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Dollar General / Rude and unprofessional sign

alwaysformykids on Dec 5, 2016
I was at the dollar general store in Greenbrier, TN when I saw a sign that was just rude an very unprofessional. I find attitudes like this uncalled for. It made me and my son feel as if they were accusing me and all customers of shoplifting. I mean this is the Christmas season. I know...

Dollar General / Unfriendly service

LisaJK on Dec 4, 2016
RE: Dollar General in Lathemtown/Canton, GA I went into 'our' store about a week ago after not coming for several weeks. I was shocked to see that not only had things been completely moved around (so I no longer knew where anything was), but a completely new set of employees. What happened...

Dollar General / Everpet Wet Cat Food

Christopher Yefko on Dec 1, 2016
It appears the everpet wet cat food from dollar general played a significant role in the death of my beloved cat. He was just 7 years old, in good health. I fed him science diet cat food for all his years, no issues. On the 6th year of his life, i started adding the everpet wet cat food to...

Dollar General / Called the store to see if they had a certain product

minniepop on Nov 30, 2016
I called the dollar store in Jackson co., Tn. To see if they had a certain product and the employee that answered immediately and said no they didn't. When I went to see if they did have it or not, I found what I called about so the employee that I talked to lied, she didn't even check...

Dollar General / Refused my grandchildren from using the restroom

sallyandsteve on Nov 28, 2016
Store# 7703 niceville Fl On November 13 entered the store to pick up a few items and my grandchildren needed to use the restroom. I ask the cashier who was on her phone (she appeared to be texting) told me both bathrooms were broken and just continue texting I said I can't believe both are...

Dollar General / Dollar general manager - brian 914 euharlee road cartersville, ga

Sandy Bridges on Nov 27, 2016
Brian- would not tell me his last name- was rude with me- purchased a set of girls pants which were hung together- he took them apart to ring them separate- not priced individual and when I asked why he was ringing them up as two items- he said someone had hung them together- but hanger...

Dollar General / Customer service

MsHen on Nov 26, 2016
I walked into the store and it was an unbelievable line. So I continued to make my rounds to gather the things i wanted to purchase.As I make it back to the register the line was then at a stand still I looked for a fellow employee to see if I could make sumone aware that she was jammed...

Dollar General / Employee (Manager) customer service

Jr. Ward on Nov 22, 2016
Store # 13116 - 676 North Volusia Ave. Orange City Fl. Several times now, while checking out, due to over scans & misentries the cashier needed an override from the manager. Every time this happens(when the manager isn't already right there) it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get her up to the...

Dollar General / Unethical behavior

Paula Hunt'Gregory on Nov 16, 2016
On 11/15/2016 I was shopping at the Dollar General located at 400 North Service Road Wright City, Mo as I preceded to check out the cashier said that he needed to search my purse i thought I misheard him and asked him what he had said as he grabs my purse and proceeds to search it. I am a...

Dollar General / Coupon

Leslee Ann on Nov 16, 2016
I received an email from you stating I have won $60 shopping card at Dollar General. It has not allowed me to finish. They had me send this opportunity to 15 friends and post it on my Facebook page which I did both. The card is being given due you 76th Anniversary. It has not allowed me to...

Dollar General / Blacksville, wv store

Carletta Bush on Nov 15, 2016
The store at Blacksville, WV is filthy. It has been this way for months. The floors rarely get scrubbed, and there is always garbage and products on the floor. This morning, I found a container of Edy's ice cream sitting on the floor. I am sure that a customer left it there, but, believe...

Dollar General / Products not on shelves

Susan Jones Blevins on Nov 14, 2016
I live within 10 miles of three DG's ...there are things you have at a price point that nobody else has...so I go there. The aisles always have boxes of stuff being unloaded in them and you cant' get to anything on the shelves. This is at all three stores...I have been in DG coast to coast...

Dollar General / No hair products for black people on shelf

Daniellebass77 on Nov 14, 2016
Why is it that this store is new shelves fully stocked but there are no hair products on your shelves for Black People??? Store is in a predominantly white neighborhood. I hate to say it but it seems as though someone is trying to keep the black people out of this store. This is truly sad...

Dollar General / No cashier around - ever

TNT on Nov 10, 2016
The new Lisbon, NH store hardly has a cashier up front or around near by to cash you out. There has been plenty of times going there and I've waited a good 10 Min. to be checked out. While I wait I walk the end isles to see if there is an associate to call upon, no one. I understand they...

Dollar General / I worked there

Nicolle Jenks on Nov 7, 2016
Dollar General Corinth< NY 12822 I worked there for a couple of months and I really enjoyed my job but a lot of stuff happened. I was told I would have day hours and then I was put on nights, 4-1015 shift which I do not mind once in a while. I have problems at home just like everyone else...

Dollar General / Disorderly store

Charles12321 on Nov 7, 2016
The store in New Waverly Texas has been a disaster for quite a long time. As this store is the closest business to all the residents of the area, many of us use it as a convenience, so that we do not have to drive a long distance to a grocery. The pictures attached show how this store i...

Dollar General Corporation / coupons not scanned

Lgprice99 on Nov 5, 2016
I went in to do a $25 deal, Now my husband just had spine surgery so money is tight. I was only allowed to use 1 manufacturer coupon, when i was trying to use 5. There was no limit on the coupon but the cashier held the line up and argued. Then the manager came up and argued some more...

Dollar General / Overcharge

Kerri Riddle on Oct 28, 2016
I went into store #11071 in Spartanburg S.C. to get a few items. While there I see they have Halloween candy there with signs up for buy three get one free. So I pick up four of the $5.00 bags along with my other items. I check out then I look at the receipt and was charged for all four...

Dollar General / Unethical behaviour

Eloise Strum on Oct 27, 2016
Upon entering the store (Manager-Ross) said I will be checking backpacks, purses, bags _ I think I grunted but never said nothing about NO you will can't check mine. Upon getting my two cards and proceeding to checkout (cashier - Manager - Kalia purple/pink hair) said Ross needs to look in...

Dollar General Store / Entire store

gadar on Oct 22, 2016
I only live about 5 blocks from our NEW General Dollar store. We are about 15 to 20 minutes away from all other stores. I am very appreciative of your company putting us a Store here in Helena, AR. But it is terrible. The store is always dirty, the shelves are never stocked. The Employee...

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