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Whirlpool Complaints & Reviews

Whirlpool / Whirlpool Split AC

Samir13 on 2016-05-26
Dear Whirlpool Team, I have given complaint for the Spilt Ac again not working for last 10 days. CN No 0516025161. You have send Mother Care technician, who could not repair the fault, and went away telling there is problem in electrical line. Actually they could not check the root cause...

Sears/ A&E service & Whirlpool Corp / Ice maker in Whirlpool side by side not making ice.

Tabiha Johnson on 2016-05-06
Your tech from A & E arrived around 1:20pm on 05/06/2016. He came in open Ice box wrote down serial number. Then he took ice maker tray out and put it back in. He brought his diagnostic tool in and set it on counter. Never ran diagnostic on ice box. Had his computer out, after 20 minis. Of...

Whirlpool Corporation - Michigan, Benton Harbor / Maytag Bravos XL top-loading washing machine (MVWB835DW)

Sharon Prestridge on 2016-04-09
The Maytag Bravos XL top-loading washing machine (MVWB835DW) is rough and violent on clothes to the point of actually tearing them. Minimal water forces clothes to be scrubbed on bumpy bottom, severely roughening them. Nice clothes look worn out or tacky on the Delicate cycle! Frequently, there is a staining that is hard/impossible to remove.

Whirlpool - Pennsylvania, Albion / Refrigerator Model WRF560SMB04, Serial No VS44852676

Jebblood on 2016-03-23
I bought my refrigerator in January 2015 from Lowes. I bought an extended warranty. It started to make sounds in July 2015 and then died on 7/11/15. I called Lowes and got a repairman assigned to come out. He ordered a part and it was supposedly fixed within 2 weeks and 2 days missed from...

Vortex Whirlpool System / I think that swim spa was defective; therefore I had too many problems

Reviewer88476 on 2016-02-11
My family bought swim spa from Vortex Whirlpool Systems. The rep basically persuaded me to purchase exactly this system and told that it would be perfect. However, after couple of months all problems began. There were problems with hot tube and I wasted couple of hundreds for the repair...

Whirlpool Corporation - Michigan, Benton Harbor / Refrigertor KSRJ25FXMS

Reviewer56082 on 2016-02-10
Today I spent 2 hours on the telephone with your Kitchenaid customer care department attempting to purchase a replacement part for a refrigerator I purchased in June 2011. My call was to ascertain if the part was covered under warranty since the appliance is fairly new- was informed no...

Whirlpool Corp / Brand new stove

Reviewer38208 on 2016-02-04
Oct bought the new built-in stove, installed beginning of Dec. as house is new. Used 3 times and the ignitor part stopped working. Then I would come down the stairs in the morning and a clicking sound could be heard-very dangerous the electrician said. Worked for a few days, stopped again...

Whirlpool / Refrigerator

Rhonda Rodriguez on 2016-01-18
I bought a whirlpool refrigerator in 2009. I called within a year with my extended warranty. I was told it didn't cover the shelves. How are you suppose to use it without the shelves? I tried calling again and they would drop my call. I am deeply disappointed in this refrigerator and...

Whirlpool Corp / Cabrio Washing machine

Reviewer43088 on 2016-01-16
model: CABRIO Washer WTW6200VW0 We purchased the washer in January 2010 for $646. In July 2012 we had to replace the basket bearing and hub for a cost of $279. The bearing now needs replaced again, meaning that I will spent almost the equivalent of the purchase price in repairs in a 6 year...

Whirlpool - Alabama, Gadsden / Freezer

alvada wilson on 2016-01-14
I called the 800 number explaining my problem and was given a reference number. I was told a person in my area would call the next day. I haven't received that call. My complaint was I had food that thawed out and spoiled. I had call the store and had gone in the store with the...

Whirlpool Corp - Georgia, Loganville / Refrigerator

john riffle on 2015-12-29
Bought new refrigerator in November 2015. Ice maker did not work from day one.Called whirlpool, the first available appointment was 5 weeks out. 5 weeks come around tech comes out. Have to order part. One week goes by. The freezer stops working.Everything in freezer has unfrozen and water...

Whirlpool / hot water heater

Reviewer61181 on 2015-12-15
Purchased hot water heater, thermo cuppler went, needed an assembly kit. had to pay 30 for next day shipping. Repair man put in and now I need gas (reset) another 30.00 . shipping so far its been 7 days without hot water. plus I have to pay for a repair man . Hot water was on recall list however I missed the recall class action suit.

Whirlpool / Use of Blue LED Display Light

Norine Plantz on 2015-12-02
Whirlpool and other manufacturers have chosen to switch from cool green to intense blue LED lights for display on ovens. The blue LED light is blinding. When contacting Whirlpool directly, their response is that the bulb is part of the control panel and is not subject to change. Nor can...

Whirlpool / Microwave - problems

Reviewer90440 on 2015-11-20
Hi, I am raising this complaint for Whirlpool Customer Services. I am using a whirlpool product (microwave). The microwave fuse is supposed to be replaced. I have been facing this problem for a while. They come an replace the fuse with a cheaper one and take the complete money for...

Whirlpool Corp / Refridgerator - Will not Honor Warranty

Reviewer42086 on 2015-11-11
My wife and I recently purchased a home in June 2015. The home came with brand new appliances that were purchased in December 2014. On 10/7/15 our refrigerator and freezer began to emit a terrible odor that took over the food in the fridge and freezer. The odor was so bad that it made the...

Whirlpool Corp - Colorado, Littleton / Wall oven

Reviewer47412 on 2015-10-30
My wife and I remodeled our kitchen a year ago (Nov., 2014) and recently we used the self-clean feature the oven came with (Oct., 2015). That apparently fried the electronics. No big deal, right. Oven breaks due to no fault of the customer. Whirlpool will replace it, right? Nope. Whirlpool...

Whirlpool Corp - North Carolina, Charlotte / Maytag Bravo XL

Reviewer19268 on 2015-10-20
I have had this washing machine less than two years and in the first 2-3 months I had to have the tub replaced, this was under warranty. The machine worked for around a year or so with no problems. In September the machine started making noise and it was no longer under warranty, even...

Whirlpool / Maytag bravos xl* top-loading high efficiency low-water washer

WORDSMITH1950 on 2015-10-07
I own a MAYTAG BRAVOS XL* TOP-LOADING HIGH EFFICIENCY LOW-WATER WASHER. On 9/1/15, after reporting a problem, a "service" person arrived to assess the problem. His diagnosis led to a second visit on 9/8. On the second visit he replaced multiple parts, assuring us that the problem wa...

Whirlpool / Refrigerator Model GSS30c6eyy03

Reviewer83382 on 2015-08-28
Fronts of doors are falling off one after the other.There are no cracks or snapped parts to explain this.Obviously they are poorly made.Naturally these are not covered under the warranty.Whirlpool offers no help whatsoever and does not assume any responsibility for this.This is a very...

Whirlpool Corp - Michigan, Michigan Center / Oven awaiting repair since april 2015

derry75 on 2015-08-25
In early 2015 (Feb/March), when the timer on my Whirlpool failed, I tried to turn on the main oven and found that it was not functioning. I contacted Whirlpool and the ridiculous system that is the Domestic & General payment plan was explained to me. I was reluctant to enter into such a...

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