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Circle K Convenience Stores & Couche-Tard.

PO Box 52085

Region covers: AZ, NV

United States - 85072

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+1 602 728 8000 103 42
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Arizona Region (http://www.circlekaz.com/)
PO Box 52085
Phoenix, AZ 85072
Ph: +1 602 728 8000
Region covers: AZ, NV

Florida Region (http://www.circlekflorida.com/)
12911 N. Telecom Parkway

Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K / Horrible employee treatment & horrible customer service

overit16 on Dec 7, 2016
I've been living in Ormond Beach for close to 2 months now. In the 2 months i've been here I have been going to one of the local Circle K gas stations. I am absolutely appalled at the way some of these employees are treated. I've seen them leave 1 person on a extremely busy night to handle...

Circle K / Customer service

LeslieM73 on Dec 4, 2016
I stopped in the circle K on university ave in Urbana Il last night around 10 pm. The associate that was working there name was Nick. He was very very short to my friend and kind of yelling at her. I have never seen someone talked to like this anywhere I have ever been. He talked to my...

Circle K / Half in half/hot chocolate

Yes my sister contracted a bacterial infection thanks to those f****! At the campbell and ft lowell store. Did not change the half in half despenser or the one with hot chocolate. She got real sick. She cannot enjoy her life. Thanks a lot! So do not ever ever get their coffee unless it...

Circle K / Asst. Manager angela hatcher vaughan

Steven - Darleen Houk on Dec 2, 2016
It started in May and I've tried everything to stop not kids but young man from hanging out on the back side of your business they sit up there all night long piled up talking and laughing and drinking and shinning their lights in my window 's I have seizures and I told them that but due...

Circle K / Huddle house manager

Sallie N Speedy on Nov 29, 2016
My name is Sallie Clark I worked at the huddle house located on old ninety-six Indian trail rd batesburg sc I was supposed to work Sunday Nov 27 from 8am to 2pm I brought it to my managers attention that my vehicle broke down and I didn't own a cell phone at the time on Wednesday afternoon...

Circle K / Ex employee

Kadijah on Nov 28, 2016
I worked with circlek for 6 months ive done everything i was asked to do even beyond what was required. I was fired 2weeks ago cause I've given 5 free polar pops while on my shift...i understand my actions are unjustly and that it's not ok. The reason why im contacting you guys today i...

Circle K / Customer service

Ashurlay on Nov 27, 2016
Tamara was extremely rude. Went in to buy alcohol and cigarettes for my boyfriend and myself. She ran up the items and I pressed credit not thinking anything about it. She tells me I need to hand her my ID I do and she stats yelling at me saying she doesn't understand why I would pre...

Circle K / Cashier, questioning me about receipt

patricia prince on Nov 27, 2016
I use the store at 4122 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, Florida 32303, register 2, the time was around 4 pm Saturday evening, this young lady I give her my lottery form and she questions me about whether I want it back, i am under the impression if I gave you money, lottery forms and tickets to...

Circle K / Employee firing after theft of her store for confronting the robber(s).

William J Stewart on Nov 26, 2016
She worked the midnight shift, and while working she saw 2 men behind her counter and filling bags up with cartons of cigarettes and her own personal belongings, such as her cellphone. That is her only form of communicating with anyone. I USED to patronize this store, but, with Lori Parra...

Circle K / Unethical behaviour

LeMolly on Nov 25, 2016
Stopped into store 3720 tonight after work, just like I always do. The employees are always very friendly, however, tonight, one employee, who I have never seen, said something so rude I couldn't shake it. I always stop and get 2 Polar Pops after work for myself and my husband. Tonight my...

Circle K / Manager at store #01491, granite quarry, nc

We arein the store everyday an manager Lorie called us a liar in front of numorous customers an stated that there was no way we was buying that much coffee to get free coffees, she lied an stated that i admitted to her i was getting free coffees an also stated that my boyfriend tried to...

Circle K / Customer service employee

Eastlake on Nov 24, 2016
At around 845p 900p I purchase a soda and chips. When I took my items to the register your employee a young female continued to text on her phone after I said hello. After the second hello she looked up then proceeded to keep texting. After she completed her text message, did she then ring...

Circle K / Inexcusable employee and customer treatment!!!

madcustomer1973 on Nov 24, 2016
my family member works at circle k, never calls out, always covers others shifts, but is treated the worst in the store. the 22 year old assistant manager (rachel) is lazy, leaves early, doesnt do her job, bans valued customers from the store that she just doesnt like (video tape proven...

Circle K / Customer service at your alma school and dynamite location in scottsdale az

Dfitz1961 on Nov 20, 2016
I was getting gas at the Alma Schooland Dynamite Rd location in Scottsdale AZ. I was trying to use my Fry's BIP card to use my points and save money on gas. The pump could not read my card so I went inside. I spoke with Ross at the counter and explained the problem. He took my Fry's card...

Circle K / Gas

Cassandranich81 on Nov 20, 2016
I payed for five dollars gas in cash. It says it was pumping it but it didn't give me gas. I have a digital reader and it's still stayed the same so to make sure it wasn't my car I went and but the same amount in down the street and I actually could hear my gas pumping and my digital...

Circle K / Deans bridge rd cashier julie

Shea Davison on Nov 19, 2016
Im standing in line (with about 9 other ppl) as my turn approached THE CASHIER, JULIE looked at me with the nastiest l, hateful look on her face and ask "what I wanted" i said "I'm getting cigarettes I have just enough for crowns I think lemme count my change" as im counting you can tell...

Circle K / Selling expired dairy

Jeff Lingle on Nov 17, 2016
I purchased a overpriced gallon of milk twice the grocery store price. It was expired. I live 2000 feet away. Got home in morning my son eats cereal threw up in car. I miss the whole day of work watching him. Later in day I went to drink milk. Rotten. Was three days five days past exp. I...

Circle K / Gas

Ms. Tabitha on Nov 16, 2016
I just got off work and have been having it rough since I am a single mother. Living paycheck to paycheck. I go in to pay for gas I counted up in change because that's all I have. The cashier denied me service and said she could not take loose change. My gas light is on and here I go...

Circle K / Cashier

Euxlolk on Nov 14, 2016
At about 3:45pm EST on November 14, 2016 I entered the store to purchase cigarettes. The cashier asked for my ID, which I gave to her, so she could determine I was of age. She then joked with another man (I believe he was working at the PO box part of the building) about what age one would...

Circle K / Management

Chris long 1021 on Nov 13, 2016
I heard the manager who's name is Henry on the Park Edge Dr location call one of his employees a fagot.. And he is always yelling at the girls who work there this is very unprofessional and intolerant .. I believe that this matter be taken with the upmost importance... On the other hand...

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