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Region covers: AZ, NV
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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K - California, Bell Gardens / Gas price difference from posted to pump/ dirty store spoiled drinks

perlaarciga on 2016-01-27
I pumped gas this morning at the circle k in cudahy, the posted sign has it @ 2.49 but when i pumped the price @ the pump said i paid it at 2.59. This is the second time i report an issue with this store and the clerk says she gives the manager/owner the message and they never call me...

Circle K - Illinois, Normal / Mistreats its employees

Reviewer48983 on 2016-01-19
Circle K mistreats its employees. First I was hired as a full time Assistant Manager, then my position was given to another employee and I had to work at several stores in the area to make my bills. Finally after eight months i was given the opportunity to be a assistant. Only to find out...

Circle K - California, Cathedral City / A out ragust hold on my AMX card

Reviewer53546 on 2016-01-16
I understand gas station and convinces store put a hold of $ whn purchasing with a debit or credit card...this the amount of this hold is $120.00..not only has it not b returned its been way over the 48hr hold time it has now caused me to be late on bill&rent..im done ever walking in to a...

Circle K / Customer Service / teller & manager behavior

Liz Perry on 2016-01-15
On the morning of January 15, 2016 I stopped to get gas at the Circle K on Secor Rd in Toledo, Ohio near the Michigan border. The pump clicked off, i looked at the wrong number (not the dollars but the gallons) but did not realize that i was looking at the wrong number. Therefore i thought...

Circle K - Michigan, Inkster / Very rude and disrespectful

969998 on 2016-01-06
Dec 2015 one of my co-workers talk to me very rude and disrespectful my store is in between store manager when I finally had the chance to speak to her she tells me my co-worker is under a lot of stress.i know people go through thing but that does not give anyone the right to talk to you...

Circle K - Florida, Lakeland / Fell in parking lot

Cookie Sippio on 2015-12-21
I fell in their parking lot at store 7554 on 850 County Line Road, they don't want to pay the claim for medical bills. . They refuse to give me a copy of the video or accident report which was requested several times. Their manager Phil is a bloody liar and has no integrity. The accident...

Circle K - Illinois, Elgin / Taking personel information for credit card charges over 25.00

Reviewer81207 on 2015-12-20
I went to the Circle K store 6701, at 2455 South St Elgin IL and bought 30.00 worth of cigarettes and put it on my credit card. The cashier asked for my drivers license and proceeded to write down all my personal information on the back of their charge card receipt. She said that this wa...

Circle K - Ohio, Thornville / Hostie Work Environment

5750tbird on 2015-12-16
The store Manager, Kathy, treats her employees poorly. She creates a hostile work environment. Kathy is valued by corporate as a strong manger for her stores are top rated. The truth is she has a very high turnover rate of employees due to her treatment of them. Favoritism is shown and...

Circle K - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Dirty and horrible customer service

Reviewer91715 on 2015-12-14
- 2015-12-14, 0800 hours - NW corner of San Mateo and McLeod NE, Albuquerque, NM - generally dirty; often out of coffee condiments; been out of milk for week+; out of liquid creamer this morning; asked nearest cashier if there any creamer, didn't know diff between milk & creamer & couldn't bother to look; no one in line & 2nd cashier avail.

Circle K - Florida, Lakeland / Safety Endangerment

Jacob Simon on 2015-12-03
Isolated Employee's without proper Safety Awareness Enforcement, while working alone over night. The Manager Cassee who was brought into action March 2015 at store#7509, had been bringing in loyal extra business from her old career location a block away at 7-11. There are Numerous return...

Circle K - Colorado, Lakewood / Gas pump #7

Kellyjcolburn on 2015-11-24
Proceeded to pump gas and the station started hissing. There was gas coming from the line that is connected to the nozzle and gas coming from the bottom of the station all running down the slope and under the car next to me. I ran inside to get the attendant. The numbers were going really...

Circle K - Florida, Jupiter / Customer service

Reviewer48583 on 2015-11-23
ON sinday the 22nd i went in the circle k i have been shopping at for over 15 years and attempted to purchase a pack cognac dutchmaster cigars. The employee an older man named joseph didnt seem to know where they were ae he was looking in the wrong place. I told him they were to his left...

Circle K - Kentucky, Louisville / Manager called my work place cussing me out.

Jen@1999 on 2015-11-16
The manager at Circle K on the Outer Loop in Louisville, KY had a coworker come into Subway where I work, and order her a sub sandwich. Apparently, she wasn't clear on what she wanted on her sub, I made it according to her coworkers orders. When the coworker brought her sub to her, she saw...

Circle K - Pennsylvania, Indiana / Wages and Disability Benefits

Stephanee Horton on 2015-11-11
I am on fmla and I had surgery on Oct 26th 2015. I have been there 14 months my year was on Sept 10th. My boss supposedly put my raise in. Well I didn't get my raise on my checks for 7weeks and I still haven't gotten it and I'm on medical leave. My last two checks before I left had 8.35...

Circle K - Arizona, Phoenix / Bathroom use (emergency situation)

Reviewer63759 on 2015-11-06
The cashier was so rude and would not let my fiance use the bathroom, , the words she used at me were by all means the bathroom is not public and I been a regular customer to that store for 7 years and I've used that restroom at least 5 times. Circle K 19th ave and greenbay road{North Phoenix]

Circle K - California, Twentynine palms / Polar pop drink

Reviewer54695 on 2015-10-19
I had my boyfriend and mom go into a circle k in twentynine palms, ca to get me a polar pop while I was drinking it I found a big cockroach in my mouth . it came fr the store I'm also 8 months pregnant I find that very unsanitary and wrong something needs to be done here.

Circle K - South Carolina, North Charleston / Charged twice for same gas.

Sandra Rochester on 2015-10-08
Concerning Circle K#5126 Shell 8700 Rivers Ave N Charleston SC 29406 Retailer ID 57542560404 Shift 2 Cashier Allison 5677 #861237. On 9/28/15 I received 5.221 Gallons @ 1.919 and was charged both $10.02 @ 1.919 and $15.00 with my Bilo $.58 discount as a prepay. (Invoice 861344 and 861252 @...

Circle K - Florida, Gulf Breeze / Package mini donuts

Reviewer34556 on 2015-10-03
I had my grandson run into circle k for 4 packages of the mini donuts that we usually buy there, well they were out so he picked up a different brand .at the time we were there they were super busy and the cashier was the only one working so they had a very long line . we left to go home...

Circle K - Florida, Dover / Cashier

Despinoza on 2015-09-25
Good evening, My name is Diego and I'm a loyal customer at circle k. Everything I ever want or need is there. Employees are always helpful and nice. But this evening I encountered a very rude employee of yours. I've never been treated so badly. She's was stern and completely out of line. When...

Circle K - Arizona, Phoenix / Horrible Bosses and Work Ethics

Joanne Dough on 2015-09-14
Worked for this company in AZ. Yeah, NO WAY would I want my worst enemy to apply for this lame Company. They only have the camaras to watch the EMPLOYEES not the THIEVES! !! They have too many Chief's and NOT ENOUGH INDIANS. You ask a "fellow" Employee for assistance, this jackass lady ask...

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