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Kohl's Department Store, Okemos, Michigan Complaints & Reviews - Accused of Shoplifting

Kohl's Department Store Contacts & Informations

Kohl's Department Store

Posted:    unjustlyaccused

Accused of Shoplifting

Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
Okemos, Michigan
United States
Curious to see how many others have been harassed by Kohl's?! I went into Kohl's to return a bracelet to the fine jewelry department. I had returned a few other items (all which needed to be defectected out and all from fine jewelry) and when I left the security sensors went off. I was patted down and they went through my purse and accused me of shoplifting and returning stolen goods. (a note; the Daisy Fuentes long sweater I bought three weeks prior had a sewn in sensor which I did not know about and had made many store sensors go off, CVS, Wal Mart, Etc...had no idea that was sewn inside the sweater...near the bottom) Anyways, I started returning several pieces of jewelry because of their shitty quality (and high prices). I did not have receipts because I had planned on keeping originally and until the stones fell out and/or turned black, the bracelet broke, I took it to the jeweler to fix and it broke again. Therefore, it really angered me and I took items back. Now they are accussing me of returning stolen merchandise (because I had no receipts and return several items I had bought over the past 2 years...their return says "easy returns, no questions asked...etc!!) Now, I am told I am under investigation?! They did search me (and found nothing of course) and took my picture and told me I was not to return to Kohl's or I'd be charged with trespassing. I am extremely angered that 1. I was accused of something I did not do; 2. I feel that now I have to defend myself (and when you've paid cash for a lot of items how do I prove I bought it!) I will NEVER buy another item from Kohl's (which will save me approximately $400/month probably!) Buyers use caution with this store!!
Comments United States Jewelry & Watches
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 8th of Oct, 2010 by   lisa97849 0 Votes
I'm glad you won't be shopping at kohl's anymore. We don't like having thieves in there. =D
 22nd of Mar, 2011 by   spazzomatic -1 Votes
WOW. I'm sorry, if your story is true...
They are not the POLICE!! If you ALLOWED them to PAT. YOU. DOWN??!?!!?!?!? PLUS, search your bag?!!?!?!? They CAN NOT TOUCH YOU, OR LOOK THROUGH YOUR BAG. WHY WOULD YOU LET THEM TOUCH YOU? You know you can sue them? Think about it, look into your rights. They are not police officers, they work WITH the police, but they are not able to touch you. Stupid woman, you probably like that stuff... No, really, and I rarely get harsh but never EVER allow a loss prevention, security guard, toy cop touch you, understand me? NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PAT YOU DOWN BUT LAW ENFORCEMENT AND YOUR TRUSTED FAMILY PHYSICIAN, and a lover, but really, ma'am, really? Thats your real problem here, because its not Kohl's fault. REALLY.
 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   geeaadavis 0 Votes
I agree to never allow anyone to touch you. I was falsely accosted by loss-prevention outside the store. I called police while the teen-looking LP pretended to call someone. I described where I would be waiting with my children and that I refused to re-enter the store or allow myself and children to be subjected. The LP specifically yelled at me that she had camera surveillance of ME shoplifting. Then it turned to an associate, not her, witnessed me shoplift, then it was an associate saw me enter the fitting with merchandise, exit without anything and there was no merchandise left in the fitting room. Upon the arrival of the police, we all re-entered my fitting room and all items were still there. I admit that I didn't place the items back on the rack but I was tired and so were my children. But the items were there...no one had checked the fitting room. I was just singled out...I'm in my 40's, dressed in a blouse with kohl's pants and shoes. I'm a mom that shops at this Kohl's several times a month. I'll never return again and I taught my children several valuable lessons about the world we live in, one of which was that we have a right to refuse to be unreasonably searched. I advised the police that if asked, I'd let him search my purse only but not my person. He was on the Kohl's employee side although they both apologize when they realized that everything Amber Pope, Kohl's Stockbridge accused me of what an absolute lie. I'm glad I didn't subject my family to a search or re-enter the store with Amber Pope, teen-toy cop!
 10th of Feb, 2014 by   elysa lueras 0 Votes
hello help. i have a kohls merchandise card for 129.00 and kohls tells me that its no good. they used the word cancelled. how can you cancell a card when the balance of 129.00 is still on it beacause its never been used.. by the way a store merchandise card at kohls can never espire. what are my rights? and what is the smartest way to go about this? anyone out their that can help me?

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