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Comcast & Credit Protection Association


Comcast didnt inform Credit Protection Association that payment is made

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I returned my Comcast Cable boxes but still got a bill of $219 from Comcast for not returning. I paid the amount as well of $219, but they never updated Credit Protection Association about the payment. Credit Protection Association reported the amount as unpaid to Credit Reporting Companies/Beareau's. When I call Comcast now, they asked me to contact Credit Protection Association. When I called Credit Protection Association, they asked to wait for 30 days from Comcast to report the account status. This is very frustating given the fact that cable boxes were returned and on top of it, I even paid for the boxes by my credit card to Comcast long back.
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 15th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
I have had a similar run in with CPA (Credit Protection Association, LLC) and I rec'd the same thing from Comcast to contact CPA. When I contacted CPA, they instructed me that it would take up to 30 days to correct the matter. Like most credit reporting places - CPA is unprofessional at best, rude and inconsistent with their company's policy for reporting and correcting bogus/invalid data to the big 3 credit companies.

Contacts for CPA is as follows:

(972)233-9614 - Dallas Office

(972)726-7557 - Dallas Fax

(877)332-2432 - Toll Free Number

Good Luck to the rest of everyone that has to deal with this agency.

 29th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
I am applaud at Comcast and CPA. It may be necessary to file a legal complaint against both companies.
I that I would receive better customer service from both agencies.

Thanks for posting your feed back.
 27th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
File a complaint against Credit Protection Assoc. and Comcast.

My Story
They put 2 accounts on my credit report that they say were opened at other addresses on 11/16/2007. Both are for $150. I have beenin the same place for 3 years and my comcast bill is current. So 2 months ago I opened 2 accounts at 2 different addresses from the one I reside at and I'm already in collections? Yeah OK. BS!! Called CPA and they said it was from 2002 and 2003. So why report them as opened in 2007?

I have disputed 3 times with the credit bureas and each time it is removed as innacurate. Then a week later guess what appears again? Every time. CPA and comcast were both listed in my CH 7 that was discharged 3/2007. It was an account my ex opened in my name and never paid. Just listed them as creditors and no account number as I did not have one. So any debt prior to my filing would be discharged.
 1st of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have had the same problem with comcast and credit protection association. I closed my comcast account (which was in my roommates name) and we returned the cable boxes immediately. They sent ME to collections- I don't even have an account with them- and now they won't take it off my credit. Furthermmore they did not send any bills to the forwarding address of my old roommate. BECAUSE we paid the balance in full. I disputed the charges and that I don't even have an account in my name and cred protection association is not responding. I am furious!!
 12th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I to had a account, 5 years ago. Just know is cpa sending me letters that I can pay 1/2 the amount. I to told the credit bureas that they were on my bankrupcy and it was taken off. Then just today I got another letter from cpa saying lets make a deal! You can pay 1/2. Only problem I havent had Comcast for 3 years. I filed in Aug of 2006. These people are a joke and very un professional. let them keep this on theri records for 7 years as they put it to me on the phone, i even sent them a copy of the bankrupcty paper work they said wait 30 days why so you could put it on there again . if you read the little print if you dont send them something in 30 days they put on your credit report again. Good luck everyone, and dont go thru comcast.
 28th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
I haven't really dealt with CPA just got the letters which all state to forward payment on to comcast. Today though i had a comcast installer show up. Thought he was soliciting, he's known around here for that. So, i inform him there's no soliciting in this building, he states, i'm not soliciting i'm here to collect on a debt. I told him iwasn't giving him anything and to get out. I called comcast and they stated that they do have door to door collectors in some areas. Apparently, it's legal too. I live in illinois.. I have contacted my attorney general because i'm thinking both cannot collect on the same debt. Can they? Would appreciate any advice.
 21st of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
You will have to contact the company you have/had services with. CPA is just a third party collector who doesn't hold any information but whatever Cox/Comcast Cable services send them. I have been trying to get this one item off of my reports for years and believe it or not it is still there. They will not remove it! You will be going back and forth with these companies and it really affects your credit especially if you are trying to purchase a home or something.
 19th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have called, emailed, and wrtiten letters to Comast about a billing error. I moved and I cancelled my service in person at their office after two attempts by phone.

I continue to get bills for service after my house was sold and I moved to another state. My service was cancelled before the end of the month and the bill was paid in full. Comcast is billing me for another 10 days after the house was sold.

The CSR told me it would take a few weeks for the billing dept. to fix my acount. Four months later, they are still sending me the same bill.

