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Walgreens Pharmacy, Levittown, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - refusing to fill scripts

Walgreens Pharmacy Contacts & Informations

Walgreens Pharmacy

Posted: 2013-10-07 by    deeurb

refusing to fill scripts

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Contact information:
Walgreens Pharmacy
Levittown, Pennsylvania
United States
I take a class 4 drug (Alprazolam generic for Xanax), my insurance company states
that I can get it refilled when 75% of medication is used, however, the local store
for Walgreens absolutely refuses to fill the prescription until the very last day. Walgreens has no policy for filling for scripts, it's at the discretion of the pharmacists.
All or most are Indian and seem to feel they are better than anyone else. I went to
another Walgreens and the pharmacist said "sure it can be filled". Walgreens needs
to set up a system and follow it through such as CVS and Rite Aid. My son is a
pharmacist for CVS so I can't use them and Rite Aid pharmacists are also mostly
Indian. They are a horrible company, broke some law and were fined billions of
dollars by the DEA in PA. Not a good sign!!!
Comments United States Drug Stores
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 24th of Oct, 2014 by   minebushwacker1 0 Votes
I have been facing the same problems as everyone else who is taking pain medications for chronic pain. I have been taking the same medications for over 15 years and had my doctor reduce my breaktrough medication (Morphine IR) from 4 each day to 2 each day about 2 years ago. So I now take less than I took when I first began pain management program. I have been seeing the same pain management specialist for just over 5 years at the same location. I used to take my prescriptions to the Walgreens in the same shopping center/medical arts shopping center as my doctor, but after Walgreens established their new prescription policies only the pharmacy manager will fill them. If the PIC (Pharmicist In Charge) is not there the other pharmacists will tell me they don't have them. If the PIC is there I have no problem. So I recently tried to fill my prescriptions with the same Walgreens, but the PIC was not on duty so I was told they did not have my prescriptions. I then asked the pharmacist to keep the prescriptions until they can verify them with my doctor just like their new policy states on Walgreen's signs in the pharmacies or they can let the PIC fill them and I will pick them up another day. I have learned to always have several extra pills on hand just in case this happens so I am never caught without my medication and I can wait, if I need to, until I can get them filled. However, I was shocked when the pharmacist refused to keep my prescriptions and hold them to verify or let the Pharmacy manager fill them. The pharmacist stated that it was Walgreen's policy not to hold schedule 2 prescriptions which directly conflicts with the new Walgreeen's sign explaining the verification procedure for filling narcotics may result in a few days wait time if you leave the prescription with the pharmacist. I questioned the pharmacist about the new signs and was told that I should take my prescriptions with me and call in a few days to see if the medications were in yet. I asked when the PIC would be working and was told he would be there the next day. I returned the next morning and the PIC filled my prescriptions with no problem and no verificarion since I had been filling the same prescriptions there for over 5 years from the same doctor whom the PIC personally knew. I then asked the PIC why this was happening and was told that it is up to the individual pharmacist what they choose to fill even if it violates the company policy and the pharmacist I went to the previous day had a personal policy of never filling any type of controlled medications for anyone. The PIC told me that Walgreens will not take any action against a pharmacist/employee for refusing to fill a controlled prescription since it is up to them. My question is why is Walgreen's lying and why don't they just print new signs stating that it is up to the pharmacist whether or not he/she fills any prescription. I think Walgreen's is doing it this way because they think that the pharmacist/employees may be violating the law by refusing to accept controlled prescriptions for verification. The way I read the law it states under Florida state law and federal law that a pharmacist must excercise due dilligence in determining that a prescription is legitimate, properly written, has no contraindications with other medications the patient may take, is filled at the correct times, and is labeled for use consistent with the patient's symptoms. I think that the way the laws are written require a pharmacist to accept any prescription and fill it, but only after it has been properly verified. I see no provision in the laws I have read that specifically give pharmacists the right to refuse to accept a prescription the laws only require pharmacists to comply with the proper verification procedures. I believe many pharmacists just find it easier to refuse to accept a prescription than to spend the time to talk with the doctor/provider and confirm the prescription is valid. A pharmacist is completely protected by the law if the pharmacist complies with the proper procedures to verify the prescription. If the pharmacist documents the discussion with the doctor/provider when the provider instructs the pharmacist to fill the prescription and there are no potential medical risks associated with that particular prescription as it is written then there is no way I can imagine that pharmacist risking anything. I agree that it is part of the responsibility of a pharmacist to evaluate any potential medical risks associated with a prescription he is filling, but once the pharmacist has determined that no such risk is present then a pharmacist has no right to second guess why a doctor/provider is treating the patient with that type of medication. Once again, when a pharmacist has verified that the prescription was written by the doctor/provider siging the RX (ie. no forgery), the doctor/provider is legally able to write a prescription for that medication, the patient is filling the prescription on time, the patient is properly identified, the medication written is labeled for the patients symptoms, and the patient is not taking other medications that could cause problems with the prescription being filled then the pharmacist has a duty to fill that prescription. I think the answer is to begin filing lawsuits against the pharmacist directly every time a proper prescription is refused. If we all began this process every pharmacist would be having to take days off every week to defend his refusal in court. It would begin to affect the pharmacist financial position and possibly cause pharmacist to loose their jobs by missing so much work by being in court. I don't think such lawsuits could be considered frivolus since there is a strong legal basis for such a lawsuit, therefore even if the pharmacist won a few of these cases they would have to spend large amounts of their own money defending their decisions. The pharmacist's employers would probably refuse to pay any such legal expenses and in fact the employers may insist that the pharmacist fill all properly verified prescriptions regardless of their personal beliefs in order to avoid legal complications for the employer and lost time in court. After a few hundred of these cases are filed the pharmacist will have no choice but to comply with the laws and accept all prescriptions and properly verify the controlled ones then fill all the correcly written prescriptions. The lying about being out of a certain medication has got to stop and pharmacists need to become a productive member of the medical community again like they were once upon a time.

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