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Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Complaints & Reviews

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores / Store would not accept Jo-Anns coupons

SmokyMtn on 2016-02-05
Store # 1949 at 3042 Ridge Rd W. Rochester, NY. With the closing of the Webster, NY Store, this JoAnn's is now the nearest store from my home at 30 miles away. I get coupons via JoAnn app, text message, and emails; also, hard copy flyers via US mail. 1) 50% off regular priced cut of...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores - Michigan, Grand Rapids / Poor exchange/return policy

Reviewer35032 on 2016-02-01
I purchased a sewing machine for my daughter in September for a Christmas gift. We opened the machine after the holidays and the machine did not work. Since it was past their 90 day return policy Joann is telling me I need to go to the manufacturer for any issues. I called the...

JoAnn Fabric - Texas, Austin / Christmas decorations

Rhonda5369 on 2016-01-09
I live in Austin Texas. Normally I shop at Hobby Lobby or Micheals. Today I decided to go into Joanns to looking at the patterns seeing that I got a sewing machine for Christmas. As I walked into the door I noticed all the Christmas decorations on sale. I walked over to these picture...

Joann Fabric and Craft Store - California, Los Angeles / Cashier/Customer Service

CMelton on 2015-12-21
I have received the most distasteful service at this particular store location December 8th, 2015 at a proximate 1754 hours. I have shopped with Joann for about two years and generally have pleasant experiences. this store is clean and well organized. However, this evening I arrived to a...

Joann Fabric and Craft Store / Cancelled my order and didn't notify me / very poor customer service

Peggy Dalrymple on 2015-12-09
I placed an order with Joann Fabric on Nov. 24. Two weeks went by and I had not recieved my order nor heard anything from the company about it. After numerous attempts calling their customer service number and hearing their message that my call was important to them and then having the...

Jo-Ann Fabric / Cardboard interfacing is wound on

Reviewer57594 on 2015-12-02
I was at Federal Way Joanne Fabrics, I was buying interfacing about 15 yards, it was the ind of the bolt and I asked if it could be put back on the cardboard to keep it nice while I used it. The clerk said "oh no we can't let you have that". I have been given the cardboard before...

Joann Fabric and Craft Store - Ohio, Hudson / Coupon scam

Fiasco on 2015-10-30
I have had problems with Joann's in past not sending complete orders. Which is a real pain when you order everything for a project and not get half your order especially the sales items. I had clicked the unsub email button about 3 weeks ago. I kept getting emails. I got one for 60% off...

Joann Fabric and Craft Store - Michigan, Grand Rapids / Internet Order

Reviewer92739 on 2015-10-22
I placed a online order recently for spectrum noir markers. Shipping was a bit slow, then after carefully inspecting the product. I noticed the markers were extremely used and abused. One of the markers and hair stuck to it!!! WILL NOT ORDER FROM THESE GUYS AGAIN!!!

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores / Bad handling of customer rep

Reviewer38715 on 2015-10-07
The sale rep screamed out loud at some little boys. The 2 year old spilled candies (7-10) chocolate candies on the floor. His older brothers tried to catch and told him to stop. While his parents were busy talking with another representative about sewing machine. The other salez rep who...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores / Check out and avoid

betty lotzer on 2015-09-10
I was in the Riverdale location yesterday, 09/09/15. Coon Rapids MN. I purchased one ball of yarn at 4.99 Clerk took my 20.00 bill, broke eye contact to chat with another salesperson, then insisted I had given her 10.00. Manager, Dave, got involved and said he would give me a call today...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores - North Carolina, Cary / Poor customer service

Reviewer53850 on 2015-08-26
Today I was appalled by how I was treated when I tried to return an item I purchased 2 days ago at the store in Cary, NC. I showed the store manager my AMEX receipt, but was told I would be refunded only 50% of the price I paid for the merchandise because the item had been on sale within a...

Joann Fabrics / Employee practice

Outraged in OH on 2015-03-28
I was shopping at the Columbus, Oh store on 3/26/15 and was appalled to notice that the sales clerks were in the process of washing down the shelving units as part of their job duties! Most of these employees are 50+ yrs old, some younger, some older. I spoke with the manager who indeed...

Joann Fabrics / Bait and switch

Babsingr on 2015-02-08
The sign on the merchandise rack and the ad clearly stated 50% off beads. When I was checking out the items were ringing up full price. The cashier did not respond to my request to check the price. I found a salesperson whom I asked to check my receipt with the product and the clearly...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores - Wisconsin, Green Bay / Unusally Rude Cashier/Customer Service Person

dewsal on 2014-12-06
Unusually Rude Cashier/Customer Service person who acted like I was a big imposition on her for asking her to tell me if a product rang up not on sale. She refused to do this and told me to look on the little credit card scanner screen in order to figure it out for myself. She rang...

Joann Fabrics - Florida, Winter Garden / Multiple charges for debit card use

Karen Hausmann on 2014-09-17
WARNING: DO NOT USE A DEBIT CARD AT THE WINTER GARDEN, FL STORE OR ANY JOANN STORE!!! On Saturday, for the SECOND TIME since this store opened, checking account was charged THREE times for my one purchase. Each time I was told that the transaction did not go through and was asked to swipe...

Jo-Ann Fabrics - California, Simi Valley / Rude, disrespectful, poor customer service

rgntngal on 2014-05-31
Jo-Ann Fabrics in Simi Valley have the worst customer service representatives. Joann's upper management do not seem to care about how their customers are treated. I sent the following message to Joann on 5-11-14, and as of today 5-31-14, have not heard from anyone. On 5-10-14, around...

JoAnn Fabric - California, Santa Monica / Customer Service

Sarah72 on 2014-05-16
This complaint applies to Joann Fabric in Santa Monica. The cashier named Silvia wasted two hours of my day because of her irresponsibility and poor customer service. She first made mistakes at the registry when processing my items. She then realized she didn't process one item after...

Joann Fabrics - Michigan, Sterling Heights / Poor Service - Management

Marlojones on 2014-05-03
This complaint applies to every Joann Fabrics that I have been to in Oakland and Macomb Counties, Michigan. I believe it is universal. After 20+ yrs of trying to purchase from this company WITHOUT being irritated I am giving up. My complaints: cash out lines so long it reminds me of a...

Joann Fabrics - Wisconsin, Menomonee Falls / Nasty rude clerks

sew4fun on 2014-04-13
If I have to learn how to weave my own fabric in order to avoid ever setting foot into another Joann fabrics ... then that would be a skill worth learning! As an organization, Joann Fabrics appears to have a real gift for hiring the rudest, nastiest, most sarcastic and condescending...

Joann Fabrics - Connecticut, Brookfield / Customer Dis-Service

sew4fun on 2014-04-12
If I have to learn how to weave my own fabric in order to avoid ever setting foot into another Joann fabrics ... then that would be a skill worth learning! As an organization, Joann Fabrics appears to have a real gift for hiring the rudest, nastiest, most sarcastic and condescending women...

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