Is there an address for Comcast's customer service because the locals can't address even simple issues? This is insane!
 5th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I just checked my credit report & there is a unpaid bill listed for Comcast. I paid off Comcast in 2002 & never got cable again since. The cable boxes were returned at that time. I was never contacted by CPA to my knowledge but it is under their name. They are saying that the bill is from 2003, I'm not sure of the address yet, but will get in touch with them to find out. Something is really fishy here.
 14th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
We have started dance with the devil, and the devil has a new phone number:

Updated Toll Free Number: 1-866-277-2958

(972)233-9614 - Dallas Office

(972)726-7557 - Dallas Fax

Please wish us luck.
 29th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am having the same problem with Comcast and the Credit Protection Association (listed as CREDIT PROECTION ASSO) on my credit report. I paid this account several years ago along dropping off the cable boxes. This is giving me a negative credit report for WHAT; giving them business and paying?.. and this is how they thank us?!?!? They need to fix their communication channels to keep their customers happy and records up to date... I'm going to write the newspaper and contact a news station for investigation.. This company has too much of a monopoly and treats you only as a number and not a customer...
 30th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
My suspicions are that this company is playing on people's fears and raking in money using shady tactics. I received a notice yesterday from CPA for my dead dad for $159.35. We returned all Comcast equipment and paid the bill the day after dad's death which was April 2007. During the year of dad's post office forwarding service not a single statement was sent showing that there was an outstanding debt with Comcast. No duh. There is no outstanding debt. As for tarnishing my dad's credit report I don't think he'll be needing anything real soon. But for those of you who need to be concerned check into this very carefully before acting on your fears and sending them money. Do you REALLY owe them money???
 1st of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Okay...egg on my face. I finally found the one final ending balance owing on my dead dad's Comcast account that is on hold until the estate settles. This is a good lesson for me to confirm facts before shooting off at the finger on the keyboard. My apologies to CPA.
 5th of Feb, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I moved 3 months ago and stopped service with comcast on 11-14. I tried to access my account online but it was no longer available. I called tomake sure I did not owe them any money, they said I did not. This week I got a bill from CPA saying I owe Comcast for a modem. I have never leased a modem from Comcast. ALL the CSRs I spoke with said it says on my account I own my modem, but they could not fix the problem. For the last 3 days I have spent close to 14 hours talking with people to try and fix this problem. No one would put me through to a supervisor. Some people lied saying they were talking to collections and then when they put me through to collections the message said the office had been closed for 2 hours. Every CSR gave me a different story about my bill. I called Comcast corporate head quarters 215-665-1700 and they said they have fixed the problem and are faxing me documentation today. We'll see if the issue is resolved or not!
 5th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Oh, and the best part is Comcast actually owes me money!
 9th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I've had to move multiple times over the last couple of years, as I'm active duty army. Very similar issue as madatcomcast. Each time I move the online goes down, call center states I have no bill. Now for the second time within a year, I receive another notice from CPA stating I didn't pay my final bill, even though I specifically stated when turning in the box I wanted the account to be zero balanced. The first time working through comcast headquarters and lots of elbow grease, I finally got it removed from my credit report. NO THANKS to CPA I might add. Just wondering if someone found a more proficient way of dealing with these people. Cable companies are as much of a rip off, as the power company. They don't even try notifying you, lie about the bill, and then turn your stuff into their personal friends at the collection firm they are in bed with.
 14th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am so upset I have called comcast over and over again that I was not at home when these dirty adult moviesd were purchased and that i owe them 700 dollars worth of those movies and on top of the fact i was under age at the time they started this account and charged me for those movie
 28th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I guess this is happening to many people. Many different credit agencies are collecting for accounts that are back in 2002 or 2003 and placing on the credit report as new accounts. But when you call they tell you the actual date.
This is INSANE. I don't think it is legal but an Attorney might be able to help. This is very WRONG.

MY bill with CPA is for $59.00 reported 04/09.
 2nd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I had an Insight Communications account (Insight was bought by Comcast) that showed up on my credit report for $70.19 from 4 years ago. I had no idea I even had an outstanding bill until I looked at my credit report. I know I returned everything and paid in full then, but whatever. I contact CPA to pay the bill and they treated me like a criminal...FOR $70.19!!! It's ridiculous.

At any rate, I paid the bill by way of a Personal Money Order and sent it in Priority Mail with a tracking number. I check today and they received my payment and when I called to double check, they are now telling me it will take 7 to 10 days to post update the account. Fine..again, whatever. But when I asked if I could have them drop a letter to me stating that the account is paid in full, they said "sure, it will cost $7.50."

I cannot believe that they can charge for a letter like this...can they? I have worked with other creditors and paid everything in full and they gladly dropped a letter to me at no charged.

I even spoke to a "Floor Manager, " who was even more rude than the galoot that answered the phone. I really would like to know, if anyone know's out there, if they can legally charge me for a "paid in full" letter.
 2nd of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I closed my comcast account and brought the boxes back to them. I asked the girl that was helping me if i would have anything due and she said no. i told her i was moving and thats why i was closing the account. now i get a call from CPA (which at first i thought was some kind of identity theft scam) and they had all my info . i told the woman GABY i hadn't recieved anything from comcast or them so how would i know. i never got a comcast bill and they closed my online account when i closed it so i couldn't check online. This BITCH GABY literally laughed in my face!!! i could not believe it. she said just make a payment or it will effect your credit. she couldn't answer any of my question, ie when i could pay or how. i had to hang up on her because it was so unprofessional.

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