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US Bank Complaints & Reviews - Fraudulent charges

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US Bank

Posted:    Duff

Fraudulent charges

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US Bank
United States
US BANK!!! HUH nothing says US about this bank, a customer to this bank since 2001 however when a accident totalled my car, the insurance companies auto and Gap had faxed documents to this bank advising of payment processing and soon would be delivered. However 6 days before Christmas- Hearless Huh this " bank" decided I was no longer valued although they had info in writing they would recieve payment they TOOK almost 300.00 out of my account without authorization although direct debit had been cancelled and all their good for nothing customer service manager could say that's policy and well you should have paid. The Gap insurance company sent the check out on 12/19/08 to this company and what I was advised from this terrible instituion is well when we get the check you will get your refund - the late fee 29.00 - the 50.00 fee for cancelling the direct debit option (that they still debited) I would have to wait 7-10 to get what is left back from my money. Some 5 Star service Huh? Yeah I feel the five stars in my rear from this Bank. I warn you all don't walk past US Bank to read signs, if they say come in we have specials yeah speacial hidden fees, specially screw their customers. YOU ESPECIALLY RUN TO THE NEXT BANK! you've been warned.
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 2nd of Apr, 2009 by   Vanesa 0 Votes
Seeing all the complaints about US Bank actually makes me feel better; at least I'm not alone! I feel justified in my loathing for this bank. I can't explain the whole problem because it's not my account. My son saved all his money in college for a two month trip through Europe. I told him to get a new bank before he left but he wouldn't listen. He overdrew on his account; he's using ATM machines. The infamous 'white postcards' started coming to the house. I called the bank but they wouldn't talk to me! I begged them to help me straighten out the account. I couldn't get a hold of my son. Also, some of these charges were from weeks before that were just being processed. The postcards kept coming despite putting $800 in the account; the fees were wiping out our deposits. They were charging fees on the fees! I called again and told them I was my son. Still got nowhere. They told me I had to go to an office. The office is in Milwaukee. (Marquette University in Milwaukee allows this 'Sopranos' organization on their campus. Maybe Marquette is getting a cut) We've now put in $2300 in hopes that this will come to an end. I can't even get my mail; I'm afraid the postcards will cause me to lose it all over again. What an awful, awful company. How do they live with themselves. Please write your representatives to support Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14), a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee and author of overdraft fee reform in the last session of Congress (H.R. 3449). People who make honest mistakes shouldn't be punished like this.
 15th of Apr, 2009 by   Samanta 0 Votes
We had a checking account through US Bank. They had deposited 80 dollars of somebody else's money into our account without us knowing. We called the number on the back of our card to check our balance one day and we had X amount of money in there, so we went shopping. We didn't spend all of it, but the next day I get online to check our balance again and it shows that we are over drawn.

They had realized their mistake and took the 80 dollars out which put us 26 dollars in the hole. They then proceeded to charge us over draft fees left and right! I called and called and they kept saying how it was our fault for not keeping a register! I then told them that they offer an automated register, the one I had called to check the balance... They refuse to stand behind there offered services and to work with us.

I told them we would pay for what we spent but not for all those overdraft fees. Still to this day, no one will help us.
 25th of May, 2011 by   sxrehborn 0 Votes
While I understand the frustration of overdraft fees, let me explain the other side of this story. I work with credit card disputes for a bank, and about 70% of the disputes I handle are fraudulent charges. I find notes on accounts everyday that someone called in pretending to be the cardholder. How much angrier would you have been if some stranger had called in and we had been lax in our security measures?? They could have gotten away with sensitive information that would have certainly led to much more money lost in fraudulent charges to the account.

At the end of the day, if your son is old enough to have a debit card and tour around Europe, then he is a big boy, and should be responsible enough to keep his account balanced and not overspend to these extremes.

On a side note, I will say that most banks will hot-list (place a block on) a card that is overdrawn too deeply or for too long. It does seem strange that they didn't take that proactive measure.
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   karen65pissed 0 Votes
They suck . overdraft protection my ass. Its lets build our revenues, and let you overdraw your account up to around 500.00 and we will rack up nsf charges to its peek. A month earlier wouldn't allow me to withdraw from my account and I was only 5.00 overdrawn. their revenues must have been high in may.
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   karen65pissed 0 Votes
needless to say, I am now 1700.00 overdrawn. nsf fees are 1000.00. Havent talked to the bank yet, getting all my facts together so I look a little smarter then they do. I will take this to higher forces. My money will not go to those jerks.

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