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Subway, Athabasca Complaints & Reviews - Lobster sub

Subway Contacts & Informations


Posted:    Tanya

Lobster sub

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
Athabasca, Canada
Phone: (780)6608937
I stopped into the subway in athabasca alberta (1st time and last time customer) and ordered the lobster sub they had listed. Suffice to say, when they rang up my order, after it had been made, I nearly had a heart attack. It was nearly $18.00 for 1 sandwich. When I balked when they told me, I looked around to see if they had made an error. (I ordered one, not 2 sandwiches) and the stupid thing is that the restaurant didn't even bother to post the price. They had all the photos of their new sandwich everywhere, but upon really scrutinizing their sign, I noticed that they didn't even have the guts to list what the price was for it. Had I known it would have been near $18.00, I would have ordered something else. For that price, I could have ordered a large pizza and taken it home to feed my family. I feel like I had been duped, big time, because once the sandwich is made, that's it, you're committed. When I complained, all they did was shrug their shoulders. It wasn't very good anyways. (No flavor! and that was after ordering it with southwest sauce!) anyways, thank you for giving me the opportunity to vent this out. Subway makes a decent product, but if they are going to try and pull the wool over the customers eyes, I'm never going to give them my business again.
Comments Canada Fast Food Restaurants
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 17th of Jul, 2008 by   Tanya 0 Votes
regarding the above complaint for the subway restaurant in athabasca alberta, the phone number for subway is incorrect so don't bother dialling it. Sorry!!
 17th of Sep, 2008 by   Ed 0 Votes
I can't believe Subway actually has the nerve to charge as much as they do for their lobster subs. Here in Hamilton, Ont. I bought a 6 inch for almost 13 bucks and the only lobster was a brown paste which tasted horrible. Never again.
 6th of Mar, 2009 by   Kaley 0 Votes
I agree with you. I actually noticed that myself - they don't list the price. I also heard that it wasn't very good either. I love subway and think it's delicious, but this is one thing I really didn't agree with. If you have to charge tons for a product, then you should list it. I think it bothers me the most because it was clearly intentionally, seeing how every other item has the price listed. They know that many people wont pay that kind of money for a sub, so they have to 'trick' them into it, and I feel sorry for people who had to pay so much without realizing it.
 24th of Mar, 2009 by   james 0 Votes
i live in alberta and i've been eating the lobster sandwich for the past 3yrs now. And i guess it really depends on who owns the restaurant. Here in Vegreville i havent had a bad sub yet. And the lobster sandwich tastes great with just the rite amount of added mayonaise.
 4th of Mar, 2010 by   noskinnychicks 0 Votes
I'm from a small town in the middle of nowheresville, New Zealand. The only fast-food restaurants we have are Subway, KFC and McDonald's. Naturally, Subway is the healthier option, but even that leaves a lot to be desired when a simple salad there costs NZ$18 (US$12).
Today I took my 6 year old in for dinner. She ordered a kids meal (lettuce, carrot, bacon, BBQ sauce on garlic bread with a cookie and a bottle of milk). I ordered a Subway Melt and a 600ml bottle of Vanilla Coke. This cost me NZ$27.00 (US$18.50). When I asked why it was suddenly so expensive (I've asked for exactly the same thing half a dozen times over a year period and paid only $16.50 each time), they said it was because kids meals only come with plain white bread and ham now. If you ask for anything else you now get charged for the adults meal price (almost nine dollars more!!)
In my hometown 200 kms away, I can get 4 large Domino's Pizzas for $27!! I just about cried when I handed over my EFTPOS card to pay! What a complete ripoff because my daughter prefers brown bread to white!

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