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Dollar General / Rug doctor

BCSMITH44 on 2016-05-07
On April 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm. My granddaughter rented the RUG DOCTOR to clean my car seats. She paid $40.00 to rent it. The next morning she was going to clean it. She started to work on the seats and less than five minutes into it the machine stopped. Needless to say she was upset. She...

Dollar General / Employee mistreatment

jstone1023 on 2016-04-26
I was recently an Assistant Manager of a DG and just got tired of being mistreated. There's only so many times you can take being told in front of people that you don't work or do your job. Or get in trouble for little things and watch everyone else get treated like they are gold and don't...

Dollar General / Poor air quality in store

lbhall on 2016-04-25
Store in Warner Oklahoma.. The outside temp was 80 degrees, the inside store temp was about 90. It was so hot in the store that the employees had the front doors open. They said they have no control over the thermostat and that corporate controlled the air. Most of the food items I bought...

Dollar General / Arizona Geen Tea

Lynette Gares on 2016-04-22
I have been going in to the store in Chapman, Kansas for the last 3 weeks, sometimes twice a week and they have not had any Arizona Green Tea on the shelf. I have asked several times and they just said that they didn't know if they we going to get it anymore. On April 20th, 2016 I...

Dollar General / Dirty outside store

MeOne on 2016-04-19
Store #8641, Located in Nashville Mi. Zip code 49073. This store has too much trash outside. things like cigarette butts everywhere, cardboard trash in lawn. broken glass. etc. My son is 7 years old and was going to use the outside trashcan, but there isn't one and i watched employee...

Dollar General Corporation / Customer Service

Connie Brumback on 2016-04-06
I have just recently started buying some clothing for my grandchildren at your store. I purchased several items and the next day changed my mind about a couple of them so I returned them. The lady in charge, Wendy, automatically said you can't have any refunds and then proceeded to ask me...

Dollar General / Working There

Useless Kid on 2016-03-23
I am a Key holder of a Dollar General in Illinois. I have been there for almost a year in June. Anytime I work there I get in trouble for the little things I don't get done instead of getting acknowledged for the things I accomplish. I have the most friendly customer service out of anyone...

Dollar General / Unfair treatment

Nabi Lee on 2016-03-19
I have been working part time at a store since February after applying for jobs all over town for a year in order to pay for expenses and higher education. This is only my second job, my first one shutdown a month after I started. Other part time employee's are working 16-29 hours 3-5 day...

Dollar General / Sale of purchase

Lucy Samons on 2016-03-13
I shop at store #14913, I went today 03/13/2016 make a purchase of the cereals on sale, 3/$6 I had raisin bran, honey bunches of oats with almonds, and froot loops, it run up at normal cost I ask about the sale and I was told I couldn't get it like that had to be the same cereal...

Dollar General - Texas, Atlanta / Cashier 8421

mlcarter on 2016-03-13
I went to the store to return something. The cashier wouldn't even look at me . She is a short colored lady with long black hair . I'm white . I said Hi -and I ask her how she was doing ? No response. She acted like I wasn't even there. Sour looking face . Made me very...

Dollar General / coupons and cashier

Diane Long on 2016-03-11
my husband and i went to pick up a few items and i had a coupon for 1$ off downy unstopable fabric refresh and it was a printed manufatures coupon and the cashier refused to take my coupon and when i explained the coupon policy he stated that i didnt know what i was talking about and...

Dollar General / Store appearance

Reviewer37083 on 2016-02-27
I have lodged a complaint about my local dollar general store at least 3 times in the last 3 years. It is in Morton Mississippi and has been an eye sore for many years. Today is the first time I have been there in over a year. It was worse than ever. Buggies strewn in the aisles, both full...

Dollar General / My manager

Chelsey Welty Seamann on 2016-02-22
Last week I was informed to go say my goodbyes to my father in law who is dying of bladder cancer my manager told me I couldn't go were very short staffed and me and her are the other key holders! Well believe it or not this weekend her father in law is dying of cancer but she got to go...

Dollar General - California, Bakersfield / Employes not doing their job behaviour etc

Reviewer93547 on 2016-02-12
I want to know where all your good employees went to. you can not get any kind of help in this store any longer. I am a 67 yr. old lady sometimes I do need extra help general I do for myself but when I ask for something I expect a response not just in a min when im done stocking this or...

Dollar General / Employee treatment

Reviewer62009 on 2016-01-31
My daughter is a GM at a Dollar General store in rural California. She works 16 hours a day, although she is only paid for 8. She is at her store 7 days a week because she cares about her store. Most managers are exempt employees because they have 24/7 responsibility. My daughter has that...

Dollar General - North Carolina, Lumberton / Treament of workers and customer service

Reviewer47494 on 2016-01-31
On January 30 2016, I was in dollar general store 13124 on MLK and I seen and heard the AM on the phone assuming it was the SM informing him that the MOD said she was going to close the store if she did not get a cashier before dark. I do not blame that MOD because she should not be in...

Dollar General - Illinois, Zion / Betty Crocker

Shopwiz99 on 2016-01-24
The Dollar General near me USED to have a fine product line of Clover Valley items. That is until a poor little (sour grapes) papa corporation got their greedy hooks into some entity of the Dollar General people or the Clover Valley people and forced those great products off the shelf in...

Dollar General - Missouri, Clinton / Unethical Behavior/First Day Of Work

Reviewer54166 on 2016-01-18
I went in for my first day to start training as a PT/min wage cashier. The store is run by their AM, due to a brand new manager not yet starting. Before I even sit down, I notified the AM getting me registered of my recent schedule change. I am on my final semester of school and I almost...

Dollar General / Pitted Prunes

Reviewer96931 on 2016-01-18
I have been buying clover valley pitted prunes for some time. I just bought a package and almost chipped my tooth. The pitted prunes have some pitted and some not. You need better production control. I will not even eat anymore because I dont now how many have pits. Please respond with an answer. Thank you. Rosemary

Dollar General - California, Modesto / Ready debit gold visa card

Tina macillus on 2016-01-08
Twice in have purchased a ready debit card gold, and every time I try to reload it their machine won't scan card me and another customer tonight again wouldn't work... why even sell them.. maybe it's a scam cause they get their money on first purchase. 2.95 to activate then...

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