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Circle K Convenience Stores & Couche-Tard.

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Region covers: AZ, NV

United States - 85072

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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K / Gift card

Bohl2018 on Jan 22, 2017
My husband and i received a gas card of 150 dollars while we were responding to forrest fires here in our hometown in soddy daisy, all of the circle k gas stations in this area have not taken our gas card after them giving us lots of grief and attitude. we are both firefighters and have...

Circle K / Employee

lynn on Jan 21, 2017
I visit circle on 22 Belmont Ave, Belfast, ME 04915 multiple times a day but recently I've been avoiding it because on an employee named Brandi. she's really loud and rude to me on multiple occasions shes even refused to punch my coffee card stating I have enough punches already or that I...

Circle K / Comfort station conditions

Raymond Masse on Jan 21, 2017
Recently my wife and I visited the Circle K in Meredith, NH STORE # 7243. We frequent your establishments for convenience as well as for fuel and snacks. This particular store at the time was renovating the restrooms and were closed. My wife needed one and we alerted the clerk at the...

Circle K / Rude customer service

David Lopez80 on Jan 18, 2017
I dont know his name but he is a white guy who work at the circle k on craycroft and I10 He was sitting on the floor and was really rude. I hope someone talks to him because he was an a#####e with me I dont appreciate how he was. This was on 01/18/17 around 6:45pm. This was the first time...

Circle K / Poor customer service

Donald A Campbell on Jan 17, 2017
Went to Circle K on 24th St. & Indian School Rd. in Phoenix, AZ at 8:35 PM. Another customer tells me the clerk just put up a sign saying "Back in 15 minutes". Thought to myself.."must have needed to use the bathroom" only to be surprised to see her mopping the floor. Good to know...

Circle K / Customer service

Phil Jay on Jan 14, 2017
Experience morning of Jan 14, 2017 at CK on 83rd ave and Van Buren. I have gone to this CK since it opened. I actually prefer to go here than the QT closer to me. This morning, however, I was rather disappointed in the service I received from the older gentleman who works there; he drive...

Circle K / Employees rude and unprofessional

Torrezj76 on Jan 12, 2017
So recently I went to a circle k on 1st and limberlost and ive been going there for about a year never had a issue anyways so I walk in pay for my gas on debit and hand the employee (Starrr) my money and she didnt want it cause I was holding a nickel on my lips cause I had full hands not a...

Circle K / Cashier either doesn't know how to count or he pocketed my money

AlxC on Jan 10, 2017
I counted my money three times before hand and i had 16. I went to pump my gas and it stopped at 12. I went back into the store to see what happened he said that i only gave him 12 he said he counted it 3 times and that it was only 12. I had to pool that money together so i knew how much i...

Circle K / Cashier

Katt betancourt on Jan 10, 2017
Ive been going to the same circle k for 2 years straight and every worker has always been nice to me. Recently they hired a new worker that works the night shift who hasnt been very nice. He doesnt listen to my order every time i try and buy something through the window and every time my...

Circle K / Manager / customer service/cashiers

overbadattitudes on Jan 9, 2017
I frequent the circle k I centerville ga. I have notice while in the store the manager is a bully. She has called her cashiers awful names not realizing that customers were in the store . And she has a rude attitude. Not only is the manager has a rude attitude I have noticed that a few...

Circle K / Overcharged for merchandise no receipt given

Cindy Overton on Jan 7, 2017
Went to the store @ approximately 2:15 pm on Broadway Ave East in Tampa, FL was served by cashier Alexis. I bought 2 diet 20 oz diet cokes at 2 for $2.79 & a 24 oz can of watermelon juice for $ .99 along with 5 -$1.00 lottery tickets and she charged me $12.98. I did not realize that I wa...

Circle K / Customer service

Kitkatkman1579 on Jan 6, 2017
On 1/6/17 at 1:20 pm. I walked into the lodi, ohio circle k and I got in line with the other patrons. And the woman behind the counter would rather flirt with the man in front then check anyone else . I just wanted to spend my hard earned money there. But that was to much to ask as she...

Circle K / Personnel

deplorable AlCa'pwnd on Jan 5, 2017
Address: 2956 e park ave, tallahassee, fl 32301 8:30 am Dude behind the counter this morning, I think his name was shawn. Smelled like straight up butt hole! I was holding my breath it was that bad. I could smell him from across the counter (5' or so) I even smelled the funk as I walked...

Circle K / Racial profiling

mrs.walker on Jan 5, 2017
I went to the circle k on edgewood this a. M to get a 79 cent drink and scratch the person in front of me was a young white girl who purchased a red bull and black n mild the cashier ryan did not I. D her at all then when i was next in line i asked for a scratch off and he asked for my I...

Circle K / Management

Teri Beyers on Jan 5, 2017
I frequently go to the same store in Phoenix. Yesturday one of the lovely women that woks there passed away in the store. I am appalled by the fact that you guys care more about making money than human kindness and made the store stay open and make the employees ( who were definitely...

Circle K / Lack of employees

deedee1124 on Jan 4, 2017
On Jan. 4, 2017, around 11:00 pm, I stopped on my way home from work at the Circle K located on the Corner of 36th St. and Oak. The only person working was kind enough to unlock the door so I could quickly make my purchase. When I asked her if she was okay, she explained to me that she wa...

Circle K / Cashier and her attitude, mouth, and lack of serving customers

Susan Werner Tylock on Jan 4, 2017
This is in reference to the circle k in lafayette, la. Located at 3003 kaliste saloom rd. I live in the apartment complex directly behind this store (Emberwood)... And for 10 years I have been getting my morning coffee there. (I'm a retired teacher and sub quite often and need my...

Circle K / Marlboro red box

jeffhere73 on Jan 4, 2017
I purchased a carton of Marlboro red 100s in the box. When I opened them they we're stale. I looked at the packs and the plastic on the Marlboro was melted with holes. That was all the money I had.they asked me for a receipt but I didn't get one. I've been smoking Marlboro for 30 year...

Circle K / Towing vehicles

Simkin1978 on Jan 3, 2017
On the 1st of January my wife broke down outside your Golf Links and Pantano location in Tucson. She pushed the van into a space. She informed the staff what happened and told them I would be in on the 2nd. I spoke to a gentleman at about 7am on the second and told him I could not move it...

Circle K / Service / sexual harassment

Jesse Estes on Jan 1, 2017
I went into a store near downtown in Belmont nh on Rt 106. There was an older blond lady who's flirting made me feel uncomfortable especially when she mentioned something about my penis. When I walked in she was complaining about someone and usind the F word a lot. I will not be going back...

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