary Charlson-Kinsey on Aug 17, 2016
AT 3175 EMPLOYEE was more into talking to the other clerk and not paying attention to checking out his customer as he scan my stuff. As he scan he just shoved articles in one bag and never engaged with his customer. I did tell the cashier he was ruin by turning his back to me and ignoring...

Dollar General - Louisiana, Blanchard / Rude cashier - needs to be fired!

David Leon Potter on Aug 14, 2016
My complaint involves the Dollar General in Blanchard Louisiana. There is a little old lady cashier there, named Alma. Alma is rude and disrespectful to the customers there. I am not the only one that thinks that something needs to be done about this. On Sunday, August 18th, 2016, at about...

Dollar General - West Virginia, Morgantown / Harassment at the Morgantown WV Dollar General store on high street

Michelle_ev on Jul 28, 2016
I have been a long time customer at this particular Dollar General n my home town Morgantown West virginia on high street. I have never had any issues with anyone at this store until a few months back new Employee's started working at this store A few months back including the manager...

Dollar General - West Virginia, Morgantown / Harassment by employees at morgantown wv dollar general on high street

Michelle Evans on Jul 28, 2016
I have been a long time customer at this particular dollar general in my home town morgantown west Virginia dollar general on high st for a long time and I've never had the problem I am having in the store now until new employees started working inside the store a few months back including...

Dollar General - North Carolina, Troy / The lady left the store

Margaret1214 on Jul 26, 2016
I went to Dollar General today and as I pulled up at 8:05 the lady working there walks out and goes and sits in her car. The store opened at 8:00 and people were pulling in and leaving. Everyone there was mad and upset and she still sat there on the phone and wouldn't open the doors. I...

Dollar General - Kentucky, Benton / Filthy Store, inside and out

Katie Guill Reid on Jul 12, 2016
Beginning with the parking lot, there are cigarette butts all along the curbs, and trash all over the parking lot. The shopping carts are lined up, many with trash inside the carts. Most times you can pass by and see employees themselves outside on the side of the building smoking. Inside...

Dollar General - Alabama, Gadsden / Managers harassing employees and district manager Drunk

DG Hood on Jun 29, 2016
This company has so many issue I don't know where to start. I am a customer and also speaking out for employees there. The store Manager Steve Hunter is incompetent. I have heard him asking employees the same questions over and over, following them around and virtually harassing them...

Dollar General - Texas, Kaufman / remolding

runamonk on Jun 27, 2016
I visit the store in Kaufman Texas on Washington street. the bathroom is falling apart it is hotter than *** in there. You cant get through the isles with so much stuff to be put onto shelves. The people are friendly enough just bad store. I love to shop here it is so convenient to run to...

Dollar General / Shelves not stocked

helpthestore on Jun 20, 2016
6/20/16 In the past few weeks the store has been getting worse with shelves not stocked. Looks like they are going out of business. My husband and I go to a Dollar General one to three times a week. We have our favorite items we like to purchase for ourselves and grandchildren. In the last...

Dollar General - Texas, Cooper / They stopped carrying Dollar General Brand Diet Cola!

V W on Jun 7, 2016
I am a Diabetic & on a fixed income. I shop my local Dollar General Store VERY frequently. For the last month/6 weeks I noticed they were out of the 12 pack of Clover Valley, (Dollar General Store Brand), diet cola. I though maybe it just has not came in or any was ordered, (this store has a...

Dollar General / Store and Employees

Joanne Vandergriff on Jun 1, 2016
I arrived to employees both were outside the store sitting smoking with two others people. The store in disarray, but the employees were relaxing, smoking, joking. You have to walk through a cloud of smoke to even get in. The door is wide open so actually the smoke was even inside. I have...

Dollar General Corporation - Mississippi, Gulfport / False Advertising-Incorrect Discount Code

Susan Schiller on May 29, 2016
5-21-16 Store #14814 on the corner of County Farm Road and Cable Bridge in Gulfport, MS Survey code 147344373051283 Request a FULL refund. Sold a skirt that was supposed to be 40% off from $12.50 only to find when I checked my receipt in the car that I had been charged $9.00. I did not...

Dollar General / The whole store!

MawMawCGreen on May 25, 2016
I have lived in this small town all my life. I like going to Dollar General stores, but I visit other locations or other stores over the Dollar General in my hometown. My last visit on May 19, 2016 at 10:40am I found the store inside to be very dirty and very disorderly. Boxes or stocker...

Dollar General / Rug doctor

BCSMITH44 on May 7, 2016
On April 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm. My granddaughter rented the RUG DOCTOR to clean my car seats. She paid $40.00 to rent it. The next morning she was going to clean it. She started to work on the seats and less than five minutes into it the machine stopped. Needless to say she was upset. She...

Dollar General / Employee mistreatment

jstone1023 on Apr 26, 2016
I was recently an Assistant Manager of a DG and just got tired of being mistreated. There's only so many times you can take being told in front of people that you don't work or do your job. Or get in trouble for little things and watch everyone else get treated like they are gold and don't...

Dollar General / Poor air quality in store

lbhall on Apr 25, 2016
Store in Warner Oklahoma.. The outside temp was 80 degrees, the inside store temp was about 90. It was so hot in the store that the employees had the front doors open. They said they have no control over the thermostat and that corporate controlled the air. Most of the food items I bought...

Dollar General / Arizona Geen Tea

Lynette Gares on Apr 22, 2016
I have been going in to the store in Chapman, Kansas for the last 3 weeks, sometimes twice a week and they have not had any Arizona Green Tea on the shelf. I have asked several times and they just said that they didn't know if they we going to get it anymore. On April 20th, 2016 I...

Dollar General / Dirty outside store

MeOne on Apr 19, 2016
Store #8641, Located in Nashville Mi. Zip code 49073. This store has too much trash outside. things like cigarette butts everywhere, cardboard trash in lawn. broken glass. etc. My son is 7 years old and was going to use the outside trashcan, but there isn't one and i watched employee...

Dollar General Corporation / Customer Service

Connie Brumback on Apr 6, 2016
I have just recently started buying some clothing for my grandchildren at your store. I purchased several items and the next day changed my mind about a couple of them so I returned them. The lady in charge, Wendy, automatically said you can't have any refunds and then proceeded to ask me...

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