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Posted:    porchac


Complaint Rating:  87 % with 15 votes
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United States
You can not advance unless you are under 25 - 30 years of age at Lowe's. People over the age of 40 are constantly being written up inorder to get them fired and they also have great work ethics.

They love to advance the 25 - 30 year age group, because they do not know any better and will follow them like a love sick puppy dog and kiss their ass. This age group will believe every lying word as if it was the bible. They also basically get away with murder. Most of them are not dependable, by blowing off work. They rather talk to other co-workers in their age group, then do what they are paid to do. One was so lazy that she saw a piece of paper on the floor, that she stepped on it and slid it under a skid. A head cashier (under the age of 30) even had an unauthorized person in customer service for approxiately 5 - 10 minutes. Lowe's don't even allow floor associates behind the customer service area. Most of their head cashiers will treat the over 40 age group like they are children of the age of 10 and demean them in front of customers. They also have the power trip and throw it in you face.

They give more hours to the seasonal workers, which are their students, because they are back for a week from school. The regular part time people are left with only 10 hours, while the seasonal workers get 20 hours. Most of your part timers are trying to make ends meet and are there all year round, while the seasonal come and go as they please. Lowe's know that they are cutting hours, but they will find hours for the seasonal people. I feel bad for them too, but everyone else are fighting for their lives too!

Grant you, that they have one or two to keep up the appearance that they don't discriminate. Lows's totally age discrimate. The store manager will state one thing and completely does the totally opposite thing.
Comments United States Employers
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 4th of Mar, 2011 by   disgruntledlowesemp +1 Votes
Absolutely correct: Got 100% on my last Operational Audit and a VERY good yearly reviews but written up on a FINAL because of the inconsistency of standards in my department. Although 6 years tenured with the Company and experienced in managing 7 different departments successfully and with praise. Because of Age have not even merited an interview for an equal position at another location. 16 times. Problem with my interviewing skills i am told. Funny...never had a problem with them before. however I am 50 now showing a little gray on top. How do i know... cause in EACH case a 25-30 year old got the position.
 1st of Apr, 2011 by   ManRay +2 Votes
I've applied at my local Lowes numerous times over the last two years and had two phone interviews and two in person interviews but despite my 10+ years experience in hardware/home improvement didn't get an offer for a part-time job. I've come to the conclusion that even though the interviews went well and with my previous job experience the main reason I didn't get an offer was my age (48). I Googled "Lowes age discrimination" to see if there were any similar complaints and found this site.
 13th of Dec, 2011 by   theman1 +1 Votes
I found this to most likely to be true. I submitted 3-4 on line apps. I have 5yrs retail, 10 years logistics and 37 years of people skills and was around 54 years of age. What should happen is every boomer out there should not shop at Lowes. In fact if any business won't hire boomers they should suffer the same fate. It is time for boomers to put an end to the diiscrimination going on.Boomers are 1946-1964 and have a large buying power. Lowes and others need to be put in their place. I shop eles where even though I supported Lowes coming into town and then I found out the real Lowes.
 22nd of Dec, 2011 by   NotHappyCamperInSC +1 Votes
Absolutely TRUE.. I have worked for Lowe's for over 7 years and can't get any type of advancement, I'm not under 30, not male and not on the "dream team".. I resent the fact that I come to work each day, give all I can give and some lazy butt that takes four 30 min (15 min) breaks and a 30 min (1 Hr) lunch, then waits in the break room for 20 minutes to clock out for the day???? And management turns a blind eye. I've gotten shoved from place to place in the store.. Have more experience knowledge about where product is in the store and management seems to think I'm "STUPID".. I'm offended that because I don't have a pair between my legs and I'm not under 30 that I am constantly overlooked for any type of advancement!!!
 15th of Feb, 2012 by   White Boomer 0 Votes
I applied at Lowes and got a call. I interviewed with all my stellar experience -- even the HR and store MGR were impressed. This was for a seasonal position. Ten years with The Home Depot should be a "shoe in", I'm told. I have outstanding professional references at The Home Depot (including with supervisors), and really know the business well. I am a team player, and really all that any MGR is looking for. Except for one problem:
I'm in my 50s.

Do you think it's just my imagination?? Look around in all the stores. Who's getting hired?? I've been looking at this for nearly two years. All I see is 99% people who are age twenty-something occasionally in their 30s. How bout that!

Diversity means inclusion for everyone.. except boomers. And God help you if you're white!!!
 16th of May, 2012 by   Nickey Colson 0 Votes
They will not hire you over 40!! I have tried over and over and get a a nice email in Pensacola thanking me for applying!!! I have over 20 years of truck driving with cdl A class and no ticket and clean record!!!
 1st of Mar, 2013 by   packmule 0 Votes
I am a fit, non smoking 50 years old white male, have eighteen(18) years of experience in landscaping(maintenance/installation), gardening and years of experience working in plant/tree nurseries. Ive applied online at several Lowes stores for numerous jobs(cust svc/garden dept), both seasonal and full time and get turn down emails every time. I work PT but have told Lowes mgrs and HR managers I would love to work for them, either reg PT or reg FT. Two years now and nothing but rejection. I know Lowes has some good employees but I also see a lot of deadbeat employees in the several stores I frequent throughout the year(buying supplies). No idea why I can't hired(I have nothing on my criminal background and have a valid DL) but I'm beginning to suspect age discrimination. Both mgrs at my job interviews were no more than 30 years of age.
 15th of Jan, 2015 by   Lowes Hates People Over 50 0 Votes
I have applied to Lowes numerous times, I worked in a building inspection department until I retired and held structural and professional certifications and thirty years of experience relative to residential construction repair and remodeling. I know more about buildings and materials than the people Lowes hires ever will. Lowes hires a few older people to give the appearance they don't descriminate, I have applied for at least ten jobs and it's always the same thanks but no thanks! I assume a 28 year old is reviewing the applications. I guess all of us old people need to show up and do a lay-in or die-in at their entrance, they can have us arrested and then they will have a real reason not to hire us people over 50.
 28th of Mar, 2015 by   overqualified again 0 Votes
Don't forget having any past affiliation with union shops; I am witness to the quad threat...black, handicapped, old, and ex union. Its not advisable to lie on your resume, but I still pass for younger until I verbally reveal the other "traits". During both interviews, It was suggested that I favor "seasonal" jobs...ha! When some Kid is responsible for the future of the world, you'd better be dead! The sad part is they're headed for the same fate. They are suck up, immature, inexperienced and practicing cronyism, nepotism, ageism AND racism!
Be observant when shopping in Lowes next time...check out the "servants" lurking in the shadows, and the "Pilgrims" up front. History repeating itself (the cycle continues), sadly :( any class action momentum deserves acknowledgement- put me in, coach :) Overqualified again!

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