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Sonic, Buford/FloweryBranch/Braselton, Georgia Complaints & Reviews - Deceptive pricing

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Posted:    GawgaDave

Deceptive pricing

Complaint Rating:  56 % with 9 votes
Contact information:
Spout Springs Road
Buford/FloweryBranch/Braselton, Georgia
United States
Phone: 770-965-9405
Sonic Not-so-Special 5 for $5.95

Funny thing how advertising works for this company. Most days I pass through Sonic (which avgs 3 times a week) they have signs posted on

their marquee and around the drive-thru and the drive up window with their “5 for $5.95 Tuesday special”. Of course, today is Tuesday so I head

over to get their advertised special. Upon arrival, I look for the signage to confirm I’ve come on the correct day. Not a single sign in sight

anywhere on the premise.

With the employee coming over the intercom asking for my order I stated “ Is today the 5 for $5.95 special ??” the reply was “What would

you like on your burgers?”. Again I asked, “is this the day for the 5 for $5.95 special”. The reply this time was ”yes, would you like cheese

on your burgers?”. My reply followed as ”I’d like whatever comes on them with the $5.95 special”. Their reply was “you can get them any way you

want”. I replied “Ok, however them come. I’d also like .. (drinks and tots)”. They told me the total cost and said to pull to the window.

I paid the amount told to me $17.56 Took my food and headed home. Once home, I decided to look over the receipt to confirm the $5.95

special. The receipt reads as follows:
5 ALL CB $14.95 (burgers)
1 LG TT 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
1 XL SLUSH 1.99
5 5 FOR 5.95 -6.50
ST 16.41
TX 1.15
TOTAL 17.56

So.. Doing a little math $14.95 – 6.50 = $8.45 funny, that’s NOT $5.95

Next step… called the store asked for the manager. The gentleman on the phone says “speaking”… I asked “Is this the manager?” The reply

“Yes”. I aksed “what is your name?” His reply “Scotty”.
I proceeded to explain: “I just went through the drive-thru, and asked for the $5.95 special. The receipt says they charged $14.95 then

gave a credit of $6.50… that means they charged me $8.95 for my $5.95 special.” His reply “It’s extra for the cheese”. My response “I asked for

the $5.95 special, they asked if I wanted cheese, I said I’ll take whatever comes on them for the $5.95 special. I never did say I wanted

cheese”. His response “Well, we make the burgers individually to whatever you want”. I responded “ I told the order taker 3 times, whatever

comes on the $5.95 special”.

He finally said “I’m sorry for YOUR confusion. The cheese is 40 cents extra per burger. I can put your name in our book for a credit for

the cheese on your next visit. If you give me your name, I’ll credit you with a $2 coupon”. I accepted his offer at face value and gave my

name…. conversation ended.

But then after hanging up.. it hit me.. $8.45 - $2.00 = $6.45 Still NOT $5.95… I’m still screwed.

So, I call back the store. Scotty answers. I stated “I just called a minute ago about the $5.95 special issue… are you the location manager

or shift manager?” His reply “I’m the assistant manager” I then asked for the store location number (5756 Spout Springs Road) and the general

managers name (Mia Parks). Told him I’d be contacting the general manager, the district manager, corporate headquarters… and that I’d be

posting this anywhere & everywhere I can on the internet.

One other thing I’ve been pondering… is their special for slush drinks. Seems they have afternoon half price specials. I’ve noticed they

seem to charge a “surcharge” of 20 cents for the flavor on these drinks. If I get this right, with the price and surcharge, that comes to more

than half price.

Does anyone besides me see deceptive advertising and practices here ??? Any legal eagles want to file a class action suit to get their

attention ??

Maybe the greed for profits has skewed the focus of management, but considering a similar issue has occurred in my past with this company,

it seems to be a business plan in place to accomplish this deception.

Advertising, discounts and specials…. Used to bring in new customers, used to give a value to existing loyal customers, used to bring in

revenue and interest in otherwise slow time periods for the business. So much for good rapport with your customer base Sonic !!

So, if you’re tired of being taken advantage of… or if you’ve had the same discourteous schemes played out against you, feel free to write

me with your stories, and I’ll gladly post them on every board I come across that I can post on.


Buford, GA


Comments United States Food
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 19th of Dec, 2009 by   DHB 0 Votes
Hi there!

I am a regional supervisor for a southern-based Sonic Drive-In investment company.

We are also running this same special and I believe I can give you a little inside information that may help you with this claim.

The 5 for 5.95 deal occurs every Tuesday at participating locations between the hours of 5pm and 10pm. It is called family night.

A typical Sonic Burger is dressed as follows: Your choice of Mayo/Mustard/Ketchup or a combination or all three; Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, and Chopped Onion. Every location charges extra for cheese. My chain has the price set at $0.50 instead of .40 but that isn't really relevant here.

The way the system works is all items are going to appear full price on your ticket and then you will be given a discount which the employee enters by pressing a key which is preset to discount the correct pricing.

I can assure you that what you describe above is *not* standard operational procedure to any extent. This type of procedure is against corporate policy and should be reported. You can report this by phoning the corporate office for the franchise owner, who most likely doesn't know that this occurred. A second option is to report it to Sonic's Headquarters by phoning 1-866-OK-SONIC. The call is toll-free. However, you'll get better results if you go to the store where this occurred and ask for the supervisor's number. If they are reluctant to give it up, be sure to mention this to the supervisor.

Hope this helps!

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