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Region covers: AZ, NV

United States - 85072

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Arizona Region (http://www.circlekaz.com/)
PO Box 52085
Phoenix, AZ 85072
Ph: +1 602 728 8000
Region covers: AZ, NV
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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K - Colorado, Denver / Employment

Fatboycici on Oct 19, 2016
They are the worst to work for I was a manager at circle k for 4 years and the treated me like I was nothing. also they don't care if you work 21 hours a day wouldn't even pay my sick and personal time "it was 40 hours". they are the cheapest corporation I know the head of HR manager i...

Circle K - Ohio, Napoleon / Not receiving change after payment

Elva Guevara on Oct 10, 2016
after getting $10.00 gas, lottoIwas told they couldn't help me in any way, not even giving me corp. # to call for a complaint. tickets for total of $2.00, I PAID WTH A $50.00 BILL, i had other items in hand, got gas, left 2 hrs later realized didn't get $38.00 change from staffer ASHLEY @...

Circle K - Florida, Tampa / False imprisonment of a paying customer!!!

Aka Kasai on Oct 6, 2016
I stopped in to the Circle K located @ 4630 S 50th St, Tampa, FL 33619 on 10/06/2016 at approximately 9:00pm to purchase a Polar Pop drink. I filled my cup went to the counter and paid. As I was leaving the store I stopped to glance at a potato chip display thinking maybe I would also get...

Circle K - North Carolina, Hampstead / Employee service

Usonics on Sep 26, 2016
I went in to get a ice cream, the machine did not say out of order it and it put out ice cream just fine. Half way through it started to beep. I assumed that meant stop so I did. Well, when I get home I realize it's not flavored so my wife calls and the lady was nice and said bring it back...

Circle K - Alabama, Madison, AlabamA / Paying for gas at the pump with debit card

Mrs. Leslie on Sep 22, 2016
I recently stopped at kangaroo gas station in huntsville alabama on hwy 72. I pumped 45.00 worth of gas and when i looked up my bank account the store had held 125.00 on my card. I am so upset because that significant amount of money could have caused my bank account to be overdrawn. Most...

Circle K - Arizona, Avondale / Horrible management/area management

Ugh lame on Sep 20, 2016
I previously worked for Circle K in Arizona I was wrongfully treat it multiple times I work 16 to 18 hours days no breaks no lunch break no nothing i walk to work in the rain and sleet I rode a bike to work I worked for CIRCLE K for a year and I was a great employee I was never late never...

Circle K - Arizona, Phoenix / Manager

Skylar Meléndez on Sep 14, 2016
During the day with the daytime crew, they do not do the responsibilities needed to keep the store moving at a good pace for the afternoon and night crew. The manager has been informed plenty of times and has not done a thing to fix the behavior of the lacking employees. During the...

Circle K - Arizona, Cottonwood / Cottonwood az store

Gnelson8877 on Sep 12, 2016
The store is filthy all I see is the workers doing is going outside to smoke cigarettes instead of cleaning up the store they should worry more about the in side then taking a smoke break the bathroom is disgusting I had to go so bad but I left and wouldn't even use it the fountain station...

Circle K - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / Poor working environment

Christine 16 on Sep 12, 2016
I was employed with circle k up until yesterday when I was to the point I had enough of the poor working conditions and poor management. I worked days shift with assistant manager that would not assist in helping with checking customers out instead stayed in office while I waited on long...

Circle K / Standing outside

Randy987 on Aug 31, 2016
Every morning from 5 to 6 am there are 2 guys that stand outside of the circle k on Gilbert and Juniper. There are only 6 parking places at this store and they take up two of them. As you know that is one of the busier times for circle k. The also stand out there and smoke and it stink...

Circle K store #571 - South Carolina, Camden / Unfair working conditions

Michael Mayne on Aug 31, 2016
I am currently an employee with this store and I go to work and do the job I was hired for. so I am getting told by my store manager that I do not do my job. I was also told by my store manager that I am being taken off the schedule for this week and when I come back I could either do my...

Circle K - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / They only care about money

Resefrank on Aug 24, 2016
Circle k has to be the worst company to work for. Even during a natural disaster all they care about is money. The market mgrs, the corporate big wigs. Only care about money. They have employee's that have lost everything in the floods a week ago. And the company has done absolutely...

Circle K - Arizona, Phoenix / General service and rude staff

Mia Muze on Aug 15, 2016
This applies to Circle K on E Thomas Rd, Pheonix. I spend a lot of money here. I'm getting tired of the complete rudeness and righteousness of staff who clearly think their job is to police the public, instead of provide easy service. A new, rude young worker by the name of Dillon -...

Circle K - California, Temecula / bad customer service

potus123 on Aug 6, 2016
I went into the Circle K on Temecula Parkway (Ralphs shopping center) to pay for gas with dollar coins and was told that they don't take them because they cant get rid of them. Rosa the cashier then told me to go deposit them in my bank and come back. Really, its not like its a $100 bill...

Circle K - Arizona, Mesa / Lottery tickets

_david white on Aug 2, 2016
I bought a $10 lottery ticket 7/31/2016 around 11:35 am give or take a couple minutes as I walked out of the store I realize that there were scratch tickets play area for the great deal of what was underneath I went back and ask about it and the clerk quickly asked me if I wanted to...

Circle K - Louisiana, New Orleans / Cashier's very rude behavior

Emily Ashby on Jul 26, 2016
On the evening of July 25, 2016 I went into my corner circle k store to purchase cigarettes. I had six dollars in quarters. I put the change on the counter in six piles of four and waited for the cashier who now had her back to me and refused to ask what I needed. There a few other people...

Circle K - Ohio, Maple Heights / Cashier Behaviour

S.Hoskins on Jul 25, 2016
To whom it may concern, I have been a customer of Circle K for many years and have never been treated like I was treated on the night of 7/24/2016. I went to the out side window to purchase 1 can of beer around 11pm. I stated that I would like a 22oz bottle, the cashier stated that the 22oz...

Circle K - North Carolina, Indian Trail / Unauthorized gift card charges from gift card

JHinson on Jul 3, 2016
On 06/12/16, 9:45 am, purchased gas from station using a Shell Gift Card purchased at the Harris Teeter across the street ($40 for a $50 card) and it worked fine, $8.01, Invoice # 857268. Week later I tried to finish using the same card, there was no balance on the card to use! Zero! That...

Circle K / Employee

Brittany Cole on Jul 2, 2016
Recently I had a bad experience at Circle K on Maryland/Charleston with an employee named Tanishia. She was clearly training an employee when I approached the register and I was told "I'll be right with you ma'am." Another gentleman approached and waited behind me in line, impatiently...

Circle K / Employee Abuse

PrettyKitty205 on Jun 22, 2016
A friend of mine works at a Circle K. She frequently is the only one working there for an 8-hour shift. She gets no breaks at all. No time for a meal. She pops a few nuts in her mouth between customers when she can. She can't even go to the bathroom! She has to hold it for the entire shift...

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