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Arizona Region (http://www.circlekaz.com/)
PO Box 52085
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Ph: +1 602 728 8000
Region covers: AZ, NV
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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / They only care about money

Resefrank on Aug 24, 2016
Circle k has to be the worst company to work for. Even during a natural disaster all they care about is money. The market mgrs, the corporate big wigs. Only care about money. They have employee's that have lost everything in the floods a week ago. And the company has done absolutely...

Circle K - Arizona, Phoenix / General service and rude staff

Mia Muze on Aug 15, 2016
This applies to Circle K on E Thomas Rd, Pheonix. I spend a lot of money here. I'm getting tired of the complete rudeness and righteousness of staff who clearly think their job is to police the public, instead of provide easy service. A new, rude young worker by the name of Dillon -...

Circle K - California, Temecula / bad customer service

potus123 on Aug 6, 2016
I went into the Circle K on Temecula Parkway (Ralphs shopping center) to pay for gas with dollar coins and was told that they don't take them because they cant get rid of them. Rosa the cashier then told me to go deposit them in my bank and come back. Really, its not like its a $100 bill...

Circle K - Arizona, Mesa / Lottery tickets

_david white on Aug 2, 2016
I bought a $10 lottery ticket 7/31/2016 around 11:35 am give or take a couple minutes as I walked out of the store I realize that there were scratch tickets play area for the great deal of what was underneath I went back and ask about it and the clerk quickly asked me if I wanted to...

Circle K - Louisiana, New Orleans / Cashier's very rude behavior

Emily Ashby on Jul 26, 2016
On the evening of July 25, 2016 I went into my corner circle k store to purchase cigarettes. I had six dollars in quarters. I put the change on the counter in six piles of four and waited for the cashier who now had her back to me and refused to ask what I needed. There a few other people...

Circle K - Ohio, Maple Heights / Cashier Behaviour

S.Hoskins on Jul 25, 2016
To whom it may concern, I have been a customer of Circle K for many years and have never been treated like I was treated on the night of 7/24/2016. I went to the out side window to purchase 1 can of beer around 11pm. I stated that I would like a 22oz bottle, the cashier stated that the 22oz...

Circle K - North Carolina, Indian Trail / Unauthorized gift card charges from gift card

JHinson on Jul 3, 2016
On 06/12/16, 9:45 am, purchased gas from station using a Shell Gift Card purchased at the Harris Teeter across the street ($40 for a $50 card) and it worked fine, $8.01, Invoice # 857268. Week later I tried to finish using the same card, there was no balance on the card to use! Zero! That...

Circle K / Employee

Brittany Cole on Jul 2, 2016
Recently I had a bad experience at Circle K on Maryland/Charleston with an employee named Tanishia. She was clearly training an employee when I approached the register and I was told "I'll be right with you ma'am." Another gentleman approached and waited behind me in line, impatiently...

Circle K / Employee Abuse

PrettyKitty205 on Jun 22, 2016
A friend of mine works at a Circle K. She frequently is the only one working there for an 8-hour shift. She gets no breaks at all. No time for a meal. She pops a few nuts in her mouth between customers when she can. She can't even go to the bathroom! She has to hold it for the entire shift...

Circle K - Arizona, Yuma / 100 oz. cups

w.russel56 on Jun 13, 2016
Several months ago I made the mistake of purchasing a 100 oz.cup at a Circle K in Yuma, Az. I drive a taxi cab and it seemed at the time to be an excellent way to keep me hydrated throughout the day without stopping over and over again for refills. Everything worked fine until two week...

Circle K - Illinois, Urbana / Poor employee treatment

Kraymond2291 on Jun 12, 2016
From the start i was bein treated like shit tbh... i was there doin their dirty work and thats it... lol and im only laughin becuz i think back to wat my aunt would always say they are treatin u like shit well she was right. They managers and the company dont give a shit bout their...

Circle K / Management

sharon dye on Jun 7, 2016
Hello I would like some advice on dealing with my boss. I've been with ck a long time and try to do my best. Yet it seems like sometimes what I do do isn't good enough. Today I come in to work after being off a couple days and get chewed out because an area of our store was in a...

Circle K - Florida, Pompano Beach / Gas station

Dorothy Henson on May 26, 2016
I was at the Valero at 1 N federal highway in pompano florida 33060 on may 25th at approximately 8:30 am and I had an awful experience . I don't normally make a complaint against a worker but this can't go unreported as I had my daughter with me . first off the employee was rude...

Circle K - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / Retaliation

oletimer on May 25, 2016
Ever science I filled a complaint about harassment against a fellow employee I have been retaliated against by store manager and area market manager. I have had to work several days by my self because the area market manager would send our manager to other stores to help out. We are given...

Circle K / Manager Pam at circle k store # 1633 south Broadway

Damen Cox on May 25, 2016
I walked into the store at Circle K on South Broadway and to get a soda it slipped out of my hand by mistake and fell on the floor a lady came up to me who was a manager named Pam yelled at me and screamed at me and told me to get out of her store because I dropped the soda and made a me...

Circle K / Credit card transaction cashier and untruthful $4.99 deducted from credit card without permission

Ceason99 on May 24, 2016
I was trying to make a purchase for $7.91 and credit card machine went through and said approved the lady at the counter told me that it did not go through credit card statement shows the transaction went through for $4.99 customer behind me in line paid cash for my products or items to...

Circle K - Arizona, Gilbert / Customer service

Ljstraub on May 9, 2016
No one should go to the circle K on Val vista and Elliot and deal with the old woman with the eyebrow piercing, I went to get an iced coffee and like 2 drops came out because they ran out, so I went to the fountain soda part and she was like your gonna have to pay for that. And I was like...

Circle K - Kentucky, Middlesboro / Management

abagail99 on Apr 20, 2016
i just want corporate offices to be aware of how their management is running this store, the management team that evidently has been there for years, are the rudest, most uncaring, unproffessional people I have ever met.when I was hired in not only did the management complete ALL my...

Circle K / Manager was rude and threatening

Lena gonzalez on Apr 17, 2016
I recently went into a Circle K store number 1101 in st. Augustine Florida. I was approached by the manager who raised his boys got into my personal space and was threatening regarding the amount of condiments my friend and I taking after purchasing food. He explained that we were not...

Circle K - Kentucky, Louisville / Refused service

jprice0120 on Apr 15, 2016
I spend a great deal of money in the CircleK at Preston Hwy and Durret Lane. I am there at least once daily and purchased all of my gas, drinks, cigarettes, and snacks at this store because it is extremely convenient. My purse was stolen tonight in an unrelated incedent where my vehicle wa...

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